Google will bring you to a Trailhead for a beach but not the trail. Go past Dillingham and several beaches.

Excellent trail, don't do what I did, carrying 46 lbs going up to Peacocks Flat for originally 2-night camping. But on the way down, with 32 lbs was wonderful. Next time, I'll go with a small backpack and do a long day hike starting with this trail.

2 months ago

I am getting confused. All the hikes marked here are the Mokuleia Trail. On the top at the campground it turns into peacock trail. (Or am I wrong?) There is a road going to the campground but I was told you need a license.

I would say this trail is moderate. It's all paved, the incline is pretty intense after the first part. Great cardio and glutes workout. There is no shade, it's very hot, go early!

4 months ago

Used to run this trail weekly while living in Waialua, extremely hot during mid day hours, there is no tree cover until you are to the end at Peacock flats campground. It is a great loop trail with Kealia trail (beginning at the Airport) if your up for some good miles (16). Disregard Jim C.'s comments, he is obviously thinking of some other trail. You Cannot drive on this trail, it is gated/locked at the beginning and end up at peacock flats, and it is a paved road the entire 9 mile(up and down), so even if you did get access to open the gate for a vehicle, it is an easy drive on blacktop pavement even though you are at a 8-10% elevation gain the entire time. It does however turn into a dirt road at the top, often used by the military for drills, though you can get a vehicle up there from the leeward side with a permit from both the County trail association and the military gate post at the entrance. All it takes is a mailed in written request, they generally always honor the requests and will unlock the gate, giving you access to the the peak, tallest on Oahu!

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on Mokuleia Trail

11 months ago

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Wanted to get out of the house, so I grabbed my dog and chose this trail. Easy to find. Saw some peacocks and cows along the way. Mostly exposed trail, so bring water on a hot day. Starts off relatively flat then bam! A steady incline from about the 3/4 mile point onward. Overall nice hike

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

on Mokuleia Trail

Sunday, January 17, 2016

off road driving
Monday, January 11, 2016

I did this one as a 4WD, not a foot hike. A rainy afternoon makes the wet clay almost impassable to vehicles (even jeeps/land rovers). My jeep was stuck several times, finally it was stuck at length and my partner could not make it back up the slope to me close enough to connect tow straps. After being mired at length, fading light gave me the presumption that I would end up overnighting at the stuck spot on the trail. Just before dusk another convoy passed by and both parties assisted each other through the obstacle.
I give it four stars because it is the only (well, one of only three places, but the only one of any duration worth talking about) trail to off-road on Oahu. I didn't give it five stars because there are no genuine rock crawling, and while the terrain is definitely no where near the worse you've seen, when wet the clay is EXTREMELY non-traction. Doesn't matter suspension nor tires, if there is a slant to the road surface no matter how slow or fast or where you point your front wheels, gravity + wet clay = you WILL slide to the lowest side of the trail and if that lowest point happens to be frame-deep loose powder-turned-mud, or happens to lay the side of your vehicle against the hill, you WILL come to a stop. The only way to do this while wet is a minimum of THREE vehicles in your party. Two may not cut it, one definitely won't come back out. That's when wet.
Dry, it's 2WD pickup truck do-able.
On foot, anytime is a good time.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Se only did the 3miles trail. It is a forest hike, really beautiful, full of nature to breathe. But is only that. It ends up in a road where a lot of people walks there dogs. Easy to climb down, more challenging to climb back up. Is a good option for a 2hr easy hike, if you like forest. Bring mosquito repelent, is full of it.

Monday, September 07, 2015