Wildland picnicking on a Norfolk Island pine forested ridge. Fine views of Manoa and Palolo valleys. Hardy family hiking in the forest reserve.

Great trail, It took 1hour and 50min to top of Mt. Olympus from Wa'ahila Ridge State Recreation Area but, weather was great, I could see all over eastern Oahu!!

Great trail. Took approx 2 1/2-3 hrs at a leisurely pace to get to the top. Went on a cloudy day so couldn't catch the best of views but that made the trek easier as well. The weather on top was amazing. The trail past the sign (do not continue) is quite well maintained. Conditions near the top can get muggy and make the trek slightly cumbersome. But nothing too difficult. Carry lots of water.

Great trail, but unlike others I had a tough time when the trail was wet. Did not finish the last .5 miles due to rain, it just seemed to slippery and dangerous to contine. Also, just for those that may not know(I didn't), you must continue past the sign that says do not continue, not a maintained trail. It's actually very well maintained, although I can't speak for the last half mile.

My first foray into hiking in Hawai'i. It had poured the day before, so it was quite muddy, but that did nothing to diminish the experience. I prefer the minimal approach; I normally do 8-10 miles without water, but I chose to bring a small pack with a change of clothes and water. It was the correct decision.

I am a guide for venture aloha. I am available to guide people on this trial 02/20/2017. please email venturealoha@gmail.com for details.

It is sometimes difficult but actually quite short. I needed not even 3 hours and took my time.

We came at 10am on a Monday and counted only 7 other people the whole way. Much better than diamond head which we did before and was totally packed. Beautiful views all along this trail!

Very short actual trail, when you finally reach it from the road it is so steep and slippery it really needs spiked boots