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The hike isn’t great. The petroglyphs are worth seeing. It is a walk up a gravel/dirt road. There are a few parking spaces close to the petroglyphs if you don’t want to walk. We parked by the market and did the hike up. It is on the dry side of the island. The hills are not lush and green but still beautiful. It was an easy hike with a historical treat. It is too bad that people like Miles (see photo) to add there own additions to the ancient drawings.

Really tough trail! Very hot, bring lots of water and sunscreen for sure! Be ready to sweat!!

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1 month ago

The petroglyphs were really neat to see, but as others have mentioned no "real trail" involved unless you count the road. So I uploaded a pic of the entry for the trail near the barracade.

If you choose to drive to the petroglyphs location inside the cultural reserve, use Luawai St. which is the road before the noted directions in All Trails. Follow the road about a mile down then turn left at the cultural reserve and then follow the gravel road to the right about 500 ft. The petroglyphs will be up on the right and there is a stationary info placard below them.

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2 months ago

Not a trail if you take the Southern road off Olawalu Country Road. Drive up to the dirt side road. Cool petroglyphs not a foot off the dirt road about 100 yds west of the actual site and “Do not cross” signs. Those glyphs are about 100 ft away from road.

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2 months ago

Worth it to see if you have some time! I was running nearby and took a detour. Go behind the store and up the paved / rocky path for a while. You'll eventually see the Olowalu Culutural Site sign. You can't get too close but can clearly see from the road.

Yesterday we took this hike and the weather was great overcast with a nice breeze. This is definitely not for beginners as the trail changes quite often from rocky narrow paths to areas with switch backs and narrow paths on the side of the mountain. We made the uphill assent in an hour and a half with very few stops other than photo stops and water stops. We would recommend this to the avid hacker and to those that want a challenge as we consider ourselves intermediate hikers that enjoy the occasional experience of a true challenge. Now the descent was another thing this is where we may have underestimated the difficulty of this hike the loose rock and constant down hill was very challenging for us and took as long as the assent with more stops and a few miss steps that had we not been in good shape could have been bad. Over all a great!!!! Hike and would do again.

My wife and I are in pretty good shape and mid 50 in age. This was a great hike and we got a great workout in! We did this hike 4-14-18 and it was cloudy and breezy so the weather was perfect and not overly hot. We had liking sticks and hiking shoes which we thought were a big plus. The trail is well maintained but a lot of rocks to deal with; old lava flows through the gulch. When we started out on the trail, we missed the three arrows stating “ go left” so we did an extra .2 mile there and .2 back once we got to a fence. Not sure how we missed it. It is really cool getting to the wind turbines. Very breezy and a cool humming noise. Reminded me of the movie Contact. We saw young couples with tennis shoes and even a 7 year old girl that did the trail. I just think it is rated hard because some of the trail is rocky and it is quite an incline. Give yourself 3.5 hours up and back at a minimum. Loved this trail !!

Hot, rocky and challenging but great views after the first half mile. Also interesting to see the power generating windmills up close. Pick a cloudy but not rainy day or go very early. Also, bring your trekking poles as much of this trail involves climbing over small boulders in the trail.

Great views after the first half mile. Challenging trail because it is hot and the trail is really filled with small rocks and boulders. Many sections felt more like bouldering than walking. But, anything worthwhile requires effort and the views are spectacular and location convenient!

3 months ago

The petroglyphs and associated rock formations were great. I’d hardly call it a trail though. It took a couple pass-bys with Google maps to even figure out where to turn off. We were never able to find an actual trail (or trailhead marker), unless the gravel road is considered a trail. An interesting quick stop to be sure. However I was more excited by the nearby pie shop/restaurant: turn R as you get back on the main road.

Gorgeous views the entire way. Very gusty winds and no cover on the way up so wear a windbreaker/hat!!

My wife and I are visiting Maui from Denver, Colorado for our honeymoon. We are avid hikers and were pleased to find an amazing trail with some elevation gain. The views along the whole trail are breathtaking. We would definitely recommend this highly!

The hike was great with beautiful views of the whales. Our car window was smashed though and several things stolen. The officer who took the report noted that it happens there frequently. Please be warned regarding this! FREQUENT BREAK INS IN PARKING LOT!!

Great hike I would suggest good hiking shoes as the lava trail is tough

January 2018, 9AM, temp 74°f, solo hiker age 44, male, 210 lbs and 20+ yrs hiking experience.

This is a fabulous hike! Every step has breathtaking views. It was hot in January so always bring water. No issues with the parking area I just parked close to the road. My age and experience I would rate this a medium hard. Bring a hat there is no shade (which is why you have awesome views). Ankle support hiking boots if you have them there is a lot of ankle twisting potentials. A small first aid kit would be good to have because it is rocky so falls will result in a boo boo. Sun screen and a sweat rag would be good to have. There is a beach area 1/4 mile away (take a right out of the parking lot) it's a good place to soak those sore feet when your finiahed.

Great view to go uphill. Good for trail running but just be careful to your ankle ;) a lot of rocks. Bring water , very hot .

The views are nice on the way up, but otherwise a boring hike. Our car was broken into in the parking lot, so it’s best to leave nothing in your car, leave the windows down or car unlocked to avoid a broken window.

Did this hike for my Daughter’s Birthday. Sunny and beautiful views with a great breeze that saved us. Was only disappointed with the end where you are surrounded after a beautiful hike by large windmills. No distinct ending point either. Did get a great view of Haleakala from that view point.

To see the petroglyphs is really fantastic, but if you follow the posted signs you have to stay back from the cliff face and they weren’t very easy to see from that far away. But there’s a lot of beauty in the area, and if you keep going and take the trail to the top of the hill there’s an awesome panoramic view from that ridge top over the mountains, Olowalu, and out across the sea past Maalaea to Kihei.

It is a breathtaking hike in many ways. Th climb will get you but at any point when it gets to tough and your breathing heavily, just find a nice rock , sit down and enjoy that beautiful view

Nice hike. Great ocean views. Go early to beat the heat. Lava rocks are no fun coming down.

I did it in December during very inclement weather such that all the other trails on Maui were quite muddy. This is a very dry trail, usually but instead there were light sprinkles in it was likely 10° cooler than usual the winds were 40 to 50 miles an hour and, being heavy, I prefer it when the weather is cool so it was great for me. I did pass a woman who turned back because when it was raining, the rocks were quite slippery and it is a rocky trail. The view was beautiful but again on a rainy gray day. I'm quite sure the ocean would've been amazing if I had done it on a sunny day so I would certainly recommend it.

Spectacular views! Not much shade outside of clouds and the occasional tree, but it never seemed to feel to hot.

Definitely hard. But can’t beat the views.

Beautiful trail with breathtaking views. This trail really gives a different beauty to the Island, and the sudden shift in winds at the peak is amazing. The trail fills your soul with energy, but should not be rated as hard.

This is one of the most scenic trails on the island including panoramic views of the ocean as well as getting incredibly close to windmills. It's tough though, only a single tree on the entire trail to offer minimal shade. Bring a lot of water.

also no shade, i did it yesterday in the 89 * heat, on the way up, the first of five legs, a few small trees every once in a while, to shade and take a restpic.

awesome hike, very tough sob, but worth it, over lava road placed rocks path, 2.1 miles up up up, took two hours of straight up up up to get to the top. tough but worth it, coming down 1 1/2 hours. one has to be careful going up and coming down, hiking shoes a must. power windmills at the top.

10 months ago

Very cool quick stop. Once you see the small Olowalu sign to the right of a small shack (where we actually parked instead of hiking through a hot open field like the trail suggests), the petroglyphs are only about 100-200 feet ahead on the right.

Most are on the first set of rocks past a second shack while a few more are high up on the hill where signs restrict your access.

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