A good daily hike. Flat with varying distance loops.

I do this trail every two weeks with a friend that lives in the area. Very easy good for kids and animals. I've seen horseback riders, bikers, runners, walkers, explorers. There are a few geocache on the trail and always the painted rocks to rehide.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great hike for kids. Totally flat!

We hiked the yellow loop trail today. has a pretty flat basic Trail through some beautiful country but if you are going to take your dog there is a very lack of water along the trail so in this heat make sure to take plenty of water for your dog. There still is one nice size pond, full of tadpoles, that our yellow lab enjoyed swimming in and cooled himself off at.

We got to see a couple deer sneaking through the underbrush but was the heat the last few days I was about all the wildlife that was out and about.

Be prepared for very dusty trail and take plenty of water for the three to three and a half mile loop.

To bad the dog owners suck at cleaning up after them .

Great hike, easy enough and friendly. Pathways are clearly marked. The day we went we came back covered in dust, but the hike was great. A lot of trees to keep it fairly cool in the hot weather. Downfall of this hike is that it is open to horseback riding and unfortunately the 'dong' was not picked up... sad. If I have to clean up after my dog, why don't horse owners have to clean up after their horses?

Fun, good views, and kid friendly. Free.

We hiked both the red and yellow trails today for our 19th anniversary. We did so by accident b/c we didn't realize that the red/gray trails are on the opposite side of the road from the yellow/blue/green trails! Easy trails and we were fortunate to run into a deer. Would like to see more views of the lake. Interested in biking the trails next.

I lost my favorite knife on the longer yellow trail and someone picked it up and placed it at the trailhead. There are good people in this world!