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Well marked and easy to follow trail with a decent climb from the trailhead up to the North peak. Still plenty of snow up top, but the trail is easily followed and the snow is generally well packed easy to navigate. Nice views North, west, and east.

My friend and I wanted to check this out for the first time and the trail up was beautiful, fairly easy and we really enjoyed the views and scenery. We had a couple of four wheelers and bikes pass us, but it was no big deal. We walked quite a ways before realizing that none of the trail numbers on the map we had matched the signs we were seeing and we had no idea how to find our way back down. And then, on the side of the trail we saw a “CAUTION AGGRESSIVE BEAR IN THE AREA” which pretty much set off panic mode. We flagged down some people on four wheelers and they let us know we were going the absolute wrong way- we had missed the trail that would’ve led us back down in a loop- which happened to be where the bear sign was. We were very thankful that these people gave us ride back down- going back the exact same way we came up.

This trail isn’t marked very well at all, but it’s probably an awesome trail if you can figure out the right way to go. I would also caution people to bring bear spray.

I have been up the Park and Hike trail to the North Peak (there are two Chilco peaks) quite a few times. As previous reviewers have mentioned, the access road, walking trail, and peak itself can have snow cover into early summer. Until the region has had several weeks of hot weather (usually July) assume there may be snow. The walking trail to the north peak is easy to do for fit hikers, as it involves a good amount of switch-backs. The top of North Chilco mountain is treeless, and consists of some decent amount of scree, so this allows for good views of the surrounding area, but the south and east are heavily forested and mountainous. The trail continues, for those that want to pursue it, to south Chilco peak, and dips down from the North Peak, across a saddle-back, and then up to the South Peak, which can also be accessed by a trailhead to the south of the Peak, but is further out on a forest road than the trailhead for North Chilco mountain. The trail system as a whole is a good option for those seeking an accessible , low-surprises trail in the Kootenai County region.

Did this trail on May 14th. beautiful drive of the Coeur D'alene River taking Thompson Falls pass to Murray. Turn off was a few miles before the town of Murray. The road up was very narrow with quite a few potholes and a little snow towards the end before the parking lot. Be careful because part of the road was washed out but still possible. The road follows the creek all the way up to the parking lot. That in itself was a beautiful sight to see rushing with the winter run off! It is a very easy family friendly 3.3 round trip flat trail. The trail follows a beautiful Creek over running the trail at times but there are makeshift foot bridges of logs and rocks. you will also Passover three beautiful wood bridges wandering through the ancient Grove of Cedars. The trail was closed the past few years due to a fire in 2013, reopening in 2017 with lots of new growth on the forest floor. Although many of the seeders have Fallin or have been charged by the fire, it is still a magnificent, magical place to visit!

8 days ago

As of 5/11/18 this trail is passable but still covered in deep hard packed snow. The summit is also completely covered in snow, no trail is visible the last 1/4 miles. If your familiar with this hike, getting up is slow and seems to go on forever as it's all uphill but not too hard.
The road in currently it's clear except for one spot near the trail head. If you have a 4x4 you should be ok. If you have a Subaru Outback you won't be. I pulled a very nice gal out of the snow who later climbed the mountain trail with me. No cell service, make sure you have a shovel or tow strap.
In the summer months this trail is packed with local hikers.

8 days ago

First half hour was navigating the mud and millions of bugs. Got through that part which was a great leg warm up a lot up hill then it started declining fast. Once you reach the bench you will know what I am talking about why that bench is there on your way back. Haha. It will decline all the way to the creek it comes out to some really beautiful views, some really fun log crossing over the creek and then goes into thick thick forest. Which trust me will be a little tricky to navigate through at the end the trail disappears and comes back. You will come to the end with some really weird triangle that is shaped with rocks on the path for what I am guessing is for a fire “ reminded me of some weird Blair witch thing” all in all the hike is very eerie which makes it fun with anyone!! Lots of beautiful views. Me and my wife were crunched for time so on the way back started moving fast that last hill before the bench will get you haha because it’s the last part of the stretch. Animals wise “ keep in mind this isn’t your back yard” there are wildlife. Saw some snakes bugs and bear poop. We startled something big enough at the end to make the ground shake my guess a elk or moose. Other than that really great hike. Bring your Claritin if your sensitive to pollen because it’s bad right now. Didn’t bother me or wife but we were also literally eating it and not sensitive to it. All in all not bad. Didn’t expect more didn’t expect less.

8 days ago

This was the first hike on my 20 to do this summer. A great hike with a mix of peaceful sitting spots by the river and also some good uphill workouts. Loved the little streams that ran through the paths to walk through.

This hike was my wife's & I 36th wedding anniversary gift to our selves, and it did not disappoint. The lushness of the forest, the humidity, and the wetness were all food for the soul. We are from Colorado where it is dry and Rocky. This is a special place enjoy it and protect it.

An absolute beautiful hike for spring weather while everything is very green. The first couple miles really gets your heart race going since it's all an incline hike. Very dog friendly with great stopping spots for cooling down. Amazing scenery and very peaceful. We will definitely be back later into the summer.

As of April 30 there is still a ton of snow up there and we couldn’t make it to trail head. Waist deep in spots as you get closer to the trailhead. Still hiked a few miles up the road/creek and it was stunning. Such a beautiful area

Beautiful hike for a spring day. First part of the trail to the ridge line was very muddy so be prepared. We hit it perfectly for the Trillium bloom. Found morells and Lot's of Snails.

Good hike, we brought 4 year old not realizing how long it was, but he did great.

Some snow still, trail is well marked and was a nice 3 hour hike.

I went back in mid-November. We went all the way to the lake with no snow shoes but we made our own trail and the snow was 2+ feet deep in most spots. Beautiful hike but would highly recommend snow shoes and poles!

5 months ago

This trail is still close enough to town to be pretty crowded. We went in May last year and there was a TON of snow on the trail still. Mid June was when almost all of it was melted. BeAutiful views at the top.

5 months ago

Not too bad getting in still. We took our friends FJ Cruiser up to the trailhead and it had no problems. The trail is totally covered in about a foot of snow but it has had enough traffic to make the trail obvious. My wife started in snowshoes but ditched them about half a mile in. Boots were fine. At the top, we were just about to pop out of the clouds but didn’t get a good view. Beautiful hike though, lots of fun.

Please be advised that this trail is now officially a snow sport. I hiked it today, prepared with ice cleats and snow shoes. There is about a mile at the top that requires snow shoes or lots of wading in snow. There were wolf tracks and lots of bunny tracks everywhere. As expected, even on a sunny day, the wind at the top was bitter cold.

Bunco Road to the trailhead is covered in ice. Even with snow tires and 4 wheel drive, I was slipping a bit. On the way down, a truck coming too quickly the opposite way, almost hit me. It would be wise to drive slowly on Bunco Road at this point.

5 months ago

We did this hike on Thursday, November 30th. There was quite a bit of snow. We followed tracks for the first mile and then started our own tracks to get to the top of the ridge as the people we were following turned around. Quite a bit of rabbit trackbacks on the trail too. Beautiful view at the top. Just be prepared with waterproof boots, gaiters, and potentially snowshoes.

5 months ago

This was I nice short snowshoeing outing on some new shoes to see how they will do in a variety of terrain good ups and skirting and the down. Fun times !!

We did this hike today, for Black Friday. There was a lot of snow on most of the trail. The wind was bitter cold on top. The summer hiking is definitely finished for the year.

one of my favorite trails!

Did it with fresh snow and 30s, a little slippery but beautiful, good snow hike!

6 months ago

I only went 2 miles in and turned around soon after the trail rejoins the creek. I wanted to go further, in fact the trail did everything it could to seduce me further, but real life obligations forced me to turn around. The first mile was through the woods and is a good, get-the-heart-pumping walk. I stopped at the top where the bench is and, once my breath and heart slowed, I realized it was the quietest place I had been in years. No highway noises or chainsaws or motors. It reminded me of articles where scientists are recording nature on top of mountains in Alaska because they want to document places where there is no human sound. I was the only source of any noise. Loved it.

The hike down to the creek revealed a beautiful valley where the larches on the other side peppered the evergreens with orange. Fall is definitely flexing its muscles here.

There was frost on the ground when I reached the creek and I could feel the temperature dropping as I descended. I was here on October 30th, so bring layers if you are planning on coming here in November.

I will come back with more time and maybe a tent. Drive in was fine. The last quarter mile takes some skill, but I was able to navigate it pretty well in a Corolla.

pretty trail, and pretty easy. just busy with bike riders

one of the most beautiful hikes in the area, easy hike!

7 months ago

Hiked this awesome lake for the second time a couple days ago. Lots and lots of snow October 15, 2017. At most we were trudging through 1.5 feet, however the trail was packed down nicely so it wasn't too bad.

I took the camera and drone along on this one and filmed the whole thing. For a better feel for the hike and to get an idea, check it out at https://youtu.be/LkkMSA7CxGI

..Or search Lone Lake on YouTube and it'll be the third one down. I'd appreciate any feedback so I can make these better.

Like/subscribe. YouTube channel: DanGoodLife.

Getting snowy up there. good hike even in the snow.

This trail isn't very clearly marked. It definitely isn't for small children or anyone with knee problems. The brush grows right over the trail so a good portion of it is very overgrown. Would be a very wet hike in the rain. Lake is pretty, camp site leaves a lot to be desired. No real level spots to put a tent. Would be perfect for hammock tenting. We did this hike in July, it was nice and warm, water was perfect for swimming. Lots of gnats and mosquitoes. Save yourself 3/4 of a mile and drive up the gravel road just past the Stevens lake Trail head. You can drive right up to the trail. There's room for a few cars to park and still turn around.

Great way to get the heart rate up! Scarcely see more than a handful of folks.

on Marie Creek Trail

7 months ago

Easy hike, no views at the end (it just ends out of nowhere) but beautiful creek and lots of green. Hiked up and ran down. Will definitley go back for trail running.

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