Between peaks 2 and 3 is the scariest-looking part. But it doesn't require technical climbing skills--a fit, avid hiker should be able to climb down and up.

3 days ago

Super muddy. The hike took much longer than expected because of the mud. The falls were beautiful with a great swimming pool beneath them. Along the way there are also some places with good views.

This hike was really fun! Super muddy, and at times treacherous with the slippery tree branches coming out of the ground all over the trail. Make sure to pack bug spray, water and a snack. The waterfall is definitely worth the hike! Make sure to bring a jug of water in your car to rinse your feet off before leaving! The mud stains so make sure to wear old clothes and shoes.

4 days ago

I went alone and am medium fit so I had some reservations. I made it to peak two.

Peak one is the highest with a great view, and getting to two from there is manageable. From two to three seems the sketchiest, as you really have to rely on ropes for short vertical drops.

It was hard, but very rewarding, and not truly dangerous until you are moving between the peaks. A moderately fit person with no climbing experience can definitely make it to peak two with running shoes, so long as it's not super windy at the top. If the weather looks bad, don't take your chances to three. Come back another time.

5 days ago

First peak is doable for most. There is one part with some old ropes grab all of them at once and don't rely on them. After that there will be a rock ridge that can be a little sketchy for some. The first is the highest but if you want to do the next do be prepared. The second isn't too bad but the third is literal rock climbing and was a real challenge of my fears. I do not regret it but will only do again if I am showing visiting family/friends. BE PREPARED. Turn around if it is raining or windy.

5 days ago

Great hike. Loved every stage. Lush ferns at the bottom, towering ironwoods, moss-covered boulders. Just a beautiful journey. Views were spectacular at the top of ridge one. We were tentative to tackle ridge two, but did it and totally worth it! Wasn't up for ridge three, but will be back to do it!

Good scenery. Very accessible trailhead. Super muddy. I did it mostly barefoot because my shoes got sucked off by knee deep in mud in some parts.
Beautiful falls, with a swimmable pool beneath it. Just plan to get wet and muddy.

Great early morning alone on the trail

Beautiful view!!!! Great workout.

For any hikers out there looking to do this hike, a few things. One, this hike is also known as the Three Peaks Trail and hits all 3 peaks of this ridgeline. Second, if you do all three peaks, it is about 50% hiking, 50% rock climbing. Be prepared. Lastly, the trailhead is located down a private golf course road which you cannot park in, so you must park in a nearby neighborhood and walk to the trailhead. This adds about another 1/2 mile to your hike. But overall, a fantastic hike for someone looking to go above the normal hiking experience. P.S. The trailhead sign is labeled, "Olomai Trail."

17 days ago

Great hike, wear some good light hiking shoes.

Good trail, not to hard. Get there early to avoid crowds. Check depth of water before jumping. Over 10 feet deep when I checked. Trail is runnable in some parts.