Hike is beautiful with multiple views to magnificent mountains and finally to refreshing waterfall. trail is muddy, make sure to use good hiking shoes and bring spare shoes you will need it on the way back home.
it's mostly covered by tall trees and bamboos.
dont forget to dip into water it's very refreshing.

very muddy but nice hike overall

Went 2-4-18. Very muddy with lots of roots. The trail is moderate, but the mud and roots make it tougher and slow. I would rate it between a medium and hard. However, the hike is beautiful and the falls are amazing. There are 10, 30, and 40 ft jumps. Tons of fun and worth fighting through the mud. Good tennis shoes or hiking boots are essential.

The waterfall area was so beautiful and peaceful!

Very glad that we went on this hike while in Hawaii. If you come prepared with shoes that you are okay getting muddy, you will love it. Also, don’t skip jumping into the water at the falls.

Fun muddy hike. I did the hike barefoot because I didn't bring proper shoes and it was so much fun getting all muddy! Being able to swim and jump into the waterfall made the hike totally worth it. There are some views of the valley along the way.

Very muddy but totally worth it. The waterfall was beautiful and had different spot to jump from into the pool.

This hike is a Muddy maze of slippery roots. It was wonderful being with dear friends during this hike, other than that we will skip this hike in the future. Because it is slippery, root filled, bumpy and sloshy, our eyes stayed glued to the ground most of the hike.

There are a few openings to see the Koolaus and surrounding beauty, other than that it is a rather “dark” hike under the canopy of forest.

The water fall is small, and when we arrived very crowded so we simply turned around.

Lulu Mahu offers much more beautiful views, relaxing trail and gorgeous water fall at its end.

Extremely muddy. You have to wear appropriate shoes. Plan on this trail taking you 3+ hours due to traffic.

10/10 would NOT consider ‘moderate’ not only is the trail head hard to find, its slippery, muddy, & so uncomfortable. Id rather do Koko Head Railway. The view isn’t worth it! The waterfall is small & did I mention you can get leptospirosis from being in the water? The experience was great. Nothing better than falling down, breaking an ankle, being covered in mud up to your shoulders & risking getting a deadly disease. First you track through mud & tree roots, then you go through the infected stream of water AND climb 200 stairs that are slippery & muddy.. that’s also not safe.. alllll to see a waterfall that isn’t big nor is the view pretty.
If you’re going to do it, pack snacks and LOTS of water and wear RUNNING SHOES. Because you’re gonna be out there for a while & you’re gonna get winded.

Muddy, but fun hike, great waterfall to swim in too.

2 months ago

My first hike in a few weeks! I did this less than a week after a marathon and it was a good hike to get me off the couch and back moving! Not too hard and not boring either. There were more steps than I anticipated but nothing compared to hikes in Hawaii Kai. There are several turn offs to this hike but they l seem to end up at the falls. The falls seem deep enough to jump because a man was doing it but I wasn’t gonna try it. We did climb up them to see the top of the falls above it. One of the muddiest hikes I have done this year but still super fun. Parking wasn’t bad, but it is in residential so be respectful, don’t park near mailboxes or trash cans and don’t block driveways. Be quiet while walking by the houses and pack your trash out. Enjoy! I will be doing this one again.

2 months ago

Extremely muddy hike up for a not so impressive waterfall - wear appropriate footwear

2 months ago

Beautiful tropical hike. Partly muddy, but lots of fun. Definitely not hard, would say moderate! Do that hike, it is a really nice one :)

This trail should be marked as moderate. Only moderate because of roots and slick rocks. This is not a hard trail and there is a beautiful waterfall and pool at the end.

Slick trail, several stream/river crossings, not too difficult. Beautiful waterfall and several places to jump from :)

Definitely a fun treck when it’s raining or has been raining.

Very cool trail! Jungle like setting. Trail is slick, red clay/mud with lots of roots so don't wear white and good hiking shoes are a good idea. You will cross the river/stream 3 times before you get to the waterfall. You will want to swim in the pool too! I loved this hike!!!

Steep, but so much fun! The falls at the end are great, super fun to jump off the ledge. Def bring a swimsuit, towel, & slippas

amazing! been there on a thursday. they're were just a couple of person. trail is easy to walk but if you want a little challenge try to reach the old bridge!+

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