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2 days ago

Beautiful and easy trail, but currently closed due to fire damage. NFS says until 12/31/18 minimum. Two bridges were destroyed.

Great hike with good trails and markers. There's about 9 lakes in the area so it's fun to go see them all!

Have been twice this summer, no sign of closure, everything's been clean and in great shape both times

8 days ago

beautiful hike! Beautiful day trip from Boise. Go to the Vandal and BSU store turn left, get to a red barn, turn left, go all the way up until you reach a well traveled parking lot with restroom. That is very where the trail starts, beautiful views, wild flowers and berries. we seen mushrooms, frogs and birds. dinner campers, fishermen and many swimmers even a few frogs! totally worth the hike back up the hill. Will do it again!

A ways out from Cascade. downhill most of the way to the lake so it is tougher on the way back. beautiful drive, short hike and well worth it to see the wildflowers, chipmunks and of course the lake :) will be back!

9 days ago

the trail was great. it has since been burned to the ground and us pretty much unusable at this point.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail with butterflies, wildflowers and birds!

Nice hike. Flowers were beautiful. Even though there was burned areas it was a great hike. Lots of fish jumping at the lake so bring your poles.

15 days ago

Well, I'm not certain the route I took was actually Shafer Butte as there are many trails located at the top of bogus and nothing in the area behind the pioneer lodge building appeared to be labeled as it. If you follow apple gps you'll end up here or off the side of the mountain if you take siri literally. The path I followed was labeled Tempest and was very fulfilling and incredibly beautiful. The inclines were enough to get you out of breath just in time to lose it again looking at all the fog over the mountains and bridges of earth connecting other paths. The place was relatively empty the day I was here and when I arrived near the top of the lifts I entered what could only be described as a bird paradise. Tons of different species of smaller birds all interacting together. Many beautiful colors and the varieties just kept increasing the longer I was there. I must have spent an hour or more with swarms of color, mist covered mountain, an abandon lift and not a single other person. It was a magical experience you only seldom encounter on a hike.

16 days ago

Steep for first bit, older people will have trouble. Very pretty. Mostly steep and rocky.

it is beautiful. Did not feel crowded at all even with the large number of cars in the parking lot. the wild flowers are in full bloom

easy in , harder out when carrying a 40lb child on your back. very pretty hike

Great little loop! Heavily trafficked with mountain bikes and dogs since this is an off leash trail. Nice short and sweet hike close in town.

This place is called Foothills Learning Center.

24 days ago