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Hiked this trail at the end of January. So far this has been my toughest hike (I’m a rookie hiker). It’s only difficult because the trail was absolutely covered in ice. I think it would have been much better in the spring. As for the views, there isn’t much to look at. You walk around on a skinny trail on the side of a hill. I wouldn’t recommend coming here unless you are close by or are looking to cross another hike off the list. I should also mention the return portion of the trail is a bit hard to find. I logged 2.77 miles.

22 days ago

29 days ago

Perfect day for a hike! Literally everyday of this January has been incrediblely warm leaving no excuses for not enjoying the scenery.

Very steep climb, but spectacular views are your reward at the top.

Beautiful day for taking the dog on a hike to Big Tree! Yak-traks, or any spikes/crampons would be recommend as some spots are pure ice. (going up is easy it’s the way down that traction becomes a little tricky!)

Great early morning hike. Not a soul on the trail from 8 to about 10:30 am. The trail started to get icy at about at about a half mile in, so micro spikes were clutch to get to the top without slipping. Didn't see any critters, just deer tracks along the path.

This is a nice trail to test your legs, if you live nearby. I'm not sure I would travel too far out of the way to hike this. I hiked it on Christmas Day. The trail was dusted with snow, and had ice beneath it in the shaded areas.

I can see Canfield Mountain from my back deck, and it is getting a heavy hammering of snow at this very moment.

The trail was enveloped in clouds and mist. About an inch of snow fell the previous day. The trees were spectacularly coated in hoar, which dazzled is at every turn. The trail. Was in great shape and we covered the distance out in about two hours. There was about ten inches of snow at the top significantly more than the scant inch or two at the bottom. With the sun setting at 4:00 we didn’t delay, and began our decent, reaching out car at about 3:45. Truly a beautiful Christmas eve hike. ,

Already mentioned by other reviewers, but the trail isn’t marked very well & yes you must take 3 different trails to complete this loop. No cave obviously, but it was isolated enough if you want some solitude. Not much wildlife around this time of year, but saw a dead bird. :(

A great hike, with over looks on the lower third and top of CDA. the top section is the more difficult then the rest of the trail.

First time hiking there. Views are great but we had no idea where we were walking since there are no signs and so many ways to go (saw only a couple signs in the bottom). We didn't want to get lost so, we came down but came out to someone’s drive way!
We talked a guy who was walking, and he told us how to stay on the right trial. We will try it again some time soon.

Nice north face trail. Lottsa beautiful folliage, solid incline, and stunning views. Will do it again next year!

Ok trail. I thought ATVs were not allowed on this trail. Clearly they have ripped it up. Same issue with others dogs off leashes and poop. Has a couple nice scenic views and is a nice little work out.

Great straight up workout with excellent views on top!

Terrible hiking. Go to Tubbs Hill.
Stay off of Cave unless you want to get run over.
If you do go, leash your dog and pick up dog Sh**.

NOT marked very well. Highly recommend downloading map & recording. Areas where you need to make a decision are not well marked. Was only able to stay on the right trail with AllTrails map. It starts out as trail 8 but then turns to trail A and then to trail 4. Beautiful hike. Recorded it as 4.3 miles. Never saw a cave.

stay away from this trail of you're riding a horse. BMX and motorcycles pay no attention, accident waiting to happen!

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6 months ago

This is a technical strenuous moderate mountain bike ride. We started the trail from the Packsaddle area and climbed up to the top then rode down to the parking lot and out. The climb was more than I was used to and there were numerous root and rock steps to navigate. Not heavily trafficked but did run into hikers, trail runners and other mountain bikers on the trail. The trail is quite narrow in places. The trail marking isn’t as clear as I would have liked so bring a map with you. The weather finally cooled down a bit which was nice.

Bees only at the beginning of the trail. Lots of good climbs. Not too bad with ruts from bikes. Went early in the morning before the heat and really enjoyed it. No magnificent views. No amazing caves. But nice run through the forest.

WOULDNT RECCOMEND IT. bees all ove the place the hole trail dusty and the pictures are bull shit and the trail they have a red doesnt even follow a real trail sometime it a bs trail bees where the worst as soon as you get out of your car so if your allergic DONT GO!!!!!!

Very nice trail not to close to the city. Although I would say it’s more for biking it was still a great trail if you’re looking for something not difficult but a little challenge.

This was a rewarding hike! A tad bit steep hill climbs, and some rocky areas to get all the way up to the tower but well worth it! Took trail 1 up to the top from the road & back. Great views!

Question: is there actually a cave?

My friend and I wanted to check this out for the first time and the trail up was beautiful, fairly easy and we really enjoyed the views and scenery. We had a couple of four wheelers and bikes pass us, but it was no big deal. We walked quite a ways before realizing that none of the trail numbers on the map we had matched the signs we were seeing and we had no idea how to find our way back down. And then, on the side of the trail we saw a “CAUTION AGGRESSIVE BEAR IN THE AREA” which pretty much set off panic mode. We flagged down some people on four wheelers and they let us know we were going the absolute wrong way- we had missed the trail that would’ve led us back down in a loop- which happened to be where the bear sign was. We were very thankful that these people gave us ride back down- going back the exact same way we came up.

This trail isn’t marked very well at all, but it’s probably an awesome trail if you can figure out the right way to go. I would also caution people to bring bear spray.

This trail on the north side of Canfield Mountain in good condition. I parked at crescent court as there is nothing posted at the entry prohibiting parking. There were four other vehicles. Takes about 90 minutes to get to the top of Canfield mountain. No motorized traffic allowed. Careful not to take any trail spurs.

Good hike, we brought 4 year old not realizing how long it was, but he did great.

East Crestwood Court is a public street off of Packsaddle Drive, which is also public. This parking is about 234 feet higher in elevation than the parking at Nettleton Gulch and it is much closer to the top of Mt Canfield. Take trail 29 from Crestwood to Canfield Loop Rd to the top, This avoids the most of the mountain bikes and motorcycles you may find near Nettleton Gulch.

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