The Big Jacks Creek Wilderness, in the Big Jacks Creek Basin, consists of rugged canyons, streams and plateaus that provide habitat for redband trout, mountain quail and bighorn sheep, as well as two sensitive plant species. The basin ranges in elevation from 856 to 1,790 m and drains a sagebrush-covered plateau dissected by rugged, sheer-walled canyons that are as much as 200 m deep. Big Jacks Creek flows north into the Bruneau River, a tributary of the Snake River. The basin is covered by big sagebrush, low sagebrush, salt desert shrub, and riparian vegetation communities. The sagebrush communities are most common; low sagebrush types are found primarily on shallow, poorly drained soil, and big sagebrush types are associated with deep, well-drained soils. The big sagebrush community is dominated by Wyoming big sagebrush and bluebunch wheatgrass, and the low sagebrush community is dominated by black sagebrush, low sagebrush, Thurber needlegrass, Idaho fescue, and bluebunch wheatgrass. The salt desert shrub type grows on poorly developed soils in northern part of the basin and consists of shadescale, bud sagebrush, and Indian ricegrass. Lush riparian vegetation grows along perennial reaches of the creek and generally includes shrubs of willow, rose, and currant as well as sedge and bluegrass in meadow areas. Access to the basin is by way of a network of dirt roads in the southern part of the basin and hiking trails in the wilderness.

Friday, April 29, 2016

TH may have cowpie hell. TH has no shade, small area with limited parking. Trail goes across plateau on old closed road to the edge of the canyon, then a single track down to the creek. Not much travel is possible along the creek as heavy brush and beaver dam activity limits hiking.

Monday, March 09, 2015

I'm giving this a 1 star because of the directions. We couldn't even make it to the trail. There are no road signs because you have to go off on dirt roads. (If we were even going the right way). So that means the directions included go 3 miles and turn right then 4 miles and turn left. We weren't ever sure we were going the right way. Additionally because we didn't realize this wasn't a normal trail with a trailhead our ford focus couldn't make it on the off road trails and we had to turn around. May try again and bring an appropriate vehicle but was rather disappointed.

Great short pack down in to the canyon. Good if you want to just get a way for a day or two. The actual trail name is Parker's trail. There are a couple if other trails in the area I just did not have time for them hopefuls another day.