Wildland picnicking on a Norfolk Island pine forested ridge. Fine views of Manoa and Palolo valleys. Hardy family hiking in the forest reserve.

So, wish I had realized Awaawaloa=Mount Olympus. I thought we were hiking to a trail called Awaawaloa. We keep saying, "one more peak, one more mudd trench and we will reach the other trail.". It wasn't until I pulled up my geocaching app and learned I was 17 feet away from a cache called "mount Olympus" that we realized where we were! Ive wanted to go to mt O, but not in the weather we were having. It was fun, but was super rainy and windy. the rope at the big trench aka Mariana Trench, was super slippery. It took us 5 hours to complete. We were skating down the hills at the end. I would do this trail again, not in the rain and wind. Id rate it hard, after 'trail closed' sign.

Fun, moderate trail to the ridge. The final stretch has rope work and is fairly steep but only for a short little while. We started with a group of about 14 but then only 5 of us made it to the very end. Even if you don't hike the full length, the views are worth the hike and you can turn around at any point since it's an in/out trail. This trail connects to Ka'au - would love to come back one day to go up this trail then come down Ka'au side. Final note: keep an eye on the weather in the days before doing this hike, there are parts that would essentially turn into mudslides after heavy rains.

I went up Ka’au Crater trail, hiked along the ridge to mt Olympus, and came back down this trail. It was amazing, but I was pooped! I timed it poorly, and finished the lower half of the trail in the dark (the sunset and night pictures overlooking Honolulu are from me, lol.)

It was dreamlike. The top of mt Olympus was isolated from the rest of the island by a cloud. Coming down, I was suddenly exposed to a view of sunset over Honolulu. I was covered in mud from Ka’au crater, and tired out from climbing up the hill so fast to try to get back before night. Nightfall on the ridge was magical. The wind in the trees was like a lullaby. Even though it’s under 10 miles from Honolulu, the stars are much clearer there.

Is night hiking a thing? I guess there are a few places I could have died. And I admit I missteped and fell a few times.

Was a really nice trail. Be sure to bring spikes with you or sturdy hiking shoes as the path was very muddy. Took 3 liters out there with me and only had 1 when I got to the bottom. Lots of incline and decline.

Great hike. The views along the ridge are amazing. Be prepared to get wet and muddy. It is strenuous and easy to twist an ankle. I recommend shoes with strong grips or mini cleats.

Not a bad little trek. eas raining off and on but took us 3 hrs there and back went passed the sign up to mount Olympus. nice views along the way

I found a car key near the final approach to Olympus on May 12th. If it is yours please leave a review w. contact info. Great hike btw. Enjoyed the hike. Sunny day on Oahu, not on Olympus!

I did this hike about 21 years ago and it was amazing.... and pretty easy.

As you hike the ridge line, clouds would hit one side of the ridge and mist over you as they raced to the other side.

Towards the end, there is some scrambling but you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the valley below...

..well worth it!

Easy hike. Beautiful views

The trail is as described, we went 5 days ago and it was still slightly muddy from the rain 4 days prior. So just keep that in mind, it does not dry up quickly

Love this trail. Challenging at times but lots of nice pathed straight-aways, cool trees and plants that provide shade and epic views of the city. Basically you end up hiking in the clouds! Highly recommend but wouldn’t bring small children, I saw two families that had to turn around. It’s definitive not the easiest hike but worth the effort for the beautiful views / photographs! Good work out, too!

great hike. nice views. once you get to the trail end sign take a right and start going up. you will constantly be using ropes to climb up and down. we brought our dog and for the most part she could climb it but there were times where i had assist her and lift her up cause she couldnt climb it.

Great hike for two relatively new hikers. We went to the right past the do not pass sign. Round trip to top took almost exactly 4 hours with a few stops. Would not want to do this in the rain, particularly the last bit. And would be remiss if we didn't thank profusely whoever put in the ropes!!!

Great trail! We went early (8am) and found ourselves to be one of just a few on the trail, but by time we were done it was pretty crowded. Myself and my husband are very active and found this hike to be the perfect challenge; not so hard that he had a problem carrying our 25lb son on his back vis hiking back or that I had any issues keeping up being 5 months pregnant. Parts are very steep, but over all it’s a very balanced course. We did go past the “trail not maintained” sign, but only .4 miles past it as it was getting pretty narrow. Trail is almost completely shaded, so stayed nice and cool. Various lookout points even if you do not make it to the top, so certainly worth doing.

Nice hike. It took 4 hours round trip. That was taking my time taking a few pictures and video. It hadn’t rained in probably 5 days, so the trail was totally dry. If the trail is dry you won’t need to use any of the ropes. Take the trail to the right at the sign that says the trail ends. It’s a good workout, but shouldn’t be a problem. If you hike the Rockies in Canada this one won’t be a problem. It was sunny and windy which was nice. It kept you cool. No bugs at all. Take water and Gatorade. It’s worth going to the top. You can see the north side of the island once you get there.

Awesome hike with stunning views over Honolulu and Waikiki! Had 10 days in Oahu and was very happy we chose this one. We ended up getting to a “Do not go past this point” sign and took the trail to the upper right and continued on for another .75 mi. There are some ropes to help you up steep parts but then it opens up to a “helicopter pad” type grassy area with near 360 degrees views. This is an awesome hike. I would definitely advise against trying this right after a rain though, certain parts get slick (it started to rain a bit during our hike)!

Well maintained trail. Took me 4 hours to complete.

It is a pretty great hike with amazing views on the way to the top. I would rate it as a hard moderate hike. Could be harder, but definitely isn't easy.

You should check the weather! Don't go if its raining. Believe me, don't do it.

We had good luck and on our way to the top very nice weather. Even without rain it was really muddy! Sometimes you can use ropes. Sometimes just your hands. On the way back we had rain and it was like hell.

Some parts are a little bit dangerous, especially if it's rainy. On your right and your left it's a long way down. Take care of your steps!

Great view at the top, and good views/rest stops along the way. Moderate hike.

Our first trail in Hawaii, it was great but little bit wet and slippery because of the rain. When we reached the top it was foggy and we couldn't see much. But definitely something to recommend.

Great trail. Much better than expected. Parking lot at Base. Directions take you right at the top of the hill instead of left at top of the hill. Follow the the pink markers at any splits. Ropes are about 1.75 up. Helpful. First summit is at 2.0. The next half mile I was told very muddy. By looks of the climbers coming down, I skipped it. View from first summit was great.

This hike/run was one of the more rewarding trails I've been on. The gradual change in vegetation as you steadily get to higher elevation, the breathtaking views along the way and the sheer challenge of getting to the top of Mt. Olympus are worth every muddy step of this hike. Getting to the summit is not for the faint of heart as you will have to scramble up rocks, navigate slippery hillsides on narrow ridges and use ropes to hoist yourself up steep paths, but the view of Manoa valley as you get to the top is amazing. I did the round trip in just over 2 hours, but count at least 3.5 - 4 hours if you're just walking/hiking.

I went to the summit and was surprised with how well the trail was. Make sure to pack a light rain jacket or an extra shirt as it is windy and can get quite cold. I had a small snack facing Kaneohe then headed back. Took me 4 hours but could be done quicker. Not a novice trail.

What a hike! Super long & variant. Took us 5hrs round trip with break, & we didn't quite make it to the top. Definitely wear hiking boots, too long of a hike for medium sized dog.

great views along the route. solid climb. plenty of parking. clearly marked trails. strawberry guava in abundance. the only drawback was the mud because it had just rained. everything was slick but still very passable. because of the steep climb the temperature decreases steadily on the way up. it was very cool and breezy at the top which felt great.

This is a great trail that quickly follows the ridge. A lot of ups and downs and occasional (but significant) rock scrambling. We didn’t make it to the end - too many steep climbs (and ropes). There’s a beautiful viewpoint at the Rec Area entrance.

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