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2 days ago

We took our kids and the dogs. Once we parked it was a little tough to tell which way to go. There was a sign that said “Danskin Trails” which ended up being the best route. It was a nice groomed trail on top of the hills. It went on for miles and miles. The dogs loved the open range and we enjoyed the mild hills. Easy for kids.

Loved it!!

Nice Hike in late Sept. Hiked in via the normal trail that requires crossing the river; and returned via trail on same side of the river. Clean perfect temp hot spring.

Awesome trail. Great for dogs as there is water easily accessible throughout most of the trail. Even as an out and back (VS the loop) there is plenty to see, including: Beaver dams, Elk nesting areas, plenty of birds and reptiles as well. After the initial 1/2 mile of somewhat technical terrain it turns to a pretty mellow out and back if you stay on Dry Creek at the fork. Foliage is changing and the time to go is ripe!

Absolutely fabulous hike. There is a lovely creek alongside the trail and provides a wonderful atmosphere. One of the prettiest hikes I’ve been on.

It is an up hill climb on the way to the mine, something like Table Rock. No shade. Small Creek for Dogs about 1/2 mile up. Skunks are around the Mine and in the building. We did see one Snake on the way back. Beautiful view and about a 5 mile hike round trip.

Fun trail! Took my 1.5 year old in a pack for most of the trail. There are quite a few bikers but everyone I’ve ever met is kind and it’s not a big deal to share the trail. Pretty views of Boise and the foothills!

First of all, their is no trailhead marker. It might have burned down in 2016. After one mile on FR 384, look for the pullout with a sign saying clean your boots. The trail starts just to the right of that.

We hiked 4.1 miles in and really enjoyed the hike. A lot of effort has gone into clearing fallen logs and clearing the trail. We went past the 3.7mi turn around point because the effects of the forest fire had decreased, the pines were green again, and the narrowing canyon was beautiful. Wear shoes that can get wet and bring hiking poles, especially as you climb and will be on loose terrain after 3.7 miles.

A little hard to follow the trail as it is not really clear when you get into the thick of it but it is worth the hike :) beautiful and felt amazing.

1 month ago

Trail is currently open, as of Oct. 9, 2018. Boise Forestry Service representative warns that two bridges sustained fire damage and to proceed with caution. An outdoor club member hiked this trail a couple of weeks ago and it's doable. This trail is a favorite of many hikers.

1 month ago

I didn’t get to go all the way to the top because of how late I got to the trail. It was very challenging but very pretty! Would recommend to hike this in cooler months.

1 month ago

Moderate hike, not easy. No shade. Uphill the whole way in, approximately 2000 ft elevation increase going in. Suggest wearing pants and hiking boots due to snakes, mormon crickets, and brush. The WMA has a roadkill pit about a 1/4 of the way in which smells pretty bad. The mine building is really cool if you like historical buildings. Heading back the peaks past Hwy 21 are gorgeous when they peak over the fog.

Great hike. Did 10 miles and enjoyed entire walk. Not very busy more bikes then hikers.

This was the longest hike we have gone on to date. Most of the people that do the Shingle Creek loop start from higher up. This added an additional 4 miles to the trip and was well worth it for the workout. Be warned you are in for a very extreme and long hike. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks, you'll need it.

The views were beyond beautiful. It starts out by Lower Bogus Basin Rd. in the desert looking area and makes the way up into the mountains where you will find many different changes in scenery. Much to enjoy like Creeks to walk over and flowers and trees for day!

Great trail! You can extend it to 19 miles if you start down Bogus Basin Rd by the Corral Trail entrance, go up the left towards Hard Guy and keep on trekking. This trail offered so many changes in scenery, fun areas to cross over creeks/rivers, and a lot of shade once we made it into the trees. It is a more difficult trail if you do the entire loop at one time but there are spots around the loop to offer some shade and resting places. For any people wanting a great change in scenery, a hard work out, and fresh air I highly recommend this loop.

Nice secluded hike for an early fall day! Be aware that the first mile of the trail has some very steep portions and I found my trekking poles indispensable both out and back.

1 month ago

It would definitely consider this a moderate trail due to the elevation gain. The mine building is incredible.

1 month ago

Just attempted to hike this trail with my girlfriend. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the hills were great to look at with a nice calm breeze rustling all the tall grass creating flowing waves across the hillside.

HOWEVER, we ran across a rattlesnake in the middle of the trail about 1&3/4 miles in. It was a close encounter as it caught my attention last second by hissing at me and rattling its tail violently. The snake was probably only 3-4 feet away and had already coiled up and was ready to strike with it's mouth wide open. I shrieked like a little girl and ran in the opposite direction as fast as I could. My girlfriend handled the situation much better than I did sadly..
This was not the only snake we saw on the trail, as we were heading down we saw two black snakes slithering off the trail on separate occasions.

Not a difficult hike at all and the trail is smooth, sandy at times, and clear of rocks. There were a lot of mormon crickets like others have mentioned. Would recommend wearing pants because of brush and possible snake bites.

Great trail! Well kept and clean. Not many mountain bikers when I went in the later evening. We only did a portion of the trail since it was getting dark out. Would love to do the whole thing sometime.

Great trails with a few wooden bridges and step over barriers to keep the motorized vehicles off the trail. Beautiful scenery and a lot of the trail is under trees. Sharing the trail with bicycles and hikers but most were courteous.

1 month ago

Hiked on 9/4/18 with our two dogs and 2 month old. It was a beautiful September hike. We’ve backpacked this in June where there was a ton of snow so it was nice to see it all dry. Lake was pretty muddy at the beach area where we stopped to relax and have lunch. Nice and easy hike but remember you have to hike up on the way back! We hiked on a weekday and ran into a few other families. I hear the weekends get busy. I highly recommend.

Hiked this on 9/20/18. This was about a 7 mile round trip hike to the hot springs from the Fir Creek Campground. Walking through the meadow along the river was gorgeous this time of year. A couple of muddy areas but easy to navigate around. There was one stretch that was really steep with loose rock and sand and made me a little nervous with our 3 month old so I wouldn’t recommend with a baby or any kids. Apparently there is another way but requires crossing the river. Did not run into any other people. Lots of hot spring pools at the end to choose from!

This is more of a drive, as it was on a dirt road and would actually be best for a 4 wheeler or something. Beautiful views but not for hiking. There were also no sign posts marking any trail heads or anything just an area information sign.

1 month ago

great short hike. camped overnight, very peaceful. highly recommended if you're a beginner.

1 month ago

gradual uphill climb until the last push to the lake, that one is tough. well worth the trip. quick downhill hone.

1 month ago

Wonderful Hike! Start early if you're doing a day hike and give yourself plenty of time so you're not rushing to try to beat the darkness...Beautiful Scenery!

The trail was beautiful but hard to find. Like another reviewer, I ended up on tempest and then Face and crossed back Elk Meadows. It worked out but I nearly took a wrong turn that would have made for a long day. It was worth seeing and doing but I know I won't go back again.

Not a trail, its a road, 90% of it drivable with 2wd vehicle.

2 months ago

Super family friendly..about a mile to the lake, beautiful views, and so peaceful. packed a lunch and enjoyed exploring!

Loved the hike. If your out of shape it will take you about 90 minutes. We make the first lake in 50. Nice views as well!

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