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17 hours ago

2 days ago

Love this hike!! I did it as a young girl and remembered loving it. Did it again with our family and it was even better than I remembered! So pretty and my kids LOVED it. They even jumped into the lake from the rocks into the freezing water!

I took this trail last year and also took beaver creek tail-it's absolutely beautiful. Most of it runs along a river/creek. A ton of flowers and wildlife, a lot of shade and plenty of places to stop/rest/eat

Honestly, I liked a lot about this trail but it did have a rough half. The scenery in the first half is beautiful and the climb is pretty fun. Shortly after the top you'll end up on a dirt bike trail which is probably the worst decent I've been on. Tons of holes, flat rock covered in gravel, 30-40 degree slope and it goes on for miles. If I did it again I would treat it like and out and back and turn around before that section. The length is challenging but nothing on this trail really struck me as hard. There are tons of Mormon crickets during the summer which can be annoying. There are some great birds near the beginning and along the forest portions of the trail but don't expect much near the dirt bike section. Watch out for black widows!

9 days ago

Good visually. Lots of birds but also tons of mountain bikers. Makes bird photography difficult at times. Popular wedding photo area during golden hours.

Great hike! Parallels a small creek for a few miles and then goes up into the foothills quite a ways. Not much traffic out there, some incredibly scenic views of downtown Boise!


15 days ago

July 3-4, 2017. A good destination for first-time backpackers. Still deep snow on the south side of the lake.

18 days ago

18 days ago

Great day hike! Snow is gone from the top, too. Nice views.

I found this trail to be pretty easy. It is a good FS two-track that climbs consistently and steadily to the lookout. It gets a little steeper between miles 3-4. The views from the lookout are great. There are pockets of burned trees from the Pioneer fire, but very spotty. On July 2, there were many wildflowers blooming, and still some snow on the road near the top, but travel was not impeded.

The trail is an easy hike along the river with places to stop and take a break if traveling with young children.
The trail is currently closed due the fire from last summer.