One of our “go to” trails! We truly enjoy hiking this trail as there are different elements throughout the progression: creek, lush greenery, Mormon crickets (ha), dry desert, and finally towards the end you find yourself walking through a prairie. Such a good morning hike getaway!

Beautiful day, wildflowers still in bloom. Started at 7:30 perfect hiking temperature. Only a few hikers but several mountain bikers were on the trails.

This *would* have been a 4-Star hike — beautiful views, very few other people along the trail, lots of shade in the first 1/3, a nice breeze in the last 2/3. HOWEVER, be warned — most of the trail is overrun with Mormon crickets. 3/4 of the hike I couldn’t take two steps without four of them flying at me. Of course, they’re just trying to get out of your way, but they were everywhere. I wish I could have enjoyed more of the lovely views, but unfortunately I spent most of my time looking down at my feet to avoid them hopping and crawling across the trail. Under other circumstances, it’s a lovely hike. Saw some beautiful wildflowers (lots of lupine), a few different types of lizards, lots of birds, butterflies, and a few hobo (?) spiders. Would have been a nice outing, but the crickets and some of the steep descents slowed me down quite a bit — you might consider taking the trail clockwise if you have bad knees/balance like me.

Very close to the river so my dog could hop in to cool down!