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First of all, their is no trailhead marker. It might have burned down in 2016. After one mile on FR 384, look for the pullout with a sign saying clean your boots. The trail starts just to the right of that.

We hiked 4.1 miles in and really enjoyed the hike. A lot of effort has gone into clearing fallen logs and clearing the trail. We went past the 3.7mi turn around point because the effects of the forest fire had decreased, the pines were green again, and the narrowing canyon was beautiful. Wear shoes that can get wet and bring hiking poles, especially as you climb and will be on loose terrain after 3.7 miles.

10 days ago

Trail is currently open, as of Oct. 9, 2018. Boise Forestry Service representative warns that two bridges sustained fire damage and to proceed with caution. An outdoor club member hiked this trail a couple of weeks ago and it's doable. This trail is a favorite of many hikers.

12 days ago

Moderate hike, not easy. No shade. Uphill the whole way in, approximately 2000 ft elevation increase going in. Suggest wearing pants and hiking boots due to snakes, mormon crickets, and brush. The WMA has a roadkill pit about a 1/4 of the way in which smells pretty bad. The mine building is really cool if you like historical buildings. Heading back the peaks past Hwy 21 are gorgeous when they peak over the fog.

Nice secluded hike for an early fall day! Be aware that the first mile of the trail has some very steep portions and I found my trekking poles indispensable both out and back.

25 days ago

It would definitely consider this a moderate trail due to the elevation gain. The mine building is incredible.

26 days ago

Just attempted to hike this trail with my girlfriend. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the hills were great to look at with a nice calm breeze rustling all the tall grass creating flowing waves across the hillside.

HOWEVER, we ran across a rattlesnake in the middle of the trail about 1&3/4 miles in. It was a close encounter as it caught my attention last second by hissing at me and rattling its tail violently. The snake was probably only 3-4 feet away and had already coiled up and was ready to strike with it's mouth wide open. I shrieked like a little girl and ran in the opposite direction as fast as I could. My girlfriend handled the situation much better than I did sadly..
This was not the only snake we saw on the trail, as we were heading down we saw two black snakes slithering off the trail on separate occasions.

Not a difficult hike at all and the trail is smooth, sandy at times, and clear of rocks. There were a lot of mormon crickets like others have mentioned. Would recommend wearing pants because of brush and possible snake bites.

Great trails with a few wooden bridges and step over barriers to keep the motorized vehicles off the trail. Beautiful scenery and a lot of the trail is under trees. Sharing the trail with bicycles and hikers but most were courteous.

The trail was beautiful but hard to find. Like another reviewer, I ended up on tempest and then Face and crossed back Elk Meadows. It worked out but I nearly took a wrong turn that would have made for a long day. It was worth seeing and doing but I know I won't go back again.

Loved the hike. If your out of shape it will take you about 90 minutes. We make the first lake in 50. Nice views as well!

I took this hike with the 2yo on my back, 4 kids and two dogs in tow. I would rate the trail as moderate with children and summer heat. It got a little too warm and the kids started to burn out so we turned back before hitting the mine. There were lots of Mormon crickets along the way. Trail is a bit overgrown in the middle at some parts and has medium sized hills.
We will be heading back earlier in the day next time. Despite not reaching the end we still had a great time.

My 12yo son and I came across this trail almost by accident this week. We did the first 1.6 miles of this trail which put us at right about 1000 feet of ascent. Pretty good, gradual climb. Very little shade in that first part, though, so bring water. Due to time (and a pretty worn out dog) we turned around right as the trail became wooded.

Scenery was great. The dead trees were pretty amazing to take in. Would definitely do the whole trail again if in the area.

I had such an amazing afternoon at Pine Flats Hot Springs. I first walk the upper trail and found a perfect little pool. The view of the river was stunning and I relaxed in the warm water for a time. Then I ventured down the trail and walked through the river, holding against the rocks. The river current was strong in some areas and this was a little tricky and COLD! Once around the rock wall, I passed through a small portion of river again and on the other side found three lovely pools. The top pool had a small warm waterfall and was lovely. On my way back I climbed up some rocks (I still can't believe that I did that, a bit dangerous and higher than I thought. I shouldn't have looked behind me.) instead of walking through the river. On the way down from the rocks there was another pool! Amazing! A fun adventure!

2 months ago

I kind of like the place but man did I get bit by some vicious flies! It was hard to know though because I didn't really feel anything at the time. But over the next several days they got worse and even went through that oozing phase out of the middle of the bite. Damn! Pretty nice soak though once you find or adjust the water.

2 months ago

it's a 8 mile hike. the first 6 of which are gradual uphill, enough to give you a work out, gradual enough to keep you going. The top of the mountain, the view is breathtaking, very beautiful, and would have been more beautiful if not for the smoke over the valleys. the trail ends far from a lake. The trail itself doesn't end, just on the app map. keep an eye out for a sign that says "Lola Lakes" because it has an arrow pointing towards the lake, (about a half mile before the end.) Towards the end of the trail is a fresh water spring coming from the rocks. its clean, cold, and fresh. absolutely safe to drink. Me and my buddy drowned a bottle each and felt just fine the next morning. The hike back, starts with a steep climb back to the peak, and its easy going from there. Have fun, stay safe and keep hydrated.

I took my parents to these hot springs in July and had an awesome time. Very short easy hike to get to the springs which was great for the older folks. The springs are next to the river which is great for mixing the cold and hot water to get your desired temperature.

Very nice work out. No shade and lots and lots of bugs. Stink bugs and those big crickets. It was eerie in some areas where the trail narrowed and you had to duck to avoid the over grown branches that blocked your path. You were surrounded by the sounds of all these bugs all around you. And you had to dodge the bugs that jumped out at you. This is why the low score. Not a fan of bugs but this was a bit much. Less dogie droppings. then some ;)

2 months ago

Trail is closed until December 2018

Started at Redfish heading counterclockwise, I'd recommend if you're trying to knock out some miles. The trail was rather boring for a while though. From a views standpoint grandjean on was great. If I did again I'd try to nix the leg from red fish to Stanley to grandjean it just felt like miles.

Quick hike, not a lot of traffic, great views of the Boise forest and distant mountains!

Amazing hike, really enjoyable.

Very pleasant hike. Several spots had amazing views. Good variety in the available views.

Quick hike to the springs. A little buggy, but worth it for a dip.

The views are amazing. The hike is rated correctly and very low foot traffic. There are a lot of mountain bikers on the trail. Watch your footing, there are a lot of roots.

This trail is great! definitely going to do this at least once a week

3 months ago

Nice hot springs. We hiked with our 6 kids ranging from 1-12 years old. Hot springs are 0.6 miles from parking lot according to my GPS.
Take the trail down to the river. When you get right next to the river look to the steep slope to your right. You will see some hot spring pools up high (we missed these until we were headed back to the car). These pools are pretty hot.
If you wade through the river around the bend you will find more pools that are prefect temperature and where you will find the waterfall.
I was a little disappointed to see tarps used to create the pools. I understand why they are used but they take away from the visual of the spot.
Overall all great little hike, beautiful scenery and nice hot springs. We’ll be back!

Morningstar from the upper lodge to the lower lodge is now marked "Bike riders only".

3 months ago

This was an easy hike with a mostly gradual climb. The mine building is really neat to see, very intact. There was a huge bird nest inside! The Mormon crickets were everywhere, which took away a lot of the enjoyment of this hike. You could hear them in the brush and the trail was covered with them.

didn't do the entire trail, but well worth the trip.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Awesome ride,

Good cardio, but lots of cicadas jumping around (and at you!). Might just be the time of year. Will probably go back in the Fall!

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