Photos of Pupukea Paumalu Forest Reserve Mountain Biking Trails

7 days ago

This is the same as the Ehukai pillbox trail. Do not go when it has been raining. There are several areas of mostly incline with tons of super slippery mud. It’s a blast. Lots of people go barefoot.
While this trail is marked as easy I hope this little warning is heeded by anyone who isn’t confident in their skills, I am overweight and out of shape and this was a big challenge for me. There are portions of all steps leading upwards. There was a rope near some more of the rough areas but the rope wasn’t that sturdy. The payoff was amazing. I cannot stress enough how worth it the view and experience as a whole was. Though I wish I had known how challenging it would be from the beginning. I wouldn’t have made it down without my friends. And of course this is just my personal (overweight and out of shape) experience!
There were people of all ages, shapes, and sizes on our way up!