Very nice and easy trail, loved the view from the top. As written before, there are indeed some mosquitos in the forest...

On a sunny day, this is a beautiful dog friendly hike - if you don't have a pup, you can take one of the ASPCA's dogs on a field trip here! There's a little bridge crossing at the start (with mosquitos), followed by a slight uphill through jungle to the 0.75mi pavilion, then mostly flat to the 2mi pine trees, and a steeper uphill with ocean and mountain vistas until you reach the top. Trail is pretty straight forward - as you near the top on the way up, stick to your right; on the way down through the pine trees, look for a big boulder on your right to indicate the LEFT hand turn by the 2mi sign that will point you back to where you started. Enjoy!

Beautiful hike, not crowded, spectacular views.

A little harder than I had anticipated, you can get winded quite easily! Overall, great trail and the views are spectacular!

Was expecting it to be super muddy from hiking secret falls last year and reading the prior reviews.. it rained for a few minutes on the way up but way less mud barely any we must of got lucky .. the way up is way harder then the way down .. steep incline and some scrambling needed towards the top.. it has awesome views that you can pretty much see 360 around you which is very rare on a hike .. I would definitely do this from either the east or west we will be trying the east before we leave it was that good

I was wondering why it is rated as moderate. I thought it should be easy.... until you reach the 2 mile mark. At the 2 mile mark, take a right at the big boulder. Then it inclined and that's where it starts moderate. Fantastic views of the ocean at the top. Be sure to take the small trail to the left when you reach the chin. Cool winds will blow through the small tunnel. A very good place to rest and snack. When going back down the trail, stay left to go back the way you came. If your seeing the ocean, you went the wrong way.

Moderately demanding walk - make sure
you do go to the very top. Also look out for the cave in the giants chin with its fantastic views to the coast.