A Violent Past, Calm Present, and Uncertain Future... Craters of the Moon is a vast ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of cinder cones and sagebrush. We invite you to explore this "weird and scenic landscape" where yesterday's volcanic events are likely to continue tomorrow...

unique landscape, easy

1 year ago

This is a unique and unusual landscape in an out of the way place. Worth seeing just for the novelty of the large lava fields.

This area is a freak of nature. You really do feel like you're on another world. You can see most of the "must sees" just driving through, but if you like there are some trails and nature trips near the visitor center that can fuel your curiosity.

Amazing and austere place. Recommend exploring Lava tunnels (dewdrop, boy scout, and Indian) and also climbing to the top of inferno cone. This is easier said then done as two steps up equal one step back in the igneous rock scree.

I camped and explored this National Park with my family (wife; son 10 y/o; daughter 8 y/o). The rangers and the programs they deliver were outstanding. Getting a caver permit was not difficult (even though we had been in other caves in recent years - there's good information on the National Park Service website). We were there for one day / one night. We probably could have spent another night & day there. In August, it was hot and there was a strong and steady wind, which is typical. The stargazing was AMAZING. I'll upload a photo.

nature trips
4 years ago

Craters of the Moon National Park is definitely worth seeing, at least once. It was awe inspiring to see something so unique and different. Glad I saw it for myself - the views were amazing.

5 years ago

A really eerie place to hike. You truly feel like you're on another planet, it seems so desolate. There are several short trails to hike around (and a few caves to explore, if you can obtain a permit), and it's a great place to stop and stretch your legs, or you can hike a few of the trails and make a full day of it. Great experience.

Spent nearly a week here going through lava tubes and hiking back to echo crater. Navigation in back country can be dificult as trails can easily be lost within all the volcanic soils beautiful. Watch the wind as it gets kicking accros the plain. Hiking back to Echo Crater we did not see a single person but awesome geological features.

6 years ago

Nice little break along Hwy 93. National Park service is improving some of the roads in the park right now, but still a great little place to see.