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No doubt about it, this trail was hard! I had a series of extraneous problems that affected my experience on the trail, but the experience made me unlikely to ever hike this one again. The tourist helicopters are a huge distraction and they really detract from the vibe and natural beauty of the Nā Pali Coast.
Crawler's Ledge is not so bad, but the short section immediately west of it is more dangerous than any other portion of the trail. When dry, the trail is unstable, powdery dirt, but when wet, it's a Slip'n'Slide of doom. There's nothing to hold onto and the wrong step can lead to an untimely demise, so it's best to hike when it's not wet.
The State is ramping up its efforts to clear out squatters in the Kalalau Valley, so the increased presence of park rangers (and their helicopters) is ruining the feel of the place. The squatters won't bother you, but the State certainly will, so make sure you've got a valid permit if you go. If I ever visit this portion of the island again it'll be by boat.

After you reach the beach to take a break, head back to the waterfall for a swim! Huge icy pool to swim in. Be careful for the heavy rainfall and flash floods! It's gets a little muddy and you cross the stream a few times. There's a beautiful bamboo forest you walk through too. There's a ton space to sit and swim and just hangout.

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Wow! I really loved this hike! It's probably a shorter hike than we made it, but stopping for pictures along the way were definitely worth it! The stream meets the ocean and a few caves right on the beach and around the corner to the left. The ocean is pretty rough and they have a sign posted on how many have lost their lives to either the ocean or flash floods, so be careful!!! Since we were there on June 10, 2017 the sign said "834." Better luck swimming in the icy cold waterfall in the valley.

If you decide to hike to the beach, you might as well add on the extra mileage and go to this waterfall as well. You have to cross the river multiple times plus the first half of the trail can be dangerously slippery. If it's raining or has any chance of rain, I'd skip this. But if it's a beautiful day, this is one of the best ways to spend a morning in Kauai. Parking can be crazy. Arrive early. There's showers near the bottom where you can wash all the mud off before jumping in your car.

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This is gorgeous hike, but I think a lot of people go out there without proper attire. If it rains, it's going to be incredibly slippery. When we went, there were a lot of us grabbing walking sticks to try and help us grab some traction. It was really difficult to progress up some of the slippery slopes. However, many people told us that the trail is much easier on sunny, clear days. But this is the Napali Coast. It likes to rain. All in all, absolutely beautiful hike though. Best views ever.

Wonderful hike! I would recommend getting there early-around 7am since it's a popular spot and can get very crowded. It took us about 6 hours, the last two in a pouring rain which turned soil into a slippery mud. Still an amazing trail!

Awesome trail! Great views! Glad i didn't bring the kids along (11 &12yo) as the river crossings are quite sketchy.

Great trail with breathtaking views. Make sure you arrive early as parking is bad and the trail can be crowded.

I just posted a video on the trail on my YouTube and IG if you'd like to see what you're in for. IG @Venturealoha

Was planning on hiking this tomorrow and see there is rain in the forecast. Would you recommend still going or not? Please text or call me at 305-431-4249, thanks!!

My girlfriend and I just did this trail two weeks ago and it's the most epic hike ever. The beach at the end is amazing and the views on the trail are unreal. Follow my IG @VentureAloha for pictures and if you have any questions feel free to message me.

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My husband and I went on a around the island tour in 2010 during our Honeymoon and island ceremony in Honolulu. We enjoyed the Pali lookout and hope to visit this fantastic view again