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Please be advised that this trail is no officially a snow sport. I hiked it today, prepared with ice cleats and snow shoes. There is about a mile at the top that requires snow shoes or lots of wading in snow. There were wolf tracks and lots of bunny tracks everywhere. As expected, even on a sunny day, the wind at the top was bitter cold.

Bunco Road to the trailhead is covered in ice. Even with snow tires and 4 wheel drive, I was slipping a bit. On the way down, a truck coming too quickly the opposite way, almost hit me. It would be wise to drive slowly on Bunco Road at this point.

I just added this on to the Caribou Ridge Trail hike its a nice trail but no views from the top.Wish I could have seen the old lookout tower.

We did this hike on Thursday, November 30th. There was quite a bit of snow. We followed tracks for the first mile and then started our own tracks to get to the top of the ridge as the people we were following turned around. Quite a bit of rabbit trackbacks on the trail too. Beautiful view at the top. Just be prepared with waterproof boots, gaiters, and potentially snowshoes.

Great trail. Easy to access right outside Coeur d’Alene. The trail on this side of Canfield is clearly marked and- unlike the other side- dirt bikers are not allowed so the trail is not muddy. Conditions were great today. You are covered in trees the entire trail. There is one overlook and then the end is just when you hit the NFS road. Could be ideal for trail running too with good inclines along the way.

I love this hike! This hike is quick but it is beautiful and gets your blood pumping. The view from the top of the mountain is like nothing I have ever seen before. CDA is beautiful, especially from the top.

Quick hike, beautiful views, nice groomed trail.

15 days ago

This was I nice short snowshoeing outing on some new shoes to see how they will do in a variety of terrain good ups and skirting and the down. Fun times !!

Great quick hike. We went up yesterday before Thanksgiving dinner and it was windy windy at the top. Trail is clear and in good condition. Enjoy!

16 days ago

Last Saturday (11/18) a few friends and I️ headed to the Stevens Lakes trailhead in the Subaru. Lucky for us we were able to park at the trailhead. The snow was deep and fresh with powder. We snapped on our snowshoes and hit the trail. There was no one else up there and we set fresh tracks. Beyond taking a wrong turn (or not turning at all) at a few points we were able to make it to the lake just fine. At one point we decided to head straight up the mountain rather than scout around for the actual trail as it was no where to be seen and we were losing time fast. At the lake it was cold and windy, but the way up and down was mild and easy to hike without a jacket. Definitely worth checking out for your winter snowshoeing. Just make sure to have your GPS if you don’t already know the trail.

We did this hike today, for Black Friday. There was a lot of snow on most of the trail. The wind was bitter cold on top. The summer hiking is definitely finished for the year.

19 days ago

today is 11/21/17. we did this trail about a week ago. with only front wheel drive, and no snow tires on yet, my car made it about 1 mile from the trailhead before the snow/slush became too much. we parked and walked the rest of the way. the trail was covered in 4-6in of powder the entire way up. we've done the trail before, but also relied on others' footprints in the snow to navigate. it was steep and slick. i was grateful to have decent traction on my shoes and trekking poles. even so we each slipped at least once. crossing the little stream proved challenging. i think it took us abut 2 hours to get up to the lake, and around an hour to make it back down to the car. the lake was beautiful as ever, and well worth the effort, but i don't think this trail is safe for beginners in the winter.

There are two routes. Switch back that go gradual up or a shorter steeper route. Very nice well maintained trail. You park in a nice high end neighborhood. One of the top 10 near CDA.