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I'm surprised people were dissapointed. The falls were beautiful (see pics). You can also get right next to the falls on either side. There is a nice trail to the bottom of the falls on the left. We even saw a guy and his dog in the falls. For a real adventure climb the super steep right side of the falls all the way to the top, and see Hansen Lakes. Heck of a climb but the lakes are very cool.

Great hike into a few different lakes. Had a great time hiking in this beautiful area.

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4 months ago

5 months ago

Beautiful lake at the top.

Great hike. Starts out with a relatively flat walk through forest, then gradually gets steeper after about 2 miles. The grade is never overwhelming, as there are many switchbacks. The lake itself is beautiful, as are the views along the way of the surrounding peaks. We went mid-September and the lake was clear and there was snow only up above on the higher peaks.

Hiked from 4th of July trailhead to Washington lake and made camp there. Then off to upper Chamberlain Lakes for a night. That was approximately 6 miles with the last 2 up hill and require decent conditioning on the hikers part. We then traveled back to 4th of July Lake for the last night. That was 7.2 miles or so and made for a tiring hike. After sleeping there it was a brisk 1.2 or so downhill back to the trailhead. We saw seven mountain goats at the upper chamberlain. Once during the first evening there and the they revisited the morning we left. Also saw a health doe while trekking back to 4th of July.

Backpacked to Goat Lake and was not disappointed. The last half mile or so is a tough climb up and you have to keep an eye out for the turn off, but the views of the lake are worth it.

on Elk Mountain Trail

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7 months ago

Best short ride while in sun valley. Bit of a road climb to start but well worth it once you get on to the single track. Fantastic scenery and nothing too technical other than some rocks at the top.

Great hike!

As a beginner, this trail was challenging but so much fun and worth it. The lake at the end is beautiful, and the scenery along the way is breathtaking. I can't wait to do this hike again.

7 months ago

7 months ago

Very scenic with lots of wildflowers.

7 months ago

Great first hike in this area. Beautiful and easy. Very first part just a slight hill, then just an easy hike with defined trail. Would do again.

Good hike!