Heyburn State Park is the oldest park in the Pacific Northwest. Created in 1908, it is comprised of approximately 5,500 acres of land and 2,300 acres of water. The park includes three lakes; Chatcolet, Benewah, and Hidden Lakes, with the shadowy St. Joe River meandering along the eastern boundary of the park. Natural and cultural history is plentiful at Heyburn. Before it was a park, the general area was a gathering place for the Coeur d' Alene Indian tribe. In the 1930's, the park was a Civilian Conservation Corps camp and those hardworking crews built many of the park's buildings. Heyburn is a natural park with a variety of different habitats. Large, tall Ponderosa pines tower over grassy hillsides covered in wildflowers. On shadier slopes, cedar trees mix with hemlocks and huge white pines. On the edges of the lakes, the wetland/marsh areas are home to many types of wildflowers and plants.

Nice trail, well maintained and great views. Just enough incline to raise your hart rate a bit, but not wear you out.

Great hike with great views of Chatcolet Lake & the St Joe River!

6 months ago

Good short hike. peaceful view at the top!

Great trail for those of us who are slightly out of shape! =P

Not much to see. Some deer,chipmunk. Was longer Indian cliff hike.

10 months ago

10 months ago

Loved it!!! very beautiful views. The hike felt great. I will go back and do it again

Good loop trail. We followed the road. Then We did the extra 1.5 hike at the top. When going back down we accidentally went down part of Mullen trail( as it was a road which added another mile to our hike) we got back on the trail which narrowed. The trail was full of wildflowers. Mostly just forrest scenery. I am glad we went the way we did as it seemed steeper going back down.

Loved it! Only met one other group of two. My mileage showed 8.33 with mapmyrun. Few blow downs here and there. Great trail.

2 years ago

Pretty simple hike. It was great for our group of 5. I would suggest it for families and other groups as well. Nice climbs, nice views.

Great hike with great views, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a medium elevation climb.

2 years ago

Nice family hike. The trail is easy to follow with pretty mild elevation gains and wanders mostly through light timber with a few small wooden bridge creek crossings. Many good views thanks to old burns and some excellent scenic views over the lake from the top of the cliffs. Great for a simple afternoon hike with kids.

The description says this is an out and back, but that's not really true, as there's only a very short initial section that you repeat, most of the trail is a big loop that circles a ridge with some mild cliffs.

Great hike for the kids. My almost three-year-old and my almost five-year-old did the entire loop with minimal complaining. We went on a cool fall day and the views from the top were beautiful.

Good hike. Very nice view from the top and not hard to reach. It's a great hike to introduce your kids into the outdoors.

on Indian Cliff Trail

5 years ago

Loved this trail. Spent the day here last summer. Beautiful views and only passed 2 other people. A nice place to spend the afternoon. Right off the road from the Trail of the Coeur d 'Alenes. When we were there the parking cost $5.00, don't know if that has changed at all. Worth the money, that was for sure.

We started from the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. The trails are marked and easy to find. The trail is well groomed and has good views. The trail was a loop not a in and out. The only part that was hard was the up, will get you winded fast but was not that bad. I would do this hike with small kids.

This trail, being at Heyburn State Park, was well marked. As we began, at the Visitor Center, the trail meanders among the waterfront, we eventually moved further and further up the mountain. Through the middle of the trail is a beautiful forest feeling, with streams working their way through, during the spring weather (when we went in the fall, the stream was all dried up). Then as you work your way up in elevation, the view becomes more open and more 'dry' feeling. The last leg up to the top, is very steep and quite a workout. The hard work pays off, as you are able to take a look over Chatcolet Lake. It is a beautiful view, in which we stopped and had lunch. Our speed was steady- neither fast or slow and it took about 2 hours to get to the top and a little less to get back. The trail was never hard to see and markings were very good. We saw deer, many birds, and lively squirrels when we went in the spring. This fall, we heard and saw many birds, including a woodpecker that caught our attention for about 5 minutes. We also saw a few squirrels cross our paths and one watched the kids cross a fallen log as he munched on a nut. I included a picture of him, he was so close.
IF YOU BEGIN AT THE VISITOR CENTER - you will have to take a few trails, in order to get to 'Indian Cliffs Trail'
Lakeshore Loop Trail - 1.3 miles
Plummer Creek Trail - .5 miles
Indian Cliffs Trail - 2.6 miles

6 years ago

The Indian Cliff Trail is one of many in Heyburn State Park(the oldest state park in the Pacific Northwest).This trail along with The Plummer Creek trail and the Lakeshore Trail are all connected together and can be easily hiked in about half a day. Some of the different wildflowers you will see along the way are Bluebell,Clarkia,Heartleaf Arnica and Syringa.