Photos of Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Camping Trails

I didn't already see a trail to Cathedral Lake marked on here, so I figured I would make one. It's about 4 miles from the Bighorn Crags campground. I don't believe the hike is terribly difficult, but a moderate rating would probably be best. The lake itself is not one the the better lakes in the area - there are usually a lot of mosquitoes and the edges of the lake can be a bit marshy if I remember correctly. I believe there is a small stream running into the lake, as well as plenty of area for tents and camping. You can either side-hill the hike down into the lake, or if you know where the lake is directly north-east from the trail you can head directly down the mountain to the lake, but I believe that path is not marked and is fairly steep. I am going there in 2 days so I will update the review with my findings and some pictures.