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9 hours ago

Sketchy hike but fun. It ended up being 11 miles round trip!

13 hours ago

amazing views but super heavy traffic due to accessibility.

Nice easy trail. My wife completed the climb in flip-flops. It was a little slick in spots, but nothing too bad. There are a few hard areas, but nothing than your average person could not overcome. Parking was not bad we parked on the road before the parking lot to avoid the $5 fee.

1 day ago

Wet wet wet. Big surprise. It rained in the middle of a rain forest. So the trail had running water going down the hill. Should have brought along a big dry towel!

Cheap thrills if you’ve got the skills!

No bad at all. Easy trail with easy kid friendly passage.

Took the #5 bus to the bus stop then a walk up to the trailhead. So many spots were simply breathtaking. Definitely would recommend closed toe shoes- I have no idea how people did this with flip flops on.

6 days ago

Second time on this trail, or rather, trails. This loop is actually three trails with a lot of branches and different trails you could take. Manalaha, Maliki and a trail whose name starts with a K are what actually make up this loop.
From the parking lot you start on a trail that goes along the road and through what appears to be a yard then to a little park with a Bathroom. Cross the bridge and go left, wind up a trail about 1/4 mile to where the trails actually start with a trail sign. I went left to the Manalaha Trail first, then at the top of the hill there are 4 different directions you can go. Go down hill that’s Makikj. Then follow it down until another branch in the trail. Go left again. This will take you full circle.
There are waterfalls, a lot of flowers and beautiful jungle.

This was such a breathtaking hike. Worth every second.

Beautiful landscape on the way, a bit slippery when it rained the days before - but ok. A lot of people at the waterfall.

The hike and the waterfalls are beautiful. It was muddy and slippery but I hiked it in tennis shoes due to lack of planning and made it out perfectly fine! Got to swim in the waterfall! Would definitely recommend it.

This is a great Hawaiian hike with lush tropical forest, epic waterfalls, and ridge with incredible views. For much of the first section, you slog through mud following a pipe that crosses the stream a few times. Markers are actually fairly consistent. The third waterfall is a bit tricky at times, but has an incline which makes it definitely doable. If the water were flowing more heavily if would be quite treacherous. Ropes are well done and sturdy. I am moderately afraid of heights and found the ridge challenging for that reason, but there is brush on both sides and often a crevasse with edges that made me feel fairly safe. We did not go all the way around the ridge due to time. We hiked up the waterfalls and up to the top of the ridge where you can look out over the windward side from a grassy spot. There is a trail that allows you to connect with the other leg of the loop without going all the way around the crater. You do not have to go back down the waterfalls. Does seem like it would be more than 5 miles if you went all the way around. It took us 9 hours but we stopped and swam in the waterfall, etc.

It was amazing. The waterfall was incredible but the lush Forrest was just as beautiful.

easy low hazard hike. I find it easier to go to the right loop. About a 2 hour loop total

17 days ago

Went on a Tuesday. Pretty muddy but not too bad considering it was raining/sprinkling. It was however very crowded.

Went on this trail later in the afternoon and it also had stated raining. Trail was extremely muddy and slippery. We got about halfway through and had to turn around because of the rain. Probably was out there for about 4.5 hours because of the conditions. On the way back we had a difficult time finding the trail from the creek leading out and to the street since the heavy rains turned the exit into a small waterfall or stream of sorts. Luckily the maps portion of the app was able to redirect us out. I would like to go on this trail again when the weather is good and early in the morning. All in all,
great views of waterfall and some challenging climbs up the sides of several of the waterfalls. We had a blast despite the conditions. Be safe and cautious.

18 days ago

This hike was very easy. Great hike for families. Took about an hour and a half to finish, taking a few side trails for views of the creek. This trail is very crowded and often had to wait several minutes for opposing traffic to get through in some tight areas. Beautiful and well maintained.

Incredible views of Waikiki and the windward said of Oahu. Definitely worth the effort to do the whole trail but for us the hardest part was the last 500 ft up to the ridge summit and the descent which has us slipping and sliding the whole way down, often on our butts. The waterfall portion was not as hard as we feared as there are plenty of ropes that provide a sturdy way up. Definitely a muddy hike making it difficult in terms of foot placement but overall not too physically strenuous.

Good hike but lots of tourists. Best time for hike is first thing in the morning

TRAILHEAD CLOSED TODAY! If you are trying to do this hike, the trail head is closed today! We took an Uber up to the trailhead at 9am, and as of 9:30am, the trailhead was still closed.

Super short easy hike - great for kids and older people.

Nice hike! Took about 2 hours total coming in from Manoa Falls. Nice to get away from all the tourists.

Had to do a semi intense stream crossing right after the trailhead, and some of the steeper sections of trail were a bit washed out. Glad I wore swim trunks. Very pretty hike that goes thru Dr seussy forest and bamboo forest, and the waterfall is cool but accessible from the other side so you finish the hike surrounded by other tourists.

26 days ago

Went counterclockwise as most people suggested. Steep going up and slippery coming down. Crampons were very useful as the return leg was quite muddy. A pleasant, shady hike. Took me about 2 hours at an easy pace.

Really great for baby wearing! Easy and scenic.

29 days ago

Pleasant moderate falls hike. Was quite muddy when we had ventured out to this falls so check the weather and bring some decent shoes.

1 month ago

Nice trail with a really interesting change of foliage as you go along. It was kind of rainy and the trail was super muddy and slippery. Still doable, but wish I had brought old shoes instead! There are a lot of trails in this system- lots of great options!

Easy! However we didn't do the rim because of high winds. If you don't like high places pick another hike. My wife cried a little out of fear but I was able to talk her up the falls. Also get ice spikes so you dont fall off the rim.

1 month ago

Very busy trail. I’ve done this trail a dozen times and have never seen it empty.

Trail is muddy so bring towels or extra shoes to protect your car

This trail should be rated moderate. It is wet and rocky the whole way. The falls are pretty but not too much to see on the way to them. Extremely crowded.

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