5 months ago

This park has a LOT more to offer than the sub-mile paved path to the water. Hunt a little, and you will find a substantial network of dirt hiking trails. I did my best to find every single one. You can spend a number of hours exploring as I did. The proximity to nice water access is simply icing on the cake.

This is a paved, well-maintained trail that leads down to the waters edge on Spokane River. There is an excellent parking lot at the trailhead, and some limited restroom facilities. There are numerous places to picnic. This looks like a very pleasant place to take your poochie for a walk. There are lovely views of the water, and a mansion once owned by Amway.

7 months ago

The Black Bay Park trail can be accessed from E 3rd Ave in Post falls for the longer walk or from N. Bay St for a shorter walk. Either way, the walk is short, easy but very pleasant. In the summer time, Black Bay is filled with swimmers and boaters. The bay itself is deep and clear and a short distance later is the Spokane River, which is also good for swimming, fishing and boating.