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Beautiful trail. Steep sections but totally do able. Views are amazing.

on Lone Lake Trail

16 hours ago

Great trail! My friend & I day hiked in with our dogs. The colors are so beautiful right now. the hike starts off with a decent incline and levels off to a big open valley before a final smaller incline up to the lake. There's an option to hike to the upper lake as well. There is also a waterfall about 1.5 miles in if you go off the beaten path. Nice Idaho gem.

Very nice hike with beautiful views of the
Lake!! Trail was pretty well maintained dirt trail and grade was definitely manageable.

Nice trail, pretty well-maintained until the end where it got kind of overgrown. Besides the first climb this trail is very easy. Not too many good views, but a beautiful forest hike.

1 day ago

Fabulous day of hiking. lots of terrain variations. easy enough.

Slightly aggressive if you go off the main to save some time. Lower lake is clear and cold with nice views.

3 days ago

Fun hike, and easy! I just did it and am only 6 weeks post partum!

Awesome hike. Must do.
Keep dogs on leash and pick up your dog Sh**

Terrible hiking. Go to Tubbs Hill.
Stay off of Cave unless you want to get run over.
If you do go, leash your dog and pick up dog Sh**.

7 days ago

Good hike. Great views. I agree with the previous reviews - it is not worth it to hike around the lake. I reached the lake quicker than I anticipated... It’s a little less than 2 miles to get up to the lake.

Not much to see on most of the hike, but when you get on top your rewarded with a spectacular view of Lake Pend Orielle and the surrounding mountains including Scotchman Peak. What makes this hike hard is the fact that it’s a roller coaster climb that is as easily hard to get to the top, but just as hard or even harder on the way out. Wish the trails wouldn’t be so damn rocky, or else this trail would be a lot easier on the feet.

Great trail for families and people with mobility issues or who struggle with elevation climbs. Very easy and well maintained out and back trail, with some neat sites too!

I started a bit later in the day so wasn't able to do the full trail, I turned back where the trails split off. I enjoyed it though, it's well maintained and lightly trafficked and while there aren't any sweeping vistas or 360 degree views the scenery is great

9 days ago

Three of us and a dog hiked to the lake in the late afternoon and had a great hike with lots of shade. Arriving at the lake we found only one fairly level spot to put a small tent. We dropped packs and boiled some lake water. I set off with the dog to scout around the lake for a more level spot to pitch a tent. On the opposite side I did find a level spot just big enough to put two small 2 person tents side by side. We did not see anyone on the trail on the way and had the lake to ourselves all night. The wind was really crazy all night long. Did not have any trouble with bugs near the lake at all. Was awakened by my dog growling at something outside the tent. I made some noise and calmed the dog down and went back to sleep......no further problems. Don't know what it was, but it left. Hiked out in the 8 am time and encountered 2 separate hikers on the trail out. Hiking boots that FIT CORRECTLY are a MUST on this trail or the toes will take a beating on the decent out. This was another great hike to an alpine lake I highly recommend. We went on Labor Day weekend and still had the lake to ourselves all night!

Beautiful hike. Very well maintained trail. Had a little FuzzNgrub at the lakeshore. Definitely going back!

on Revett Lake

10 days ago

Amazing trail really beautiful lake great todo if you have kids

11 days ago

Hiked this trail with a friend on August 29th. The main trail to the lake was fantastic; beautiful and green. There was a little bit of water flow on the waterfall. We attempted to hike around the lake (starting out on the left hand side, couldn't find the path on the right side), but there is not much of a trail. We were climbing over trees and trying to stay away from the steep hillside. When we got halfway around the lake we asked a couple fishing if there was a better trail and they said that it would be best to turn around and go back the way we came. Pretty sure there was a cougar in one of the bushes on our way back, didn't see one but heard a low guttural growling. Not sure how long it had been tracking us, but sounded an air horn and it must of scared it off. Didn't have any problems. Aside from the trail not being great around the lake, the experience was great and the lake was very beautiful. Would go again.

Beautiful hike on a dirt trail surrounded by forest. Mostly up hill, but so worth it. Benches along the way for breathe catching and pictures. A nice covered picnic area at the top overlooking the water and mountains covered in trees. Went on a holiday weekend and the people traffic wasn't bad. Lots of happy pups out there on leashes too Parking can be a little tough. It's a small lot. Over all great! Do it!

14 days ago

this hike is beautiful. this hike is not easy if you're out of shape.

Great hike! I would say this is on the harder side of moderate. But worth the uphill climb.

This is definitely an easy hike not moderate. It’s flat and easily passable. We did it with our little kids and I’m pregnant. Beautiful huge trees and fun things to look at and explore.

It was a decent hike. Unfortunately, we were hiking the weekend of the really heavy smoke from the fires. Entirely up hill but makes it super easy for the return trip. We stoped after reaching the overlook spot at about 1300 feet.

Signs direct traffic counter-clockwise on the loop. Good idea because the last part is quite steep and would be more difficult to go up than down.

A bit noisy at the top due to freeway traffic noise. Still a worthwhile little hike.

18 days ago

nice area, nice flora. cool hemlock forest. grade was a little steep, though; more switchbacks would have welcome. worth doing, though!

NOT marked very well. Highly recommend downloading map & recording. Areas where you need to make a decision are not well marked. Was only able to stay on the right trail with AllTrails map. It starts out as trail 8 but then turns to trail A and then to trail 4. Beautiful hike. Recorded it as 4.3 miles. Never saw a cave.

what a beautiful hike! will definitely be going again...maybe when the weather is warmer so we can take a dip in the lake.

22 days ago

Was an amazing hike up except for the two doberman pinschers (not on leashes) that charged at us. Please keep your dogs on leashes there's not much room to move on the trail. Amazing adventure anyway. FYI, it is an easy trail to the lake but gets a bit tricky if you do the loop around the lake because of all the downed trees so beware.

22 days ago

i took three friends and my dog on this hike today. My second time, their first. The trail was in pretty good shape, a bit overgrown in places but manageable. Upon reaching the lake we were greeted by wind, fog and a temp of 41 degrees. We had planned to eat our lunch at the lake and explore but the weather curtailed those plans. I was disappointed as my previous trip was in June 2017, and the day was beautiful, great to explore the area and have some lunch. Have to go back!

24 days ago

Very pretty lake and nice trail leading up to it, much of it near/along the creek. It is quite steep so it will definitely get the blood pumping. We didn’t spend much time exploring at the lake, but there were multiple camping spots that all looked pretty good right when you arrive. We saw some folks at the far end of the lower lake swimming and I think camping too. There were still a few pockets of snow nestled in some of surrounding peaks and this was early August. All in all, great hike to a cute little lake. We did this Sunday early afternoon and the trail was well traveled. We ran into at least 6 other parties + we could see others already at the lake.

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