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21 hours ago

It’s starts beautiful as there are amazing views of the rainforest and it’s fauna, but as the trail continues it gets tight with far too many people on this trail and the views never live up to the opening scene. We found our family standing and waiting 8-10 minutes due to traffic on the trail, yikes. I find the trails of Lyon Arboretum far more rewarding just above Manoa falls trailhead.

1 day ago

Left for the trail at about 11 AM right after it rained, then had to pay 5 dollars upfront to enter the trailhead and there was still plenty of parking space available. Because it had just recently rained there was lots of mud which made the rocks we were climbing on slippery. The hike itself was about an hour of steady hiking with a beautiful waterfall at the end.

Nice hike but way too many people on small trail.

Enjoyable, Easy, and worth it at the end!

3 days ago

Did this trail after the Moana waterfall. Didn't complete the loop, but hiked it just before it branch's off and had to turn around due to time. I would love to go back and complete it. It was raining heavily during the whole hike, so the use of bamboo sticks helped a lot on the way back, four of us left those bamboo sticks at the trail entrance for others to use.

3 days ago

Did this last week, great hike, awesome pictures.

no crowds!!! wonderful trail. I recommend for anyone visiting this area. take your kids but not your gramma. bring a garbage bag and collect trash as u go.

way to many people!!!

5 days ago

Pretty easy hike with a waterfall at the end as a reward. Went early before the lot attendant arrived, but we still had to pay upon leaving. Go early as the parking lot was full by 9am.

Beautiful and so worth it. The most crowded times is early morning/noon, later on gets a bit better. Fun for everyone, would suggest to wear safe shoes since it’s gets muddy/slippery places. For a tourists, I would suggest this waterfall as a must to visit what doesn’t take a lot of effort but are so beautiful.

8 days ago

Beautiful trail that opens to a grove of large pines! Muddy and rooty- of course!

Wear shoes with good traction! I wore hiking boots and my kids had water socks. Both worked fine for the slippery trail. Gorgeous hike. We started at 6pm and were the only ones there.

Good easy hike!

This is a very crowded trail is the only reason I'm giving 3 stars instead of 5. If it wasn't so crowded, I would give 5. If it has been raining, be prepared to get your shoes muddy.

10 days ago

Completed with a "newbie" so the trek was slow and with the recent rains some definite slick spots.

Decided to take the road back since the trail was a little slick.

Ended up being 2.5 miles.

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11 days ago

Good easy trail for all ages. Took our 3 year old (have to carry her most of the way as she nodded off) and our 8 year old no problem.
A bit muddy when rain, especially if you go up to the trail on the left having reached the water fall. Beautiful bamboo lined trail from this part.

11 days ago

Definitely a cardio workout! Beautiful views up top. Wouldn't recommend beginners to do it.

Nice short hike.... crowded....

Nice short hike with a great waterfall at the end. Regular workout shoes were sufficient.

15 days ago

Beautiful. Very slippery when it is raining so be careful.

17 days ago

It was such an enjoyable hike. Not hard at all and the sights along the way were amazing. It was a bit crowded but manageable. The only thing was how muddy the trail was. Not sure if it had recently rained, but some parts were kind of slippery.

18 days ago

Nice trail, easy to moderate based on root structure and elevation changes.

Couple spots to swim with off shoots of the main trail.

It’s a good fun family hike, just kinda disappointing on the fact that it’s crowded. And once we got to the falls it was just overcrowded. However we started at 9ish got done around 10. Maybe that’s just the peak times?

22 days ago

Pretty easy hike. The waterfall is roped off but people still swim. That's great if you plan to swim. Inconvenient if you want to take pictures of the falls. I saw people on the trail in a cast boot and one on crutches. This hike is NOT appropriate for anyone who can't climb lots of stairs.

22 days ago

Awesome hike. It does get muddy and some areas are slippery. Also, it is extremely crowded. I would recommend getting there as early as you can. There is a $5 parking charge so bring cash.

23 days ago

We enjoyed our hike! The trees, plants and water surrounding the area was amazing. Waterfall was beautiful in a scenic area. Heavy traffic and it was pretty muddy, at the end in the parking lot there are hoses to rinse shoes in needed.

Definitely the most beautiful hike I have done. It wasn’t too crowded when we went on a Wednesday afternoon. A little bit strenuous going up but really worth it for the falls at the end.

24 days ago

Super muddy when we went (mid-June) and the waterfall at the end was beautiful but extremely crowded. A nice afternoon hike but I’d try during an off-peak time to really enjoy it without the crowd!

A nice perk was that it’s dog friendly. We brought our sweet girl a 18 pound Yorkie/Silky mix and she was able to handle it.

This was very fun! The hike up to Manoa Falls is easy, with a beautiful waterfall, and then this side trail (there’s a sign to the left hand side if you’re hiking up to the falls) is so beautiful and peaceful! There’s a few switchbacks, but the elevation gain is pretty steady, there’s no sharp inclines. Then, when you get to the loop, it’ll say “Pauoa Flatts Trail” with an arrow going both ways. I would highly suggest going to the RIGHT and going counterclockwise unless you want to descend using a rope on the side of a mountain with a steep drop. Going up with the rope was much more pleasant than descending in that spot! Also, after turning right into the loop, it’ll only be about 10 minutes until you come to a spectacular view of the valley, and even a small part of Kaneohe Bay & Honolulu on clear days. The loop is very fun-it is a ridge trail, but it’s not super steep in any spot for a long time and is definitely manageable! We enjoyed this hike very much! The views are incredible and the rain forest is gorgeous. The loop took us about an hour and a half (with a lot of stopping to take pictures), the whole 5.2 mile hike took us about 4 hours, going a very comfortable pace.

Quiet trail away from the more populated Manoa falls trail with a beautiful view once you make it to the loop at the top. Would recommend old shoes because yours will get very muddy

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