Wildland picnicking on a Norfolk Island pine forested ridge. Fine views of Manoa and Palolo valleys. Hardy family hiking in the forest reserve.

I really enjoyed this hike and would rate it moderate to hard. When we started it had been raining heavy further up so we knew the track was going to get worse. The rope climbs in mud was difficult and the last section was extremely slippery. At the summit the clouds lifted and we were left with stunning views, it was beautiful. Great hike but wear your hiking shoes for grip if raining, I wish Id taken gloves up for the last rope section.

You will need a change of clothes!

4 days ago

This trail is lovely, and the hike not too difficult but can get quite muddy. There are a lot of different kinds of trees and terrain. Once you complete the maintained trail there's roughly another half to complete to the summit. Simply continue past the sign that tells you...not to continue.

I would have liked to reach the summit but I was alone and became concerned by the wind and rain. Parts of the trail were bordering on becoming a mudslide, and there were vertical drops on either side. After I turned back, about 4/5 of the total way, I realized two more gentlemen had been ahead of me. So in all likelihood I would have been fine.

If it's a wet day the mud is no joke. Bring a change of clothes and shoes. When I was there neither the bathroom nor the "wash your shoes here" station at the base were in service.

It was a great work out! I am the unfit friend out of the the two of that went and I was still able to finish this hike. I don't recommend bringing children on this trail as it is very steep and close to the end you have to pull yourself up with a rope. The view was amazing at the turnaround for the trail! Had a great time even though it felt like death

Challenging in the rain but worth it! We didn't attempt Mt Olympus this time because of conditions but hope to next time we visit.