The Napali Coast State Park stretches 6,175 acres and 17 miles across Kauai's northwestern shore and is maintained by the Department of Land and Natural Resources. The park's lush landscape is defined by its rugged terrain with high sea cliffs (the na pali) and steep drop-offs that give way to beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and the Kalalau Valley. The park can be explored by boat, helicopter, or by foot. Hiking is the most popular way to experience the natural beauty of the park. The most renowned hiking trail in the park, the Kalalau Trail, was built in the 1800s and spans from Ha’ena State Park to Kalalau Beach. This is a great hike that stretches 11 miles (22 miles roundtrip) across the park passing through lush valleys, including Hanakoa Valley, stream crossings, and two beaches. The hike takes at least a day to complete through to the end, thus a camping permit is required to do the entire hike or to hike past Hanakapi’ai Valley. Completing the trail in its entirety is only recommended to for experienced hikers. The trail ends at Kalalau Beach where there is a designated camping area for hikers. The portion of the trail stretching from Ha’ena State Park to Hanakapi’ai Beach makes and excellent day hike for those looking to experience a portion of the trail without obtaining a permit. Day hikers can also extend their hike to Hanakapi'ai falls from Hanakapi’ai Beach. Hikers must use extreme caution due to the rugged terrain and often muddy conditions caused by heavy rain in the area and occasional flash flooding. Hiking shoes are will good traction are recommended, especially for those completing the whole trail and make sure to bring plenty of drinking water. If you do not want to hike, there are many local companies that offer boat tours or helicopter tours.

Awesome trail, an absolute must if you enjoy beautiful, lush, and green coastal scenery. The hike to the falls and the option to take an extremely refreshing dip is worth the trek alone. Only negative thing that I can think of, which this really didn’t bother my wife and I but it may bother some, is how muddy and slippery it can get. Unfortunately we did not bring trekking poles with us on our trip (we will next time) but those definitely would have made the hike much easier in navigating some of the more rocky and slippery parts, but again we did fine without them. Overall we really enjoyed the hike and highly recommend it.

17 hours ago

Loved this trail, it is challenging if you are not an active person but very doable. Your shoes will be muddy, I recommend taking a walking stick from the pile at the trail head, you will need this for the mud spots and also to cross the water/ rocks. Unless you don’t care about wet feet. Also a lot of people came back covered in mud from slipping. Don’t forget water and bug spray. Not as hard as you think, worth it for the views. Bring a snack for the beach before you head back. Just as challenging on the way back.

Gorgeous vistas of the na Pali coast and ke'e beach, well established trail

Unbelievable view of the water fall. Up and down hike that took 5 hours round trip for an experienced hiker. Hike early in the morning to beat the rush of people coming for Kee beach and making the first leg of the hike. Trail is much more serene and natural when not crowded. Must swim out to the water fall once reaching the end of the trail. Will be slippery do not attempt hike without adequate footwear...

Absolutely phenomenal trail. Difficult enough to keep it interesting, easy enough I was never scared for my life. The waterfall at the end... wow!

Il faut venir tôt pour éviter la foule. Belle balade récompensée par un bain sous la cascade: rafraîchissant!

Incredible views. Loved hiking up for the views and coming down to the beach. Most stunning tropical landscape I've ever seen. Only got to go about 4 miles in and turned back. If you can, bring trekking poles - it's slippery and hard on bad knees. I will come back here one day to trek the whole thing.

The is a great hike. The first 2 miles include coastal views and don’t include any stream crossings until you get to Hanakapi’ai Beach. From the beach to the falls in late October included at least 6 stream crossings where you waded through at mid-thigh depth. The hike is through the forest. Based on the time of year and amount of rain, the depth of the stream will change. My advice is to go expecting to get muddy and wet. The base of the falls is amazing and this part of the trail wasn’t too busy. About 40 people spread out over 2 miles.

Came to Kauai to do this backpacking trip. Planned it for 6 months and geared up for something that EVERY review said was extremely difficult. The only thing extreme is the rugged landscape. The actual hike isn’t difficult, even with the wet and muddy conditions. Having said that, it’s not easy either. One thing for’s beautiful and something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Being from Oregon, I’ve actually been on hikes that are more physically demanding than this one. Make sure you bring a comfortable pack! For me, that factor was the most noticeable.
Got to mile 6 after a very late start on the first day. Set up camp and then the rain came, HEAVY, and continued through the night for 12 hours. By 6 am the next day, the stream from the day before turned into a river and was no longer passable, so we were forced to turn around. All the same, it was worth the trek. Put this on your todo list. It’s worth it.

It’s as what everyone says in their reviews. I would add two things, it’s a moderate plus hike and the beach part of hike is not along a flat beach of sand. It’s a muddy, rocky slippery up and down hike 200 feet above the water.

18 days ago

Outstanding views!