This is a beautiful hike if you start from the Pali highway lookout. Impressive panoramic views that way. Parts are challenging and rocky, but overall doable for the average hiker. The red marked trail on here is from the town, but add several miles if you're going from the Pali. Look out for the Falls connector trail rather than continuing on the Maunawili trail, it goes down from the cliff. If you're going through the Pali side that is. :)

Very nice and really hard trail. You have to make it too the end, its worth it :)

Great hike, nice cliffdiving but is definitely not a hard trail

4 days ago

Incredible views but it gets really sketchy after the first peak. Coming back up to the second peak was a good workout. Try not to use the ropes, one was tied together with a pice of small nylon cord.

5 days ago

Awesome hike. Make sure you don't park on the side walk. I saw a lot of cars that got tickets for parking slightly on the sidewalk even though they parked on the correct street.

6 days ago

Huh, I wouldn't have considered this hike rated as "Hard". It's fairly easy, no huge heights, no sliding gravel, lots of steps available etc. It's a bit tedious only because it is usually VERY muddy and mosquito ridden but overall an easy hike. Kid friendly on dry days.

Great hike. The best views are from the second peak so don't feel too bad if you can't make it to the second peak. To be honest, I don't find this hike that challenging. There were only two sections climbing up the third peak (closest to the top) where I was actually scared, due to a very narrow ridge and few grips in the rock. Otherwise, the ropes really help and the rocks provide plenty of grip. Going down is always harder than going up, take your time and don't rush. I always park on the sidewalk/grass across from the bus stop on Auloa road. Don't park on loop road, you'll get towed.

Personally I would not rate this as a "hard" trail, it is about as moderate as Waimano Falls in my opinion. There are a handful of stairs on this trail, and it becomes quite muddy when it has rained. There is a bit of rock hopping at the end of the trail, so be aware when you decide to bring kiddos. The falls are lovely and I would like to find the upper falls, but I believe that will require going through the lower falls and waters to get to, so another day. Also try to stay on the path during the first half, eventually there is an "unexploded ordinance" area that would be better left alone.

amazing hike, a little slipery but fun.

12 days ago