Had to hike in about a mile or so in *very* slippery mud conditions, as the road was pretty well flooded out. Upside was that we were completely alone, and it's an interesting part of the countryside, hiking along the coast. Seas were good and rough. Great to look at! The Heiau was pretty cool, and EXTRA creepy since we were all alone. It had a spirit to it, and I've never felt that before, like the walls were closing in on you. The overcast and grey sky really added to that.

High marks for historical interest. It is a fascinating part of history. Low marks for being a hike. It is just a walk around the park...

Not really a trail, just a walk around the center.

Neat views of historical structures. Cool rock wall dividers. Almost like a huge maze

Not really a hike, but still interesting if you're looking for something to do.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Easy trail to get somewhat close to the ancient stone temple. This wasn't my favorite hike but there is some interesting history here.

Extremely beautiful views and very mysterious, intriguing history here. Very well recontructed, large HEIAU (ancient Hawaiian stone temple) is the main feature of this area. The exceptionally large stones used to construct this temple are believed to have been tranported by hand from the bottom of Pololu Valley, many (40?) miles away, a feat that defies explanation today!

Monday, February 13, 2017