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1 day ago

If you're in the area, this is a nice quick hike. 3 stars b/c it's not as nice as I expected (and not as hard). Easy and not moderate. The Couer d'Alene area is known for its lead poisoning and to my surprise after researching it, is one of the largest superfund sites in the country. Local health / environmental advice says to wash your footwear and clothes separately after being in the area, so just keep this in mind. Sad b/c this is due to 100 years of silver mining contamination in the area.

7/4/18 great hike awesome place family had a good time.God bless the USA happy birthday America!!!

on Stevens Lakes

2 days ago

Not the steepest trail I’ve ever done, but the way out is about 85% uphill. Most of the steepest parts are from about .25 to 1.25 miles into the hike. Saw multiple people hiking with their babies, so this clearly isn’t the hardest trail ever. Being pretty out of shape right now, though, the way out was pretty grueling for me.

The good news when you hit about the 1.25 mile mark is that the trail gets a lot less relentless from there (though there are a few steep spots the last third-mile before the lake; the bad news is that the trail markings almost disappear from about that point. I was convinced I was lost more than once as I eked my way through a meadow where the plants are growing over the trail, making it maybe a foot wide, crossed over some random logs in front of a waterfall, and hopped my way up a rock field. Once I reached the top of the rock field, the last third-mile of the trail was more straightforward.

The lake at the top is pretty cool, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the top ten coolest things I’ve ever seen. I think I actually liked the uppermost waterfall more. There’s a very steep, narrow, treacherous little path down there that you can try if you want to be adventurous.

we started the hike at 9am. we ran into a lot of mosquitos on the trail. never got to the view point cause we were getting eaten up. of course, we forgot the repellent. the trail is moderate and well maintained. i would come back and be better prepared for the mosquitoes.

5 days ago

Amazing hike but would rate this more on the difficult side of moderate. It’s basically all uphill with no switchbacks. We only ran into 1 small group the entire hike. The lake is beautiful and very peaceful make sure to bring a book and a hammock and spend a few hours at the top. The trail to the upper part of the lake was a bit overgrown and hard to reach and once there it really wasn’t worth the trouble.

Pro tip: once you reach the trailhead you can drive a good quarter of the mile up to a small parking area. You probably need a vehicle with a bit of clearance though.

Beautiful quick hike through the forest with breath taking views at top.

5 days ago

Hiked to the lower lake today. Great views and friendly people along the trail. Saw 5 groups in all, which at times took away from the secluded feel. Still well worth it. I loved the waterfalls and the path through the bushes before the log bridge is a stunning setting. We went left after the bridge, and it was a serious hike. My 10yo barely made it but powered through. The lake was well worth it. Pow. Best way to describe seeing it for the first time. The water is b-a-r-e-l-y melted from the snow across the lake, but we hopped in and splashed around a bit. Saw a bit of garbage evidence from less-than-courteous campers (pack it out people!). However, this does not take away from the raw beauty of the place. The views are completely enveloping. We will come back to explore the upper lake, the trails around the lake, and to spend the night.

6 days ago

After having made the hike on June 12th and walking on a lot of snow, I was surprised yesterday when we hiked in to the lake and encountered no snow anywhere. The lake level was down about a foot from the month before.

Fun hike! Great views of the lake. Will definitely be back!!!

beautiful well maintained trail, and gorgeous views from the peak. windy and cool, I suggest an extra layer for the top. will definitely hike again!

My favorite trail so far. Absolutely beautiful, serene and peaceful. Even the burned trees added to the magic.

9 days ago

Wow, this was one of the m most beautiful destinations I have hiked to in a very long time! Myself, a friend and my 7 yo daughter made it to both lakes! We saw a mouse swim across the lower lake whwhile we were eating lunch! The upper lake was by far our favorite and we even got in for a quick and very brisk swim. Had hoped to make it to the peak, but a late start (hit trailhead at noon) made that goal for another day. Cant describe the beauty. Well worth the effort, and it required some effort. At the waterfall, we opted for the "left" trail (steps but quicker) and yep, it was steep Next time, we will head up through the rock field. Great day indeed!

beautiful Hike! open along the way, and waterfalls along the way. not really any room for camping though. great for a day hike! do it!

10 days ago

Awesome hike. Be warned, it’s all up hill so have plenty of water. Also wear good shoes for traction. Once you cross the river you can either veer right and take the switchback up to the lower lake or go straight. Going straight means you’re humping it up a steep hill. Going right means you’re adding about a half a mile to your hike but it’s not a steep hill. So you can decide based on how much gas is in your tank and who you’re trying to impress when you get to that spot. We had 2 lazy 13 year olds with us and they survived and also wife’s rescue chihuahua dog thing. Everyone did well so bring the family. I suggest being in decent shape though. The incline can wear on you especially if it’s hot out. Thought I was going to have to do cpr on a dude my age...late 40s/early 50s and he was only about 1/3rd of the way there. Fortunately I had wife’s chihuahua rescue dog thing if he needed mouth to mouth.

It's very steep to get up but super worth it.

Fun hike for the family. Took my 7 yr old and 9 yr old 2 weeks ago. It was about all they could handle (uphill to the peak) but the view was worth it. Hardly any snow left.

12 days ago

Beautiful hike and has some major inclines throughout the hike. Worth it if you’ve never been.

14 days ago

What a great place to stench the legs. The trail does have one climb section worth the rest being on the easy side. A couple of places to camp and views. On the easier side of moderate rating

Fun family hike. Amazing views. Plenty of spots to rest.

What a beautiful trail. It includes all the best of Idaho, uphill with some spectacular mountain views, some downhill, and then an easy hike along the creek in a lovely deep woods. We reach the creek a few miles in, a perfect opportunity for the dogs to slake their thirst. But for the distance, I would rate this an easy hike. In late June, the trail was dry and the creek crossings easy. We enjoyed a variety of wild flowers along the way.

It's a steep trail but so very worth the view. I've been on a lot of hikes in some cool areas and this remains my favorite.

Bring a light jacket for the top, it's very windy at the top. Leave plenty of time so you don't have to rush up or rush the view. You have to wait until around June for all the snow to be gone. I went today and there's beautiful wildflowers in bloom.

The views are spectacular and do not disappoint! Directions stated below were very helpful and made finding the route much easier. This hike is uphill the entire way! Just when you think you are about to give up...DON’T keep going and you surely won’t be disappointed.

There are additional trails that take you up higher. We had a great time, but felt the burn later. Would hike again.

20 days ago

Steeper than anticipated but beautiful trail. Second half of the trail after the creek crossing is the steepest.

21 days ago

Pretty hike, fairly challenging with the steep second half of the trail. My phone said it was 5.1 miles from the parking lot and back to just the lower lake. You cross a fast moving part of the stream at the base of a waterfall at one point crossing over on a wet log, so I wouldn’t recommend the trail for children. Also, fairly crowded trail with several campers including some young partying kids.

Absolutely beautiful!

Pretty trail with a gradual climb. Take your time to notice the birds; western tanagers, buntings, cedar waxwings and nuthatches. The downside is the sound of the highway and the crowds

For being so close to town, it's a fun little hike for families. You can hear the road from the top so this isn't my version of the "best hike ever" and there are always others on the trail because it's so accessible. This is one trail where you can basically hike it all year long which is nice when you want to get outside.

22 days ago

This is a fun hike - the last 1/2 mile is really steep! Water is clear and really refreshing. Haven't hiked it yet this season so not sure of the snow coverage for today. It's out and back for sure and doesn't take that long.

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