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25 days ago

Did portions of the loop starting at Grandjean and went clockwise heading toward Stanley Lake then to Redfish Lake and cut over the pass to the Baron Lakes and Alpine Lake. Overall did about 32 miles in three days. Lots of tree fall along the trail especially at the pass at Baron Lake to get back to Grandjean TH, also lots of snowfields, and rock slide that obscured the trail coming down off the pass at Upper Baron Lake. But the views were stunning and awe inspiring. Definitely a hike to do if you have 3-5 days. Plenty of cold clear water everywhere along the trails we took, so bring those Aquatabs and Sawyer straws, no need to buy it in Stanley.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike.

Awesome quick hike for an afternoon. Lots of bikers along the way that were all super friendly. awesome veiw of the Treasure Valley.

2 months ago

Nice trail, a bit of climb at first but mostly downhill on the way back. Well kept and fun to ride with nice views of Boise.

It would be great when the flowers are still in bloom. Nonetheless, great cardio workout

We were camping at pine flats 10/7/17&10/8/17. The park is walk up only meaning it’s open but not maintained. We double checked with the ranger station and they confirmed it was open, just not maintained (no trash collection, water, toilet paper).

3 months ago

I didn't love the lake and the trail was way too rocky. I also wouldn't rate the trail as easy. It was a steep climb, not long but steep. Kids can do it, I took my 6 year old.

Land has been purchased and is now private. We ran into the owner (who was chill) but who mentioned that it was now his land. I would not encourage people to hike here for that reason.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail ends in the lake you can definitely jump in bring a swimsuit you will get to enjoy after the nice hike down. On this trail you do have to hike up in the end so just be ready for that part also because it's says easy but I would say at least moderate to maybe hard.

4 months ago

This hike is great for just a day trip or you can stay longer and explore. The trail to the lake is almost exclusively down hill almost all the way to the lake. There are lots of great spots to swim, fish or just enjoy the lake. Due to the easy access and great views, expect to see other hikers.

Such a beautiful view!!! Really enjoyed the hike. Can't wait to backpack and camp!!!

4 months ago

Great day trip from Boise, and very quiet - I only saw a few people. The hike is pretty relentlessly uphill on the way up to the lake, which was a nice payoff. Super easy coming back down. The lake is small but lovely. Didn't see any bears but I've talked to people who did on this trail, so I'd recommend bear spray & bring an extra bottle of water.

4 months ago

Super easy hike. We camped there overnight and did some fishing. This is a great spot to come if you want to camp, but are limited on time.

Beautiful and easy trail, but currently closed due to fire damage. NFS says until 12/31/18 minimum. Two bridges were destroyed.

Great hike with good trails and markers. There's about 9 lakes in the area so it's fun to go see them all!

Have been twice this summer, no sign of closure, everything's been clean and in great shape both times

5 months ago

beautiful hike! Beautiful day trip from Boise. Go to the Vandal and BSU store turn left, get to a red barn, turn left, go all the way up until you reach a well traveled parking lot with restroom. That is very where the trail starts, beautiful views, wild flowers and berries. we seen mushrooms, frogs and birds. dinner campers, fishermen and many swimmers even a few frogs! totally worth the hike back up the hill. Will do it again!

A ways out from Cascade. downhill most of the way to the lake so it is tougher on the way back. beautiful drive, short hike and well worth it to see the wildflowers, chipmunks and of course the lake :) will be back!

5 months ago

the trail was great. it has since been burned to the ground and us pretty much unusable at this point.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail with butterflies, wildflowers and birds!

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