Impressive view of windward O'ahu from brink of pali (cliffs) at 1200 feet elevation, Ko'olau Range. Winds are usually so strong that one can lean against the wall of wind.

1 day ago

We entered from Koolau Golf Course. Muddy but fairly easy and short hike to the falls. If you continue up instead of going to the falls, you will end up on Old Pali Road that can take you up to the Pali Lookout... If you want to go that far. If you want to do that, when you get to a T, go left, then when it looks like you can go left or right, go right, hugging the mountain and you will shortly end up on the road. you can see the road below when you are supposed to take the right hand trail. Be prepared for rain and use mosquito repellant.

Be aware of falling rocks!

I hiked this short trail to the waterfall with my 10mo. Old on my back... it is slippery and very muddy if it has been raining (as usual) loved it. Great accomplishment for the kiddos.

Great short hike. Can be muddy. Recommend waterproof hiking sandals or boots. My 3 year old did fine on this hike.

Awesome hike! The notches consist of 4 sections of 15-30 foot rock climbs

A favorite. Taken many friends and visitors here. Sweeping views, climbing sections and a great challenge.

19 days ago

Very muddy! Bring extra shoes and socks for the ride home. We had 7 kids ages 6-12 they all did great! Waterfall was worth it! Enjoy!

19 days ago

Pay to park and walk down the road the trail opening is on your left. Very slick trail and we were very thankful for all trails gps. We didn’t make it to the falls we turned around at the last hook. Will definitely go back when we have more time.

23 days ago

Easy. Great for children.

Aloha my brother and I will be here January 4th till the 10th looking for hiking buddies email me orangecky2k10@gmail.com

28 days ago

Great short and muddy hike. Water was clean but was too early for a swim. About a mile total. Turn right at the tree with the blue arrow. Bring bug spray.

Haha we missed the tree to turn and holed the “moderate” trail to its entity! Yep we would do it again— on our way out we found the actual marker to lead us to the falls— worth the wait! It rained the entire time - fun

This was hands down the coolest hike ever. As you get higher in the hike, I recommend crawling in your hands and knees because it tends to be extremely windy. I’m sure no one would like falling down the side on these mountains.

The first 1.7 miles until you start the descend to the falls is great - trail is clearly marked, nice views, pretty dry. The part of the trail to the falls is quite overgrown and was much less enjoyable - wear long pants and shirt. Hiked 12-22

8.3 Miles ....I think not in fact I know not. This hike out and back worked out to 21.98 miles so lets just round that out to 22 miles and call it 11 miles each way.

I started this one from the Pali Overlook. The first leg out the weather was great and so was the hiking, it took about 5 hours to complete the one way hike.

This hike is a great hike for all skill levels wet or dry. For those novice hikers who want to work on their endurance this one is a great hike to do. This hike also presents a wide verity of challenges, there are trees to climb over, trees to duck and craw under, lots of rocks to navigate around, dry streams to work your way through, rock slides to climb over, narrow parts of the trail to walk, lots of up and down to work on and there is even one cliff/ledge to walk across.

For those intermediate and advanced hikers I highly recommend the out and back. It took me 10 Hours and 5 Minutes to complete the round trip. It was clear sky's when I headed out on the hike and it was easy going all the way to the other end. When I started the trip back it started to rain and rained all the way back to the top of the Pali.

The trip back presented a lot more challenges, lots of mud, the trail got very slick and slippery, crossing streams became a challenge as you can imagine the rocks were very slick, climbing over fallen trees and crawling under some fallen trees became a very muddy event but over all thoroughly enjoyed this hike and would recommend it to everyone.

Take lots of water and snacks especially if you are doing the out and back. If you do not want to get wet I would recommend that you take along a rain suite, both top and bottoms and one last thing I would recommend is a good pair of hikers with good grips.

I would just like to add a thank you to AllTrails for updating this one to reflect the increased distance.

Definitely confusing due to all the different tags. Went of track many times and was grateful to have this app to get us back on the trail. End was amazing and I would totally do it again.

Heyy will be there Dec 21-16 if anyone wants to go messgage me on Instagram @michellec1124

Short if you take the right at the tree. can explore a bit up above, but nothing really that interesting.

Trail is fun n exciting. Best to go in da morning wen the sun is up. We went around 1 n I gotta say going on a wet day made it fun and dark.also best to put your own marking. On da way back from the falls we fallowed a different path that was marked n it lead us to a game trail instead.

Bring long pants and shirt, trail has not been taken care of and you will end up with lots and scraps and cuts from the overgrown brush on the last straight before the water fall. Take the shorter routes if you dont feel like dealing with it

great views, steep and a bit dangerous - very windy!

1 month ago

Echo the reviews below as this hike is saturated with markers and flags.

Definitely need to use All Trails or a GPS device to stay on track to the falls - maintain map vigilance and a good eye on terrain.

1 month ago

Muddy but beautiful

1 month ago

Hiked November 2018,
Short sweet hike with a fairly rewarding completion marker at the end. If you pay attention to the mile marker, there is a blue arrow painted on a tree that tells you the way to the falls. If you keep going however, there is another trail straight ahead that takes you to God knows where. It seemed like an interesting hike ahead but the wife and I weren’t feeling as adventurous as we thought and decided to turn back after about 30 mins into it. We definitely plan to revisit it though, my curiosity won’t let me forget it.

Great family hike!!!

Hi! If anyone is down to do this hike the week of dec-10-14 please reach out to me! I’d love to do this but would rather do it with a buddy! @lifewithstef on IG!

Pretty!!! Muddy, slippery and bring bug spray.

Great hike to a nice water fall on the East Side of the island. We were the only ones there for about 30 minutes which made it nice.

The flowers along the trail were nice to look at and the canopy cover from the trees made a nice touch. Easy to find, parking is easy, and the hike was nice and relaxing.

hey hiking ohau fans. I am looking for people who would like to join me on that. I will be in Ohau from the 8th until 21th of November. Hit me up on Insta @made86made. Would be amazing to meet some nice people and enjoy the hike - Marc

The end makes this trail worth it! It was rather muddy today, but we didnt feel the need to put our spikes on. I could see how it would be easy to get lost on this trail. We got to the falls easily enough, through a combination of following the alltrails GPS map, following ribbons, and keeping an eye on where the mountains are. Got lost for a few minutes on the way back, but found our way by using the alltrails GPS and walking in the direction of the trail.
Be prepared to get muddy!!

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