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1 day ago

started early in morning and wasnt that crowded. pretty easy hike, great waterfall at top. would recommend! pretty slippery, be careful if it just rained.

1 day ago

We went in the early evening and it wasn’t too crowded. The falls were nice! The vegetation was incredible!

A few of the ropes were questionable and climbing around the boulder on fall 2 was a touch nerve wracking, but amazing hike!

Great hike! Beautiful views! Great place to bring kids.

Beautiful hike! Best time to go 5:30pm not so crowded then

I did not do the crater rim loop and my RT was about 5.5 miles. My portion I’d rate as moderate. In mid July after a week of no rain (on Oahu) it was still muddy but minimal on the rim portion I did. I took the left trail fork at the top of the third waterfall and met the return loop after about .3 miles. The ascent up the third waterfall is long but not slippery with slow cautious steps. The rim trail looks difficult and I would guess is about 1 mile.

Hike itself was fun and waterfall at the end is great, but this trail is too packed with tourists and most of the time it's too crowded to enjoy. Go during the off season during the week.

Crowded. Definitely would start earlier. The trail was pretty easy but very slippery. Some amazing views right towards the beginning.

Muddy and awesome with some of the best views ever. Some of the lines are getting worn.

on Manoa Falls Trail

8 days ago

Crowded but a fun short hike. Very muddy when it rains but this is one of the best times to see the waterfall.

Crowded but beautiful. Easy hike. Tallest trees I’ve ever seen.

Very easy trail, but great views!

Great hike.

12 days ago

Easy hike, with a beautiful waterfall.. Shady most of the way. If it has been raining, the trail can get quite muddy.

12 days ago

Great little hike. Nice little waterfall and awesome trees

I’ve read a lot people complaining about the mud, but deal with it, it’s an unreal hike that takes some time. If you want to cut it short pack a lunch and eat at the first waterfall, but if you’re trying to push it to the limit go all the way. Love seeing people on this trail and consider it the best kept secret of Honolulu.

15 days ago

Definitely worth it for a first time island visitor. Touristy and a little muddy but the waterfall is pretty cool at the end. My 60 year old parents had a little difficulty but they made it!

A cool trail with some great views and change of nature. Enjoyable :)

A cool waterfall well worth the hike, but be aware of the many tourists. There are many other equally beautiful waterfalls nearby with fewer people.
If you want an easy hike with a beautiful view then you should definitely go.

My husband and I did this trail as first time hikers. It was deffinetly hard and dangerous but we ended up fine. We made it to the top of the crater; however, it started to downpour so we turned back around to climb down the waterfalls. I would not wear tennis shoes if I were you. The rain and mud completely ruined our running shoes. However, we had so much fun climbing up and down the trails. Bring water, snacks and take pictures. :)

16 days ago

Directly above the fall is another set of falls with a nicer pool to swim in. Climb from the left side - some rock scrambling and use the banyan tree roots to pull yourself up. Look for the Aihualama Trail sign - this is where you should start your climb.

16 days ago

Very muddy and high amount of traffic. I was recommended by a local not to swim in the pool. Couldn’t see much for all the people.

17 days ago

Loved this one, I went counter clockwise at the loop, so it was very steep going up, had to stop a couple times for breath, but it was great. The second half was easy, a couple tiny streams we crossed. Really good forest hike for a medium workout. Definitely gonna go again and try some of the other trails the run near it.

17 days ago

According to alltrails logged recordings, the number one most recorded is Koko Crater stairs at 992.
2. Diamond ‘Leahi’ Head- 880
3. Manoa Falls- 762
4. Kuli’ou’ou Ridge State Trail- 582
5. Aiea Loop State Trail- 565
6. Lulumahu Falls - 560
7. Makapu’u Point Lighthouse- 550
8. Maunawili Falls - 502
9. Kaiwa Pillbox - 500
10. Waimano Falls- 405

The crater itself is quite beautiful but this trail is just ridiculously muddy. I made it halfway to the point where you start to climb up high around the crater.

At a certain point I found the trail to be impassable. It became a slide of mud and I could not get traction with my shoes. There was no rope or anything to hold onto. I’m not sure how prior reviews mention doing the trail in tennis shoes. I was going clockwise around crater and found that the mud slides made it impossible without some decent hiking/climbing gear.

Also I ended up going backwards on the loop as the trail up the mountain was more obvious than one continuing down river to waterfalls.

25 days ago

Trail is fairly easy even though it was muddy. Trail is loaded with lots of great trees and plants. Dont go too fast or you'll miss the ancient carving at the plank bridge near the beginning of the trail. Bring bug spray if you are prone to mosquito bites. One recommendation to park staff would be to place trash cans along the trail. Otherwise, hold your trash. Be respectful and have fun!

Previous reviewers really under exaggerate the sheer amount of mud that is on this trail. The ENTIRE trail, from start to finish, is covered thick in mud and mud covered rock. Mud will get everywhere on you, and will lead to you slipping often and slipping hard, guaranteed. My partner and I both came out with a ton of cuts and bruises, and see high potential in someone getting seriously hurt. There's more slipping/twisting/sliding than actual walking.

They also fail to portray the number of rope-climbs that this trail requires. There are at least 30 if not 40 ropes scattered throughout the trail ranging from anywhere between 4 and 40 foot vertical elevation gains up a sheer mud/rock cliff or waterfall.

At this point I feel it necessary to point out I'm 23 years old, have gone to the gym almost everyday for the last 7 years, and came prepared with energy/food/water.

There are ribbons which are somewhat helpful, but they aren't very reliable, which especially holds true since the actual trail doesn't entirely match up with what AllTrails has (there are parts where the trail splits then reconnects [so there are two options to advance basically] but the app shows the trail as never splitting at that specific location, so it's easy to take one route, not realize the second route is there, then continue onto the end of the second route and head backwards in a big circle, thinking you're advancing when you aren't. No, I'm not talking about the crater portion either.).

The end along the ridge line has drop offs which are too intense for me (and other groups I found), especially with the severe winds at the top. The trail narrows to ~2ft with sheer drops to either side to guaranteed death. Falling to a broken ankle I can handle, but falling so easily to death just makes me lose interest real quick. Too sketchy up there.

Overall, the risks really outweigh the rewards for this trail, and I would recommend people find other trails where the rewards are better while requiring less risk in the process.

Loved this hike and the environment was awesome! Although I got bite by I swear every bug out there, so I advise bug spray!!! But would definitely go again!

Amazing hike! This was 6.5 miles start to finish. Not sure what route is only 5. There are a few very steep scary spots for anyone terrified of heights. Amazing views and not many hikes you can climb up a waterfall!

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