This is one of the most scenic trails on the island including panoramic views of the ocean as well as getting incredibly close to windmills. It's tough though, only a single tree on the entire trail to offer minimal shade. Bring a lot of water.

also no shade, i did it yesterday in the 89 * heat, on the way up, the first of five legs, a few small trees every once in a while, to shade and take a restpic.

awesome hike, very tough sob, but worth it, over lava road placed rocks path, 2.1 miles up up up, took two hours of straight up up up to get to the top. tough but worth it, coming down 1 1/2 hours. one has to be careful going up and coming down, hiking shoes a must. power windmills at the top.

1 month ago

Very cool quick stop. Once you see the small Olowalu sign to the right of a small shack (where we actually parked instead of hiking through a hot open field like the trail suggests), the petroglyphs are only about 100-200 feet ahead on the right.

Most are on the first set of rocks past a second shack while a few more are high up on the hill where signs restrict your access.

Beautiful and challenging. we started at 7:30am, and it got really hot, really fast. I would advise to start even early (like 6am).

2 months ago

The original 1.1 mile trail is basically a walk in a hot open field. The only reason this is rated 5 stars is because the real hike is much more adventurous, challenging, and rewarding.

At the end of the 1.1 mile trail, keep going and make a right at every fork in the road. Go past the gate which says "keep out private property", and follow River Rd up until you hear rushing water. when you hear water, follow the water upstream until you find what looks like either an overgrown hiking trail, or a wide bunny trail. This is the path to follow. It becomes very difficult to follow at times and will feel like trail blazing, but the route is never impassable.

Trail keeps going for 2 days and an experienced backpacker may be able to make it the way. But I suggest finding a nice rest spot along the water, taking a dip, and heading back once you've had enough wilderness.

This is the second time I've hiked this. Definitely go at the crack of dawn as it gets hot. Breathtaking views.