1 day ago

This trail was short but very challenging. Lots of running water and mud make footing slippery and requires great attention going down. There are some ropes to help along the way, but you are mostly reliant upon trees, root and branches to control your descent. However, the reward is at the falls with a beautiful, cool pool and great swimming. You can even rock scramble behind the falls if you want get even more wet!

Although still challenging, the way back for me was simpler and I felt more confident with footing. Again, some parts and straight up and require the use of roots and ropes to pull yourself up. If you cannot pull your own weight you may want to reconsider this hike.

Read stories of being ticketed for going down here - I saw no such thing. Rather, a police helicopter made a couple of appearances and a fireman with medical kit was hanging around the swimming pool. Overall, a super cool adventure that all who are capable should do.