What follows is camping info. We drove in with a rental jeep cherokee and camped at the sites near the monkey pod tree, which is probably the best way to experience this park. Expect to double up at sites but there is plennnnty of room. The road is extremely rutted and had some mud pits, but it was for sure doable with 2WD cars that have decent clearance (in our conditions). I wouldn't do the road in a rental mustang. We also did not drive on the beach itself - the sand is deep and soft, definitely tricky beach driving, also tiring walking and very hot at mid day.

This was our favorite beach on Kauai. Truly empty, with an epic view of the coastal cliffs. In late march there were waves but you could still carefully swim in crystal clear water. Facilities were in way better condition than the road in. Plan for the possibility of rain (at least in march) as the moisture builds up over the cliffs and occasionally scoots over and lets loose on the campsites (despite a 0% park forecast we got lightly rained on several times). There are campsites all the way to the end of the beach by the cliffs. Securely pack away leftovers or ferile cats will get into it at night. Definitely a little buggy as well.