most beautiful trail I've ever hikes. we did 1st 2-3miles ending at the 1st beach right after crossing 1st river. it was safe, just don not hoarse around its still a cliff side hike. This is not the scary part most people put on YouTube and you still get breathtaking views

Not a moderate hike but the scenery was beautiful. Bring sturdy shoes and lots of water but a muddy trail and lots of climbing over rocks and you cross the streams three times over rocks.

10 hours ago

Best hike I’ve ever been on, waterfall at the end is amazing :)

1 day ago

Not easy. Pretty muddy in places. But worth it.

It is an awesome hike! It's rather challenging in the last quarter mile as the grade is rather steep. Take at least a liter of water per person. You cannot avoid getting your shoes muddy. Warning to parents: there were a couple topless women at the beach. They were sunbathing or changing clothes -- not walking around indiscreetly. Nevertheless, topless.

We made it a couple miles up. It was raining when we went and it was relentless so we turned back. Beautiful though. One of my favorite hikes even though I didn’t make it to the end.

Wouldn't leave the island until you hike this one. Slippery in the morning after heavy rain. Proper shoes and will need it!!! Go to the falls it's worth every step

11 days ago

Hiked this morning during and right after a heavy rain. Lucky to get out early as the trail was closed for most of the day. Difficulty definitely increases with the slippery conditions and high waters, but getting to the waterfall with the rain coming from above was a once in a lifetime experience. Great hike!

Wear good grippy shoes, or be ready to get your feet wet :-) The trail is quite muddy and slippery and there is a couple of water-crossing.
Well worth it on e you get to the waterfall. Bring your swimsuit !

Did the first part, going to Hanakapi'ai beach and then to the Hanakapi'ai Falls and back.
Not too strenuous but expect a lot of mud and a couple of water crossing on slippery rocks. Use the right shoes or get your feet wet ( I did !)
Well worth it once you get to the waterfall !