Impressive view of windward O'ahu from brink of pali (cliffs) at 1200 feet elevation, Ko'olau Range. Winds are usually so strong that one can lean against the wall of wind.

Really looking forward to doing this hike! I dont want to go solo though. Message me on IG connornelson1 if you want. I'm here until Aug 20th

5 days ago

Excellent scenic local hike! Not many tourists compared with other falls trails.

7 days ago

Got super lost, make sure you know where to go!

8 days ago

This was for sure closer to 10 miles one way, beautiful trail with lots of tiny waterfalls and beautiful views.

Here till aug 18th, looking for a partner to climb this with for safety measures, I recently did a couple solo hikes here in Oahu but this one seems like it’ll be amazing and would require a little help. Msg me on IG @iamjehree

Definitely turn right at the tree with the blue arrow. Staying left won’t get you to the waterfall and is not very kid friendly of a hike.

So I just tried and there are a few forks. I went right at 1st one and ended up under hwy, backtracked, went other way and right at next fork by big white tree trunk. ended up by 2 big green electrical towers and then ultimately on the fire road back to my car. I'll try again tmrw. Apparently there's a right turn I missed. Lots of trails off of this trail. Had a great sweat and work out anyway. But darn it, I wanted to get wet too. Next time!

I’m travelling to Hawaii next week (August 15th to 20th) and was looking for someone who wants to hike the Pali Notches with me? DM me on Instagram @jessperigo :)

very beautiful when you get to the waterfall take your wet shoes as you can walk right next to the waterfall and climb for a closer view.

19 days ago

Probably the third or fourth best waterfall on the island. A short and sweet hike with nice scenery but as a Hawaiian resident you won’t be blown away. 4 stars for a tourist though and if you really like waterfalls its probably for you after lulumalu and manoa falls. If you want to tackle an actual epic trail as a group email me at justindavidsands@gmail.com

I hiked this on July 3rd and fell 20ft off the first notch because a piece of rock gave way. 10/10 would return to hike again. Just don't rely on a lot of the rock (crumbly and brittle) and/or ropes (who knows how long they have been there or what they are attached to) to keep you attached to the earth. Be careful!

24 days ago

When the trail first splits, the trail to the right is where the pools are. Continuing on the trail, it’s gets a little sketchy and the trail is not maintained. It was muddy and definitely slippery and seemed a bit dangerous at times. As a whole I wouldn’t rate this trail as “easy”, unless you’re going straight to the pools and back.

24 days ago

The only portion worth doing is the first side trail where the actual beautiful falls are. Th rest of the trek is treacherous with no real view or payoff. Just keep it short and get to the falls and back.

on Likeke Falls Trail

26 days ago

Thirty minute hike with kids. Trail is to the left of the water tank. Beautiful waterfall if you turn right at the fork with the white tree trunk (it has an arrow on it along with other etchings)

This is a great family hike with Little’s. Quick with a beautiful payoff. One of our favorites to show our guess who normally don’t hike.

great little hike for kids. we went when it was raining so it was extra muddy, but so much fun with good views and waterfall

i loved this trail! only went up the first two notches because i was by myself. anyone down to hike this next week (July 25th or 26th)? email me sandyddo@yahoo.com, or dm me on ig: sandeedoh

nature trips
1 month ago

This hike is closer to 10 miles. Be prepared for passing showers and a slippery, sometimes precipitous trail. The Waimanalo end of the trail is too narrow for bikes.

The trailhead is to the right of the lookout behind the yellow chain link fence and sign that says “no trail”. The majority of the hike is pretty steep and has the potential to be dangerous if you make a mistake. I would recommend having a little bit of climbing experience as both the first and second notch require somewhat difficult climbs. Amazing views though, definitely worth the hike!

1 month ago

First part of the trail is very muddy with few flat places to rest. Be aware that it is very windy and quite narrow at the top, but great views! If you don’t feel comfortable at the first part, I’d suggest not to go all the way up because it is an out and back trail.

Beautiful scenic trail! We missed the tree and hiked up and we’re glad we did it was great! Then came down, found the tree made the turn and found fall.

1 month ago

We went on the sunny day, so the trail was easy and very beautiful, but the waterfall not so full of the water.

I believe so, if you go to this waterfall on the rainy days, the trail gets much more complicated and dangerous, but at the same time, the waterfall should be worth it.

Also, has to mention, that the colorful tapes helped a lot, but we still used “AllTrails” map, too.

1 month ago

LOVE this place! It’s beautiful and an easy hike. You can get to it from the Ko’olau Golf Course. Just be sure to take the path to the left just before the water tank and look for the arrow on the big tree! Should take you 30 minutes tops to get there! Cool water and great breeze. Go right after the rain to avoid crowds.

Great hike to take beginners. Love walking on the stones from the original Pali trail before European contact. Nice views and beautiful waterfall.

Great family friendly hike!

CROWDED! Holy moly the crowds. I thought maybe we made a wrong turn and were hiking Manoa Falls trail!

To be fair we went on a Saturday morning, so maybe you will have more luck on a weekday. Very short, easy hike. I saw plenty of elderly people, and keiki doing this hike with ease.

Waterfall at the end is absolutely gorgeous.

1 month ago

A nice stroll up the track to relax by the waterfall. Make sure you park at the correct gold course, haha, I was at the neighbouring course trying to find the trail entry. Turn left at watertank and keep to the main path, right at the old white bark tree with graffiti which has a broken branch pointing right, this comes up as the track widens slightly. This leads to the waterfall. I also tracked past the main tree on the main track and explored some beautiful parts of the track (large mossy rocks, climbing through trees overgrown on track, some views) up further which was fun. Bring good shoes, very muddy and bug spray. Enjoy.

I did this trail backwards, starting from Waimanalo and ending at Pali lookout. There are some forks at the beginning, so stay on the widest(bigger) path so you don’t get lost. It connects to the Maunawili trail, so follow the sign for that. You will be on this trail most of the time. Wet and hazardous conditions ahead. Watch your step and pack accordingly. Bring a friend or at least tell someone where you are going. You could die. Plenty of water sources along the trail, I suggest bringing a filtration system. I recorded this trail with AllTrails pro, and it logged 12 miles. I finished in 7.5 hours with strained left hip muscle, so it can be done faster. About 1/2 of the way up, the trail seems to end. I saw a blue ribbon which signifies the wrong way. Instead, go up the dry stream about 20 feet and the trail continues. I’m glad I explored a bit before turning back. Theres no where to camp so don’t plan on staying over. I would suggest experienced hikers only with good dexterity. When you get to the end of the Maunawili trail, swing a left up the dirt steps toward the old Pali road. Bypass the “under the bridge” and continue along the old Pali road. The last part of the hike is gravel with some awesome (and rewarding) views along the way. When you get to Pali lookout you’ll have to either jump over a six foot high locked gate or squeeze around the left side of the gate. Its a tight squeeze so if you have a big belly you won’t fit. Good luck out there and stay safe!

Wow... amazing hike. Do early enough so you don’t run out of daylight. Get ready to get lost a few times along the way.

2 months ago


A. Start at the Pali Lookout, park and pay the fee, check out the lookout, and then walk down in the opposite direction and you'll find the actual trailhead.

B. Very confusing trail. I can't imagine this is actually moderately trafficked, there was hardly any footprints or foot trails to follow. Ribbons in the trees help you find your way, and if you have a full charge on your phone or whatever with GPS and this app you'll be alright. But. It is difficult. Attempted 6/7/2018 and it was muddy and very slick, leaves covering the trail most of the time. Walking through a bamboo forest is pretty sweet and was a nice surprise. Not too humid like other tropical hikes that I've attempted in the past. It just took us twice as long as it should have for the distance because we were trying to find the trail half of the time.

I'm sure the falls are worth it if you can get there. We unfortunately had to turn back for time constraints. But I'd love to attempt it again if I end up back on Oahu.

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