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Thank you to whomever at Alltrails updated this page with the correct map.

This is an obscure trail that is on few maps, but is nonetheless well worth exploring. I've only made it halfway so far, but hope to do the entire trail soon. What I've seen is in very good shape and offers many spectacular and unusual views of the North Shore between the Mokule'ia and Kealia trails.

If you start from the Peacock Flats campsite, proceed west to the intersection with the coincident Kuaokala Access Road. Follow the KAR about 1.5-1.7 miles, then turn right, leaving the KAR at a T intersection marked only by a small 4WD sign (a profile of a jeep). From this point, you'll follow a winding, challenging red-dirt 4WD road that crosses multiple ridges around Ke'eke'eke down to a field behind Dillingham Airport and Paradise Skydiving. From there it's about a mile walk back to Farrington Highway.
This road is do-able by mountain bike & 4WD, but would be extremely difficult, if not dangerous, if not perfectly dry.
I'll update this review with a description of the 2-3.5 mile span when we complete the entire trail. FWIW, that part is described as very tough going in the few sources I've found.

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Google will bring you to a Trailhead for a beach but not the trail. Go past Dillingham and several beaches.

Excellent trail, don't do what I did, carrying 46 lbs going up to Peacocks Flat for originally 2-night camping. But on the way down, with 32 lbs was wonderful. Next time, I'll go with a small backpack and do a long day hike starting with this trail.

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I would say this trail is moderate. It's all paved, the incline is pretty intense after the first part. Great cardio and glutes workout. There is no shade, it's very hot, go early!

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Wanted to get out of the house, so I grabbed my dog and chose this trail. Easy to find. Saw some peacocks and cows along the way. Mostly exposed trail, so bring water on a hot day. Starts off relatively flat then bam! A steady incline from about the 3/4 mile point onward. Overall nice hike

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