A great hike with gorgeous views. Went the wrong way at one point because there are a few forks in the road and no signs, but just made the hike a little more fun.

Good workout
Great views
Definitely a must

I wanna set the record straight, as there are mixed reviews on this trail. This is a fantastic trail. I hiked his on 2/15/17, and it was 3.9 miles round trip. I am an experienced hiker, and in decent shape, and I did not have to stop going up to the top of this mountain. I would rate this as moderately strenuous. For an average hiker, stops will be made along the route to catch your breath. This hike is up a mountain; switchbacks. There are trail signs, so there is no way to get lost. Arrows guide your way. Distance is marked. There are lookouts and a few benches as well. The trial is muddy, but no more muddy than any other trail on this island. When you get to the picnic pavilion, keep going! There is a bit of rock scrambling to get to the “head/nose” of sleeping giant. It’s worth it! You can also go the top of the mountain to get the absolute best view. The head and nose are to the left, as well as a little cave, and the top of the mountain will be to the right. Then head back to the picnic area and back down to your car. The views from this trial are SO GOOD.

You must wear hiking shoes and have a walking stick. Leave a change of clothes and towels you don’t mind getting muddy in the car. The trail is super muddy! And when it rains it becomes a super dangerous trail. I fell 2-3 times, twisted my ankle, and had to slide down some parts of the trail on my bottom because of the rain. Ruined my sneakers and backpack. Trail is also not well marked. Made a wrong turn toward the unofficial entrance - thankfully I ran into other hikers who realized the wrong turn at a fork on the way down. This is not a moderate hike - it is difficult. Also it is 4 miles in and out.

slippery and muddy, some scrambling involved, beautiful views

Beautiful at the top.
The hike up there is like swimming, only wetter.
Also, 3.5 miles.

This is a great morning or afternoon hike but is only part of the way up to the top of Sleeping Giant. You begin a couple miles past the Wailua Falls. Look for a pasture on your right and parked cars. There is a trailhead with a sign and the trail is well maintained. We happened on a crew cutting down branches and cleaning up the trail so that was nice.

You go over a pretty stream on a wooden walking bridge then proceed through the forest. Mostly it's overgrown jungle but there is plenty of room to walk. A bit less than a mile in you break out on a great viewpoint at a picnic shelter. Continuing on you finally get to the junction with the trail coming in from the north and you can head up the rest of the way to the summit.

A very easy to follow trail that takes you to great views of Kapaa and the ocean. Definitely slippery in some spots but well worth the hike. A walking stick is helpful up and on the way down.

The views are great at the top past the benches. I can see why it’s a popular trail... a little too popular for my liking but it’s still nice, short, a good workout and you can fit it into a busy day. Slippery when wet.

This was a fun, light hike. Grab a hiking stick from the bundle at the trail entrance, and go past the picnic tables at the top to get to the best views.

Awesome and beautiful hike! The scenery changes and there is always something amazing to look at. Muddy at times and super steep at the end but worth the trek for the amazing view!

Easy uphill to the picnic table but then
more challenging for older less adventurous hikers to the top. Lots of vegetation and tree changes along the way. .mostly shaded canopy along the way makes it a cooler hike too.

Pretty easy jaunt to the picnic tables. Did hike with two little ones and they managed fine. Little muddy but manageable. I wouldn't recommend hiking to top of sleeping giants chin with kids, it's a little difficult past the picnic tables but definitely worth the views!

Amazing pano views at the summit. When you get up to the picnic tables, don’t stop :) Really great hike with a few challenging spots but nothing insurmountable for most. Definitely doing this one again.

Awesome panoramic views.

Gorgeous views of the mountains, ocean, and surrounded by beautiful and plentiful trees. This was our first hike on our trip and it got us motivated to get up early and find more great trails. It also motivated us to find this app!

The hike is closer to 1.6 miles to the picnic tables. Hike had a great views of the city/ocean and other side the mountains. It was muddy.

Our first hike in Kaua’i. Pretty steep towards the beginning. Some places look a little more daunting when you first see the (ie: a large rock that looks like there is not way to get over it without possibly hurting yourself) but once you see someone else do it you realize it’s not as hard as it looks and proceed.

Not too difficult, but steep so it’s a little strenuous. The climb to the nose is more difficult than the hike to the chin (with the picnic bench), but definitely worth it as it offers a great view of the area.

Pretty decent trek, as long as you stick to the trail path. Otherwise, it can get technical if you choose to take the off beaten route. Great view of the valley and ocean. Make sure to turn left on to a small foot trail right before stepping on to the peak. The foot path will take you to a small cliff ledge, which is also known as the ‘chin’. Awesome view from there as well.

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