Impressive view of windward O'ahu from brink of pali (cliffs) at 1200 feet elevation, Ko'olau Range. Winds are usually so strong that one can lean against the wall of wind.

on Likeke Falls Trail

11 hours ago

Super awesome falls. Its easy to get lost so here’s some good directions. I hiked so much more Han needed due to hard to find based on it’s all jungle and blend. Someone recent posted directions so park at the Koolou golf course as you face mountains trail starts upper left corner. When you get to the graffiti tank take a left follow the rocky road up. .1 miles later there a big tree to right of you with a arrow carved in pointing right. Go right. Walk 2 mins and there it is! Super beautiful

I ran this trail in reverse, from Waimanalo to Pali Lookout. It had been raining for the past 2 days so it was quite slippery but otherwise it was a great time. It is definitely more challenging in reverse as it it goes up hill most of the way. It totaled out at just under 20 kilometers.

2 days ago

Great views for a short hike

12 days ago

This is not a difficult hike. It is slightly vertical in parts and the beginning is slippery due to the moisture/mud. Once that is cleared, the hike is really nice. It has enough plateaus allowing for plenty of rest.
I would suggest taking your time and making sure your feet are where you think they are. There are plenty of well anchored ropes (I added one today) to help you along your way.
I don't think spikes are needed. I started early in the morning with the intent of spending my entire day doing this hike. I really planned to go that slow. I ended up completing it in just a few hours.
If you go in the morning and it is chilly, mind the bees. They are everywhere on the sunny side of the rocks trying to get warm. While climbing up/down, it would be easy to crush one or get stung by one. Either way, that ain't good.

Attached is the video I made with my drone and iPhone. There would have been more but, my drone stopped filming, it all of a sudden needed a firmware update in the middle of my hike.

Enjoy this great trail and remember, take your time and it won't be as difficult as everyone says it is.


14 days ago

Incredibly steep climb, better you do it in trail shoes with grip, but my friends got in done in normal running shoes, just more cautiously. Normal start was closed off, with signs and branches blocking your way, but you can enter in the bottom corner of the parking lot and go up a drainage channel to join the path, which technically means you’ve not ignored a sign by entering illegally.

Amazing hike, much more harder then the opposite ridge (Pali Puka trail). Would rate it as extreme (we had slightly rainy day)! Trekking poles are a must. It was very hard from beginning because the official way up was extremely muddy without trees, so cannot catch anything (there are other starting points closer to the lookout, but they are marked as illegal). Then it is followed by a section with trees where you will use them to continue in really steep areas. Almost at the end is rock climbing chimney, be careful there, very dangerous when climbing down, if you have fear, don't do it, stop there, there is nothing that special few meters up. Anyway - very challenging and enjoyable trail!

Awesome hike when it’s dry, the road and terrain gets muddy and slippery when wet, take caution.

Easily one of my favs! Short, intense hike that gains elevation super fast, be prepared to climb tall man made rock formations with a rope someone else placed there.

28 days ago

Great Day for Likeke Falls hike today. For a short hike to a nice waterfall park at Koolau Golf course. As you face the mountains the trail head starts in upper left corner of parking lot. Short hike to graffiti water tank. Go left up trail at water tank. Follow trail over old rock road until coming to large tree on right of trail with carved black arrow. Turn right on trail towards falls. Great view of Kaneohe Bay from falls. Trail continues past falls if you follow stream down hill and get trail on left.

Very easy hike, but worth the view! You can park at the church/golf parking lot after 11:30am. They're super strict on that! Bring bug spray!

Two people had to be air evacuated from this trail last weekend, both people with broken bones. Not recommended as the trail crumbles and just gives way easily.

Love this one. Muddy and buggy but so much fun

pretty incredible. prepare to be breathing hard.

1 month ago

1/15/2018-Started around 0800 and only came across 1 group of 3 people and 1 biker during our trek. Wasn’t too sunny but the view from Pali Lookout was beautiful as always.

More an easy hike instead of moderate, had large group of kids ages between 4 and 9 and they had no problem walking, some even in slippers although I would not recommend that. Nice little waterfall, bring bug spray!

1 month ago

Best hike yet! The wind was unbelievable, and t made a few areas kind of tricky. The initial hike up to the ridge is steep and muddy.
The ropes are in great condition, and they come in handy on the straight upwards rock wall climb.
We had a small issue with loose rocks that fell as we climbed back down the rock wall, and it made for a tricky descent because we didn’t want to hit each other in the head with one.
The payout is huge! HIGHLY recommend (but definitely not for kids because of the drop offs and difficulty with rain and wind)

1 month ago

Great hike for children my 3 year old was able to hike the whole way tot he waterfall unassisted. Needed hand holding on the way back down because of the mud. Lots of mosquitoes so bug spray is a must. Recommend to anyone with children who wants to get them out for a quick afternoon adventure.

great plant life. this place is special. keep it great hi.

1 month ago

I’d say easy over moderate. Very nice little waterfall though.

AMAZING! Last chimney was a bit dangerous and hard to come down from. Don't go up if you don't feel comfortable climbing it down... I kinda regretted it hehe.

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