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Lost the trail once I reached the waterfall due to the snow and had to turn back. Beautiful hike, but would have loved to make it to the lake. Definitely a steep hike.

3 days ago

Do you think there next weekend there would be too much snow to make it?

As of last weekend the road to Trailhead is still snowed in. A person could hike to the trailhead it's only one mile up the road. We did not hike it because did not have cleats and snow was too slippery. We ended up going to Settlers Grove near Murray Idaho.

My friend and I wanted to check this out for the first time and the trail up was beautiful, fairly easy and we really enjoyed the views and scenery. We had a couple of four wheelers and bikes pass us, but it was no big deal. We walked quite a ways before realizing that none of the trail numbers on the map we had matched the signs we were seeing and we had no idea how to find our way back down. And then, on the side of the trail we saw a “CAUTION AGGRESSIVE BEAR IN THE AREA” which pretty much set off panic mode. We flagged down some people on four wheelers and they let us know we were going the absolute wrong way- we had missed the trail that would’ve led us back down in a loop- which happened to be where the bear sign was. We were very thankful that these people gave us ride back down- going back the exact same way we came up.

This trail isn’t marked very well at all, but it’s probably an awesome trail if you can figure out the right way to go. I would also caution people to bring bear spray.

This trail on the north side of Canfield Mountain in good condition. I parked at crescent court as there is nothing posted at the entry prohibiting parking. There were four other vehicles. Takes about 90 minutes to get to the top of Canfield mountain. No motorized traffic allowed. Careful not to take any trail spurs.

5/5/18 Steep hike but beautiful views! Trail is still mostly covered in snow but discernible overall. We were able to make it to the clearing before the big waterfall with our dog but turned around there as the snow was several feet deep. Definitely recommend gaiters and snow shoes to make it to the lower lake right now.

Good hike, we brought 4 year old not realizing how long it was, but he did great.

East Crestwood Court is a public street off of Packsaddle Drive, which is also public. This parking is about 234 feet higher in elevation than the parking at Nettleton Gulch and it is much closer to the top of Mt Canfield. Take trail 29 from Crestwood to Canfield Loop Rd to the top, This avoids the most of the mountain bikes and motorcycles you may find near Nettleton Gulch.

Great hike. Fairly easy. Wonderfully maintained trail. I hiked it approximately two years ago.

With starting at the new trail head I would avoid it now. So many dirt bikes just not a super safe spot to start with pets. The people on the bikes hardly pay attention to which trails they are not allowed on. Wouldn't recommend now :/

04/18/2018-We started at Crestwood Court. The trail was in good shape. Two blow downs right before the Big Tree. Shortly after Big Tree the snow got very deep and numerous blow downs. We couldn’t make it to the Forrest service road to go up to the tower. Other hikers reported moose and bear on the trail past Big Tree. Still, we were able to hike 3.4 miles and gain 1,000 feet in elevation.

Some snow still, trail is well marked and was a nice 3 hour hike.

Pulled in the Beauty Creek campground area and crossed a shallow creek to start the trail. Highly recommend wearing yaktracks or stabilicers right now. Nice hike in the trees but was expecting more views. Would rate this hike as moderate, not hard.

It’s a good ol’ hike in the trees, not much for views along the way though.

Great trail was mixed between ice and hard pack.

I did this hike today (Jan 29) and did not see anyone else. Description above is wrong. There is no river. RT to road is 6 miles. Big tree is about 1.5 mi from start. First part of trail was bare. Near top I was sinking up to my knees every once in a while. Spikes recommended for icy grades. Very nice views along route of Hayden Lake and mts north of Spokane.

Beautiful views, was really icy though and nearly slipped off the trail a couple of times. Going to wear micro spikes the next time!

I went back in mid-November. We went all the way to the lake with no snow shoes but we made our own trail and the snow was 2+ feet deep in most spots. Beautiful hike but would highly recommend snow shoes and poles!

4 months ago

Great day in the woods playing in the snow, deep in parts but doable without snow shoes :)

Trail was snow packed already so we just wore our boots and headed up. Nice little climb and beautiful on a bluebird winter day. Took the switch back up and took an indent back that went straight down along the ridge. I've never been here before so not sure if we were on a designated trail but it all went back to the same place eventually. We saw a lot of deer tracks but didn't see animal or person the whole journey. If you love icy wisps and snowy pines I'd recommend bringing your camera or phone. Great little close-by if you don't want to drive too far.

I just added this on to the Caribou Ridge Trail hike its a nice trail but no views from the top.Wish I could have seen the old lookout tower.

Great trail. Easy to access right outside Coeur d’Alene. The trail on this side of Canfield is clearly marked and- unlike the other side- dirt bikers are not allowed so the trail is not muddy. Conditions were great today. You are covered in trees the entire trail. There is one overlook and then the end is just when you hit the NFS road. Could be ideal for trail running too with good inclines along the way.

5 months ago

This was I nice short snowshoeing outing on some new shoes to see how they will do in a variety of terrain good ups and skirting and the down. Fun times !!

5 months ago

Last Saturday (11/18) a few friends and I️ headed to the Stevens Lakes trailhead in the Subaru. Lucky for us we were able to park at the trailhead. The snow was deep and fresh with powder. We snapped on our snowshoes and hit the trail. There was no one else up there and we set fresh tracks. Beyond taking a wrong turn (or not turning at all) at a few points we were able to make it to the lake just fine. At one point we decided to head straight up the mountain rather than scout around for the actual trail as it was no where to be seen and we were losing time fast. At the lake it was cold and windy, but the way up and down was mild and easy to hike without a jacket. Definitely worth checking out for your winter snowshoeing. Just make sure to have your GPS if you don’t already know the trail.

6 months ago

today is 11/21/17. we did this trail about a week ago. with only front wheel drive, and no snow tires on yet, my car made it about 1 mile from the trailhead before the snow/slush became too much. we parked and walked the rest of the way. the trail was covered in 4-6in of powder the entire way up. we've done the trail before, but also relied on others' footprints in the snow to navigate. it was steep and slick. i was grateful to have decent traction on my shoes and trekking poles. even so we each slipped at least once. crossing the little stream proved challenging. i think it took us abut 2 hours to get up to the lake, and around an hour to make it back down to the car. the lake was beautiful as ever, and well worth the effort, but i don't think this trail is safe for beginners in the winter.

There are two routes. Switch back that go gradual up or a shorter steeper route. Very nice well maintained trail. You park in a nice high end neighborhood. One of the top 10 near CDA.

This is a pretty good hike and can be challenging. set aside a handful if hours for sure. If you go in winter I highly suggest snow shoes once you get past the big tree if you continue to the peak. Still a wonderful view if you go to the Big tree.

Did it with fresh snow and 30s, a little slippery but beautiful, good snow hike!

This trail was awesome and a challenge, we attempted to get to the top while kids were in school but we did not succeed as we only have from 12:45-3:20. We talked about coming back every week to keep trying. Thought this would be a fun idea until we had to walk down, I mean slide down, lol, I fell on my butt three times. Yes I was wearing sneakers but even my hubby in his trail boots had a slip. Now i'm a little timid. I will return when I'm shoed for the part:) until then.....

7 months ago

This hike is in my backyard and it's a fairly short drive to the trailhead. I did this again the other day for the 4th time this year. Great hike!

Here's some summer drone footage when it was smoky to get a better idea of the lakes:


Or just search in YouTube my channel name - DanGoodLife and you can find the video. Like and subscribe if you'd like!

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