13 days ago

Well, I'm not going to cancel my membership, but John's comments immediately below are correct. This trail is improperly identified on AllTrails and that's been mentioned several times in the past. I'm very familiar with this area. The first 3.5 miles shown is a paved road called the Mokule'ia Fire Access Road, which is closed to public vehicles, but is used by DLNR employees to maintain the game reserve and park at the top of the plateau.. At the Peacock Flats campsite the paved road splits into several dirt roads, one of which turns south and begins the actual Mokule'ia Trail.

But what is shown as the red line on the AllTrails map is only the first 2.5 miles of the paved Mokule'ia access road. (The red line just stops in the middle of nowhere.) The real Mokule'ia Trail begins about a mile farther, near where you can see two structures on the campsite.

AllTrails seems to have had a lot of difficulty with this area of Hawaii, in the past also confusing the Kuaokala Fire Access Road with the Kuaokala Trail (yes, they're completely distinct) and confusing the Peacock Flats camp site with the Peacock Flats Trail & 4WD road and also with the Mokule'ia Fire Access Road.

It would be great if somebody at AllTrails devoted an afternoon to sort all this out. Thanks.