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Hiked this trail back in 2015 before it was on All Trails. It was a great hike in. The trail had just a few challenging spots, but was still fun and full of surprises. Ran into a bear and a group of boy scouts. Too bad it's closed due to the fires that came through.

Super beautiful right now, a good 4 mile stretch of straight incline to get you huffin and puffin. On the loop back down, the 8th st motorcycle trail is pretty rutted out and steep, so a little sketchy to hike down, AND this “route” is somehow not accurate. We “missed” a turn off femrite patrol to watchmans because it doesn’t actually exist. Ended up just taking watchmans the other direction when it actually converged with femrite, then going left on three bears trail back to Shaw mtn road and walking a short distance back up the road to the original trail head

I snowshoed in to the hot springs in February. There was a lot of snow, but the trail was packed down hard enough that just boots were enough to walk sturdily. Its an easy, scenic trail with a few pools for soaking that are always less crowded than the nearby Kirkham Hot Springs, which is right off of Highway 21. Definitely worth checking out, especially in the winter.

I hiked this trail in May 2017 and there was still snow in some places. Due to the very snowy winter, the river was running very high and had washed out a portion of the trail. I'm not sure if it has been fixed since, but it is possible to hike up and around it safely. The hot springs on Dash Creek near the end of the trail were also washed over due to high water, but Boiling Springs near the trailhead was accessible. The trailhead shares a parking lot with Boiling Springs Campground, which is accessed by Middle Fork Road, which gets rough in some places. The scenery is very beautiful and the hike is very moderate.

These directions only lead you to Bogus itself. I drove and walked all around and could see no signs or markings for the trail; and no one around to ask about it. I ended up going to Entrance Exam about 3 miles before Bogus and had a good time.

Nice Spot , Becky Z is an Idiot !!!!!!

Great uphill climb. No shade or trees so best to hike morning or on days where it isn’t as hot. There were some beautiful yellow flowers blooming. At the end of the homestead trail, you have the ability to continue uphill or downhill on the lucky peak trail.

It's so green right now! Nice hike. There are 2 small steam crossings at the beginning (water your dogs!), but nothing higher up.

Really enjoyable hike. We didn’t do the loop, we did up and back because of so many motorcycles on the top of the loop. Up and straight back down ended up being about 8 miles. Good for kids if they hike often.

So relaxing to be able soak with a perfect view of the mountains and some snow falling .

Light hike. Springs are nice but not the best I’ve been to in this area.

5 months ago

Did portions of the loop starting at Grandjean and went clockwise heading toward Stanley Lake then to Redfish Lake and cut over the pass to the Baron Lakes and Alpine Lake. Overall did about 32 miles in three days. Lots of tree fall along the trail especially at the pass at Baron Lake to get back to Grandjean TH, also lots of snowfields, and rock slide that obscured the trail coming down off the pass at Upper Baron Lake. But the views were stunning and awe inspiring. Definitely a hike to do if you have 3-5 days. Plenty of cold clear water everywhere along the trails we took, so bring those Aquatabs and Sawyer straws, no need to buy it in Stanley.

5 months ago

Beautiful hike.

It would be great when the flowers are still in bloom. Nonetheless, great cardio workout

We were camping at pine flats 10/7/17&10/8/17. The park is walk up only meaning it’s open but not maintained. We double checked with the ranger station and they confirmed it was open, just not maintained (no trash collection, water, toilet paper).

Land has been purchased and is now private. We ran into the owner (who was chill) but who mentioned that it was now his land. I would not encourage people to hike here for that reason.

Beautiful and easy trail, but currently closed due to fire damage. NFS says until 12/31/18 minimum. Two bridges were destroyed.

Great hike with good trails and markers. There's about 9 lakes in the area so it's fun to go see them all!

Have been twice this summer, no sign of closure, everything's been clean and in great shape both times

the trail was great. it has since been burned to the ground and us pretty much unusable at this point.

9 months ago

Beautiful trail with butterflies, wildflowers and birds!

9 months ago

Well, I'm not certain the route I took was actually Shafer Butte as there are many trails located at the top of bogus and nothing in the area behind the pioneer lodge building appeared to be labeled as it. If you follow apple gps you'll end up here or off the side of the mountain if you take siri literally. The path I followed was labeled Tempest and was very fulfilling and incredibly beautiful. The inclines were enough to get you out of breath just in time to lose it again looking at all the fog over the mountains and bridges of earth connecting other paths. The place was relatively empty the day I was here and when I arrived near the top of the lifts I entered what could only be described as a bird paradise. Tons of different species of smaller birds all interacting together. Many beautiful colors and the varieties just kept increasing the longer I was there. I must have spent an hour or more with swarms of color, mist covered mountain, an abandon lift and not a single other person. It was a magical experience you only seldom encounter on a hike.

I took this trail last year and also took beaver creek tail-it's absolutely beautiful. Most of it runs along a river/creek. A ton of flowers and wildlife, a lot of shade and plenty of places to stop/rest/eat

Honestly, I liked a lot about this trail but it did have a rough half. The scenery in the first half is beautiful and the climb is pretty fun. Shortly after the top you'll end up on a dirt bike trail which is probably the worst decent I've been on. Tons of holes, flat rock covered in gravel, 30-40 degree slope and it goes on for miles. If I did it again I would treat it like and out and back and turn around before that section. The length is challenging but nothing on this trail really struck me as hard. There are tons of Mormon crickets during the summer which can be annoying. There are some great birds near the beginning and along the forest portions of the trail but don't expect much near the dirt bike section. Watch out for black widows!

Great hike! Parallels a small creek for a few miles and then goes up into the foothills quite a ways. Not much traffic out there, some incredibly scenic views of downtown Boise!


The trail is an easy hike along the river with places to stop and take a break if traveling with young children.
The trail is currently closed due the fire from last summer.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Awesome and challenging trail. I have also ran this trail which is stellar for training for Robbie creek.

The trail suffered a lot of damage from the 2016 fire. It's currently closed.

easy trail with a cool bridge and river views!

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