Access to the trail head is not apparent and once you do find the trail it's quite overgrown. But once you do locate it and make your way up the hill it's quite a pleasant view from the top.

2 months ago

This trail is not open to the public there are signs that says keep out no tresspassing government property violators will be arrested and prosecuted trespass section:708-814/815 HAWAII revised statutes Department Of Hawaiian Home Lands state of HAWAII so take this off your web site when ou send people up the mountain we will have there cars towed away pay attention unko nickie.

Beautiful coastal ridge hike, most of it was quite rocky!

Beautiful beach walk.

My girlfriend and I tried to hike it today, but were turned away by one of the locals from across the street of the parking lot. We were told that it is private land (on the way out we saw an old weathered sign that we could barely read that said Keep Out) and that it was not public and people should stop hiking it. Just a heads up. Looked beautiful, wished we would have been allowed to hike it.

It is not well marked, but worth it. Great view of the west coast Nanakuli/Waianae area. The trail gets more exciting and narrow the higher you get.

Bring your tennis shoes! It can get rocky and difficult to walk through the sand. It's along the water and there's no shade along the short hike, but once you get to the end, just jump in the water and it was all worth it!

Long, hot and mostly uphill! Bring water! Careful of loose rocks! The view of the pyramid is pretty cool as well as the entire leeward side on your way up and down!

Great panoramic views, harder for short legs, some 6-10' rock faces, bring water, gets hot, no shade. Park in the gravel lot, can see your car from trail most of the hike. Locals were really friendly and helpful!

more like beach to me. However really good pictures

Good trail. Start early before the sun beats you up

5 months ago

6 months ago

Nice little beach and area for family fun.