Fun hike, with a few steep slopes and some rock climbing. The views are well worth it, especially when you make it past the top picnic tables to the highest point on the mountain. It can get humid and muddy at times. Avoid if it’s raining.

View was incredible at the top, especially having passed the picnic table at the top to hike a little higher. If you go that route, be cautious - it’s steep! But the rocks make it a doable climb. I especially loved the forest at the beginning of the trail ... it made for a beautiful transition to dynamic views!

Very nice trail and an epic panorama view of the southeast side of Kauai. Make sure you have good shoes, as spots in the trail that are in the shade tend to get wet and muddy. We encountered a couple of dogs on the trail with their owners, Donita definitely pet friendly. Make sure to go .1 mile past the picnic tables at the top clearing to get to the summit of the Sleeping Giant! Hiked it on 10/10 when it was dry, not recommended after a heavy rain.

Fun hike. It rained and the trail was muddy. Requires some climbing.

Great hike but sometimes hard to figure out where the trail is. The top is breathtaking! Steep climb.

Early morning hike nice and cool! Steep in places wear good shoes!

Wish I read more into the reviews about the false summit. Even though we didn’t make it to the true summit, there were great views from where we were. The trail was very muddy, but it had stormed the whole day before we went on this hike.

Fantastic view
Great way to start your day

One of our favorite trials on the island!!!