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Aside from one really nice overlook, there are probably better trails in the area. Good for kids and elderly people as it's not very strenuous. no hiking boots required.

Great trail and views! Looking forward to returning on a less rainy, muddy day.

Great hike with kids and dogs. Trail is in great shape. Great views at the top.

Great hike this morning only one muddy spot a couple new fallen trees.

Beautiful over look

Took 4 kids they enjoyed the hike there was some ice spots.

Great 3 mile loop, well maintained, and beautiful views! the parking lot was packed and overfull and that made me a little nervous the trail would be packed. It was busy, but not so busy the trail was crowded or people were stepping on eachother. Good little afternoon hike!

1 month ago

Snowshoed a few weeks ago. Round Lake Snow Shoe Trail is great place to go snowshoeing. Easily accessible trail, lots of parking, and the trail itself was well-marked. You see a little bit of everything along this trail, the lake, the creek, crossing over several wooden bridges, and snow covered trees through the woods. overall a fairly easy trail with a few moderate switchbacks.

It’s a fairly moderate hike that has a nice view and a few little surprises along the way

As of Jan 15th the trail is mildly muddy with only a handful of sections that are very slick and icy. You do not need cleats or YakTrax at this point.

I went back in mid-November. We went all the way to the lake with no snow shoes but we made our own trail and the snow was 2+ feet deep in most spots. Beautiful hike but would highly recommend snow shoes and poles!

4 months ago

This trail is still close enough to town to be pretty crowded. We went in May last year and there was a TON of snow on the trail still. Mid June was when almost all of it was melted. BeAutiful views at the top.

Not a bad hike for the beginning of the season to get your hiking juices flowing! Pretty steep sections and a nice view from the top!

4 months ago

Not too bad getting in still. We took our friends FJ Cruiser up to the trailhead and it had no problems. The trail is totally covered in about a foot of snow but it has had enough traffic to make the trail obvious. My wife started in snowshoes but ditched them about half a mile in. Boots were fine. At the top, we were just about to pop out of the clouds but didn’t get a good view. Beautiful hike though, lots of fun.

Beautiful morning on mineral ridge today.. the fog started clearing out and made for some spectacular views. Nice short hike close to home.

Please be advised that this trail is no officially a snow sport. I hiked it today, prepared with ice cleats and snow shoes. There is about a mile at the top that requires snow shoes or lots of wading in snow. There were wolf tracks and lots of bunny tracks everywhere. As expected, even on a sunny day, the wind at the top was bitter cold.

Bunco Road to the trailhead is covered in ice. Even with snow tires and 4 wheel drive, I was slipping a bit. On the way down, a truck coming too quickly the opposite way, almost hit me. It would be wise to drive slowly on Bunco Road at this point.

4 months ago

We did this hike on Thursday, November 30th. There was quite a bit of snow. We followed tracks for the first mile and then started our own tracks to get to the top of the ridge as the people we were following turned around. Quite a bit of rabbit trackbacks on the trail too. Beautiful view at the top. Just be prepared with waterproof boots, gaiters, and potentially snowshoes.

I love this hike! This hike is quick but it is beautiful and gets your blood pumping. The view from the top of the mountain is like nothing I have ever seen before. CDA is beautiful, especially from the top.

Quick hike, beautiful views, nice groomed trail.

4 months ago

This was I nice short snowshoeing outing on some new shoes to see how they will do in a variety of terrain good ups and skirting and the down. Fun times !!

Great quick hike. We went up yesterday before Thanksgiving dinner and it was windy windy at the top. Trail is clear and in good condition. Enjoy!

We did this hike today, for Black Friday. There was a lot of snow on most of the trail. The wind was bitter cold on top. The summer hiking is definitely finished for the year.

amazing view at the top! sit and relax and collect yourself:)

I love this trail during all seasons. You can lengthen the trail by taking some of the out and back trails along the main trail line. first one is a cave and a few other lookout ones like lost man trail. great views and a little covered picnic area at top with a water fountain that works during the summer. lots of benches along the way if not a typical hiker or just want to take in the scenery. the trail does have a designation direction once you get a little way into it. My husband and I use this trail for getting in shape for backpacking and testing out new gear. dog friendly

Awesome little hike, and even better views at the top. I took my camera and drone along and filmed the whole thing and the video came out great!

To get a feel for the hike on an October afternoon, check it out at https://youtu.be/WRBp3njBs6E.

Or search on YouTube 'Mineral Ridge Idaho' and it'll be the fourth one down. Thanks for checking it out. Hit that subscribe button!

Beautiful and educational

well maintained trail. Ample switchbacks. Great views of the lake. On a weekday afternoon, only saw 10 or so other hikers.

My 3 year old only made it half way but my 6 year old ran to the top. He fell a sleep as soon as we got back to the car. Beautiful views and a nice little work out. Love the trees and fresh air.

6 months ago

Hiked this awesome lake for the second time a couple days ago. Lots and lots of snow October 15, 2017. At most we were trudging through 1.5 feet, however the trail was packed down nicely so it wasn't too bad.

I took the camera and drone along on this one and filmed the whole thing. For a better feel for the hike and to get an idea, check it out at https://youtu.be/LkkMSA7CxGI

..Or search Lone Lake on YouTube and it'll be the third one down. I'd appreciate any feedback so I can make these better.

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