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23 hours ago

The road is still closed for snow before reaching the Blue Lake Trailhead. 6/25/17.

the road is closed due show about 4 miles before the trail head. will have to try again later in the season

This was one of the hardest bike trails I have ever done, not because it is incredibly technical, but because the ascent is so steep. I would not advise inexperienced cyclists to try this trail simply because they may not enjoy it much. Coming down was a good time. I ended up ditching my bike for the last portion of the trail due to not wanting to hit/have to avoid the snow patches in the dark. Great scenery and would encourage hiking and camping in the area.

This was a great day hike. The trail was not terribly steep for the most part. Good FS road. The last 1/4 mile or so was still under several feet of snow, but it was not difficult to traverse, just slowed me down! Lots of signs of deer, elk, grouse. I saw bluebirds, woodpeckers, tanagers, goldfinches, raptors, ground squirrels. There is a "bonus" trail at the summit (Hungarian Ridge Trail) if you are still wanting more!

8 days ago

fairly short, simple trail with nice views of rolling hills to the east and boise to the west

Wow, that's a big hill climb! Made it to the summit 06/11/17. Last mile-ish was snow packed but walkable with poles. So grateful to have made a reservation at the hot springs post- hike. Beautiful snow-capped vistas.

16 days ago

Snowed on us in June

Good workout. Great views.

Considering this area burned last fall it was a lovely loop. One good view of the Sawtooths, lots of sprouting green out of the ash and a few surviving stands of Aspen and Ponderosa.
It will be amazing again one day.

CLOSED! fire last year, USFS has closed the area with a $150 fine for entering.

Amazing hidden lakes just above, although the various trail heads were grown over. Beautiful! Since the hike was easy, and pretty short, we decided to go further and hike Shell Rock Peak as well.

Pretty easy to find... even though I got lost. I tried following the map vs. the heavily worn trail... just keep walking and the trail will run into the first hot spring. The pools are made by various people stacking rocks. They're not permanent structures, so the locations can move. The first tub was the perfect hot tub temperature. The second could have hard boiled an egg. I've been to a lot of different hot springs, but never one overlooking a river. Pretty amazing spot. One of the prior reviews said he had to wade in the river... my guess is that was when the river was much, much lower. The pools we found were up on the cliff.