I did it in December during very inclement weather such that all the other trails on Maui were quite muddy. This is a very dry trail, usually but instead there were light sprinkles in it was likely 10° cooler than usual the winds were 40 to 50 miles an hour and, being heavy, I prefer it when the weather is cool so it was great for me. I did pass a woman who turned back because when it was raining, the rocks were quite slippery and it is a rocky trail. The view was beautiful but again on a rainy gray day. I'm quite sure the ocean would've been amazing if I had done it on a sunny day so I would certainly recommend it.

Spectacular views! Not much shade outside of clouds and the occasional tree, but it never seemed to feel to hot.

Definitely hard. But can’t beat the views.

Beautiful trail with breathtaking views. This trail really gives a different beauty to the Island, and the sudden shift in winds at the peak is amazing. The trail fills your soul with energy, but should not be rated as hard.

This is one of the most scenic trails on the island including panoramic views of the ocean as well as getting incredibly close to windmills. It's tough though, only a single tree on the entire trail to offer minimal shade. Bring a lot of water.

also no shade, i did it yesterday in the 89 * heat, on the way up, the first of five legs, a few small trees every once in a while, to shade and take a restpic.

awesome hike, very tough sob, but worth it, over lava road placed rocks path, 2.1 miles up up up, took two hours of straight up up up to get to the top. tough but worth it, coming down 1 1/2 hours. one has to be careful going up and coming down, hiking shoes a must. power windmills at the top.