Fun and adventurous. Be sure to wear right shoes and be careful.

4 days ago

Fun hike, but super crowded and the trail shows it. The trail is very wet, muddy, and slippery. The waterfall is beautiful and the water is nice and cool after the humid hike. It is generally very crowded at the falls, so be prepared and be patient.

Wanted to run it but to wet. Great hike though. Would like to check it out when it's dry, if that ever happens.

I went to this waterfall last year and it sucked. Granted, it was during the rainy season but it was 2.5 miles of knee high mud and a rock climb to the waterfall. Overall, a hell of a lot of work for not a great reward. In addition, tourists are super rude to the people that live in the neighborhood that you MUST park in to get to the trail. It's probably a lot more rewarding when it's drier but you can't control Mother Nature! If you want an easier hike for a better waterfall go to Lulumahu Falls off the Pali Hwy.

10 days ago

10 days ago

Trailhead is easy to find and the path is well worn, so no issue there. Can be dangerous, especially after a rain so keep your head on, yeah?

Views at the top of each peak are staggering. The first peak has da best view. Don't get cocky because the first peak was easiest! Respect da mountain and know your limits.

I've done this hike twice, once with a friend who was 7 months pregnant. Fun, muddy in some spots. Didn't get in the water because of leptospirosis warnings. Lots of people in the pools though.

This can be a dangerous climb. It's not worth doing if you don't do at least the 2nd peak because getting to the top of the first is easy. My wife and I got to the top of the 3rd peak. It was tough and very sketchy at some spots but we thought with some skill and carefulness it was worth it. However, on the way down from the 3rd peak my wife lost her footing at a sketchy rope descent, spun around the side of the peak holding on for life. If it wasn't for a couple close by that helped I don't know what we would've done. Thanks again to that guy. Just that easily, a climb we thought wasn't as bad as we've heard almost went real bad. With that said, it was worth trying for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush.

Be sure to bring shoes you don't mind getting wet in, you will be wading in water at the end of the trail!

Worth it. If you make the climb you have to do at least the first two peaks.