Impressive view of windward O'ahu from brink of pali (cliffs) at 1200 feet elevation, Ko'olau Range. Winds are usually so strong that one can lean against the wall of wind.

1 day ago

Extremely difficult to navigate. We had to be rescued. Make sure you go very early to allow way way way more than enough time to get back before dark because you most likely will get lost more than ten times. Even following the ribbons will lead you in circles and going the wrong way.

Wow, this hike is definitely intense and dangerous, along with potentially illegal. It's very, very steep and muddy, along with minimal things to grab on to. I was basically hanging on to tree branches at certain points. Coming down, I slid and fell a few times and got covered in mud head to toe. It's a bit scary, and I wouldn't recommend doing it alone. However, the view is stunning - it's absolutely beautiful. I did the first 2 summits, but decided that the 3rd summit was a bit too dangerous for me, so I turned around.

6 days ago

Fairly easy / kid friendly hike around the arboretum. Plenty of beautiful plants and birds to check out.

Super fun and easy. My 4 year old had no problem!!

9 days ago

This was a short waterfall trail by Ko’olau Golf Club. I would park at the far left parking lot for the trail entrance. Parking is free. When you go to the trail, turn left into a small open brush right before the graffiti tank. DO NOT go around the tank as it just goes in a circle. We totally went around it like idiots. We totally missed the trail.

Make sure to step on the tree roots so you won’t sink in the mud. Walking on the rocks can be slippery but this is why it’s best to use hiking shoes for this trail. I highly recommend to wear waterproof or old shoes as this trail is very muddy with red dirt. We happen to come while it was lightly raining. I thought it was better since the waterfall was gushing and so beautiful.

Also, put on lots bug repellent as you will surely be bitten my many mosquitoes like I got. Good thing I had some!!

You will surely enjoy the Hawaii nature and the waterfall. Great pictures. Be careful going on up the waterfall as the rocks are slippery. Good thing I am a hiker and I know where to step and I take my time to scan where my next step will be. You can use the tree branches by carefully tugging what will carry your weight. Part of the waterfall holes are deep so I would remove your shoes.

Other than that, it was a good short walk up the waterfall less than a mile up. Make sure to bring your camera!

9 days ago

First things first.....BUG SPRAY!!! Secondly, it’s not 1.5 miles. I don’t even think it’s a mile round trip. The path is not marked where you start. We thought we were doing a different hike until we looked on here and found it was this one. Look for the blue mark (I wouldn’t call it an arrow) on the tree to your right. Take that path and it leads to the beautiful waterfall. It was pretty muddy so I recommend bringing a different pair of shoes to change into afterwards. We went around 11:30 and passed 3 sets of people coming down. There were 3 sets of people at the Falls when we got there but most left shortly after. Pretty simple hike. Saw several small children make it there plus dogs. I would recommend it.

10 days ago

Loved this... bring bug spray!!! Did this trail on a blind mom date lol so I was super nervous !!! Both tiny humans did great! It’s muddy and buggy though. Bring a change of clothes for after if you want to go and get lunch like we did. Trail is not well marked and we almost missed the arrow. They loved the waterfall and playing in it!

This trail was pretty fun! My kids ages 3 and 5 LOVED it and want to go back. My dad who recently had knee replacement was even able to do it. Only thing I would "fuss" about would be it's not clearly marked. but other than that I would definitely go back in a heart beat. The falls were flowing nicely too.

JTM, the photo you uploaded with the Closed sign is the entrance to Pali Puka. The hike to the Notches is on the other side, adjacent to the official lookout point on Pali Lookout. There should be 3-4 signs along the edge of the hill warning you not to tresspass. These signs have been up for years already.
If you zoom in one of my Pali Notches photos, you can see a series of No Trespassing signs and posts blocking the entrance to the trailhead.

Just made an attempt and noticed the CLOSED sign, pic uploaded. The trail is marked private property, suggest - closed.

It's illegal to hike to the notches. Since the Pali Puka is close, this hike should also be Closed.

Could not find this trail even by GPS! Found the trail head and a few ribbons but then the trail is too obscure to follow. We almost got lost in the thick bamboo forest. I would not attempt this unless you are very experienced with this area. This path needs a clearer foot trail otherwise this can be dangerous in terms of losing course and getting lost.

Did however climb the trail from nuuama pali lookout and that was a short intense hike to the top of the lookout! Very muddy, very slippery but kinda fun and challenging.

I’m happy we took the time to go up to the Lyon Arboretum Trail. The flowers and the foliage were stunning. The hike was very easy but was intensely hot and humid. Make sure to bring water. The waterfall at the end was a bit of a disappointment as it was quite small. I think it would be great for families. Multiple small hikes available in the same area.

20 days ago

2018-09-29 Went during moderate rain. The falls were amazing. I would recommend doing this hike either during or immediately after a rain shower to see the falls at their full potential. The trail is very heavily ribboned - pink, orange, and yellow. Use the GPS map along with the ribbons to find your way. I inadvertently did a loop following ribbons on the way return trip. Overall fairly easy hike if you follow the GPS.

This was a short, simple trail that I enjoyed with my wife and three-year-old son. He was able to be independent for most of the hike and I was comfortable letting him walk by himself. The falls are cold and refreshing.

This is the Maunawili Trail.


No need to squeeze thru the gate. Start from the Pali Hwy hairpin turn trailhead or from Waimanalo side. You can also start from Maunawili Falls trailhead and use the connector trail to connect to Maunawili Trail.

Maunawili Trail and Maunawili Falls Trail are two different trails.

Will anyone be doing the hike tomorrow, 9/24? I know it’s last minute but I’d love a buddy. I have a great camera and I’m a skilled photographer who can take pictures of you! Dm me on Instagram @davidinaustralia

Same as Maunawili Trail

There are 2 hikes right at the Pali lookout. One is the Notches and the other is the Puka. They are on either side of the lookout. I did both on the same day. The notches was my least favorite of the two. The hike starts out right behind the parking pay meter. Goes up through a wooded area. You come out of the woods a couple of hundred feet up. From there you have a pretty steep incline with minimal ropes for assistance. Once you make it to the first notch, the view becomes incredible. This was the highlight for me. I continued onto the second and third notches. At the 3rd I was half way down and decided it was not for me. You are basically free climbing down and or using the rope for 100% assistance. The face is completely vertical and many of the rocks were loose and or already coming off the face. This is where I decided not to push my luck. If I would have been hiking with a partner, I would have probably pressed on. Since I was by myself, better safe then sorry.

Overall, the hike was short but steep. I would have liked it more if there weren’t as many loose rocks on the cliff faces.

I will be on Oahu from Maui the first week of november. I will be hiking the pali notches and others. dm me on instagram if you would like to link up. find me under matthew kmak or mtheorydrums@gmail.com

It is easy to squeeze between the gate and the rock wall (even for a bigger guy). Easy hike, passed a few families, with great views. We only went to the falls (there didn't appear to be much of a reason to take the road all the way to the golf course). The falls trail had been impacted by some recent wash out.... nothing unmanageable though.

1 month ago

Nice arboretum, the staff were kind. The path does have a few ongoing maintenance issues so no 5 Star.

Great for kids! My four year old handled it awesomely! It was very muddy, to be expected. Not busy with people either. The waterfall is beautifu!!

1 month ago

LOVE this short easy hike! waterfall reward at the end is a plus for me and the furchild!

Really looking forward to doing this hike! I dont want to go solo though. Message me on IG connornelson1 if you want. I'm here until Aug 20th

2 months ago

Excellent scenic local hike! Not many tourists compared with other falls trails.

2 months ago

Got super lost, make sure you know where to go!

This was for sure closer to 10 miles one way, beautiful trail with lots of tiny waterfalls and beautiful views.

Here till aug 18th, looking for a partner to climb this with for safety measures, I recently did a couple solo hikes here in Oahu but this one seems like it’ll be amazing and would require a little help. Msg me on IG @iamjehree

Definitely turn right at the tree with the blue arrow. Staying left won’t get you to the waterfall and is not very kid friendly of a hike.

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