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1 day ago

Great first hike for myself and three kids ages 9-13. Do NOT follow iOS maps' description to take NFD 7 and Revett Rd. Go around bend to large parking lot marked as Thompson Pass Trailheads on Maps just along curve on NF 9. Then can park down dirt road 1 mile if your car has good clearance.

Saw some black bear cubs on the trail

Great hike for a quick little time outdoors and a great view of Lake Cda. One of our go-tos for a quick, rewarding hike.

1 day ago

This hike was amazing. All of the directions and maps are very accurate. We love hikes where you follow a river or creek to your destination, it makes the hike so peaceful and even more enjoyable. I loved reaching the lower lake, it is so beautiful and quiet, even though we had a group of college girls come running out of the trees screaming because they had reached the lake. We also continued on to the upper lake, which was a bit difficult for us to find the true trail, we kept finding trails that led us into marsh land, but we eventually found the trail. It was probably 7 miles total and it took us just under 5 hours.

2 days ago

2 days ago

The trail in was amazing and easy! The trail around the lake... needs a lot of maintenance! It was doable but I wouldn’t take my young children around the lake!

We hiked to the top for the great view, which brought our total mileage to just over 7 miles. Great trail!

was a super fun hike kids, wife and I loved it


Yes the road is pretty narrow so make sure to honk as you are coming around some corners/blind spots we almost had a head on collision because us and the other car couldn't see each other! Other than that such a beautiful scenic drive up to the trail! Please make sure to bring bug spray, lots of bugs on the trail but it was very much worth it to see all those beautiful ancient cedars on such an easy hike. Additionally, they do have a couple benches where you can sit and take a break if need be or just relax and enjoy the sounds of the river :-)

7 days ago

Nice day hike and very accessible. We had the lake to ourselves.

8 days ago

Hiked the trail in a summer rainstorm. The first part of the trail is definitely uphill,but after that it's not too bad. Seen a momma moose and her baby on the trail. Hiked to the upper sanctuary it's not as nice as the lake and the trail was hard to find, just follow the creek.

Nice trail for jogging!