Visitor Center open 8-6 (9-4 after October 3rd) phone 208-683-2425 CAMPING AREAS (REGISTRATION AT VISITOR CENTER. All open campgrounds are first come first served) WALDRON; (Showerhouse closed, Vault toilets only, Water off at sites Oct 3, Campground closes Nov 7) CORRAL (EQUESTRIAN USE); (Water off Oct 3, closes Nov 7) WHITETAIL; closed for season SNOWBERRY; closed for season GILMORE; closed for season RV DUMP STATION CLOSES Nov 7 (rinse water off Oct 3, Water fill available through Nov 7) CAMPING CABINS; (RESERVATIONS 1-888-922-6743) WILLOW CABINS available til Oct 22 WALDRON CABINS (open year round w/ reduced services fall through spring, and limited winter access) GROUP CAMP AREAS BY PARK RESERVATION ONLY, 208-683-2425 EAGLE BOAT LAUNCH, OPEN YEAR ROUND (after Nov 7 no winter road maintenance) BEAVER BAY BEACH, SUNRISE, WILLOW, DISC GOLF and FLYERS FIELD DAY USE AREAS OPEN 8am-7pm (9-4 after Oct 3, Beaver Bay Restroom closes Oct 3, All Day Use areas close for season Nov 7 or when winter conditions warrant)

cross country skiing
2 months ago

North loop A is around 4 miles and loop B is around 6.5 miles, you can do either or combine. It is groomed in winter for fat bikes, but you can also x/c ski or snowshoe. The north loops allow dogs, which is a great option to share outdoor fun. Leashes are REQUIRED. There can be a fair amount of users so be respectful. There are additional x/c-only groomed trails south of the highway but they do not permit dogs.

I ski'd the B loop with my dog on the day after New Years in 15-degree weather and ran into 2 other skiers and 4 fat-bikers.

Enjoyable rolling terrain with a couple moderate hills to ski down and climb. 90% is winding through timber which is a great atmosphere, especially with a fresh snow load on the tree branches.

Farragut is a state park, so daily use fee or annual vehicle sticker is required.

Today, I managed about half of this trail on snowshoes. The snow was several feet deep, and the trail hard to find. This would be a fierce hike, even in fair weather. I will be back to conquer this, come spring!

3 months ago

The north side may not have the lake, but it has its own beauty. A little more secluded than the south side, you are less likely to run into people, but you have the possibility of running into horse back riders. A nice easy hike!

4 months ago

This is a nice and easy, peaceful hike. Farragut State Park has so much to offer in its beauty and trails. Northside Loop does have more people on it than the south side however.

Nice easy trail, didn't see anyone else very peaceful.

mountain biking
6 months ago

The trail was so well maintained and clear, There were no trees down, or any sort of rock blockage on the was smooth and flowy on the mountain bike with no obsticals or technical sections. Other than the length of the trail i would rate it as a green/ easy. It is beautiful but the down side is that there was no view at the top.

mountain biking
7 months ago

7 months ago

Beautiful views

mountain biking
7 months ago

Our scout troop cut 144 trees out of this trail in a time period of 4 days. It was destroyed with blow down this year from the storms. If you connect this trail with (Farragut) Scout Trail then the High Point Trail to finally connect with the Buttonhook bay trail leading all the way to the boat launch. Makes for a great day!!!

Farragut is my playground. Tons of fun. You can't go wrong

Great hike if you want to get some mileage in. A couple places along the way for good views of Beaver Bay. Signs for trail could be improved. View from the top is not real great, but right now the wildflowers are very pretty.

Overall pleasant hike. Mostly shaded, few seasonal streams for water. Grade was mostly pleasant, just a few steep spots.

Trail encroached by plants in a few places. Signage near the trail head is confusing, but trail is easy to follow once away from trail head.

Not remarkable. I think there are better hikes nearby.

10 months ago

Grueling but affords some great views

It's a great hike make sure you stay on the trail

Easy hike. Great for family with young kids. Clean trails.