Worth the muddy hike to swim in the waterfall.

This hike can take awhile when wet but the views are amazing. Well worth it. It is very heavy traffic so expect a lot of greetings. At the bottom of the falls a large pool of water you can swim. Expect 30 or more people will be swimming with you.

Amazing views. The most stunning trail i have ever experienced.

Absolutely amazing. Great terrain and awesome views. It is a good challenge. Had no issues with it, and that was my first real hike. I was thoroughly exhausted however. Cliff section is a bit scary, but definitely manageable. You just have to pay attention and stay focused an you'll be fine. That goes for the entire 22 miles. No issues parking my car at the trail head, although you do have to get there early to get a good spot.


15 days ago

Lots of people