Scenic wildland beach park characterized by prominent cinder cone Puu Olai and large white sand beach. Swimming during calm seas, bodysurfng, board surfng, shore fishing, and beach- related activities. No drinking water. CAUTION: Shore break can be dangerous.

17 days ago

Locals, if you mean local hippies. Mostly looky Loo visitors. Fine if that is your thing. Drum circle is still there on sundays. If you like peace and quiet and prefer no to be stoned then plan a different day. The surf is much nicer than on Big Beach whet the shore break is usually pronounced. I wouldn’t leave my stuff unattended on Little beach.

beautiful. best in early am before crowds.

Good easy flat hike. Great views of the ocean. A bit crowded and busy. Park at the Polo Beach parking lot and head north.

It's a very easy walk along the shoreline with a few beaches to stop at for a swim along the way. The walk is mostly flat on a pathway so suitable for almost everyone. We had trouble finding parking on the north end so decided to start the round trip from the south end. I would highly recommend this as there was ample parking on the south side near Polo Beach Park.

Realy nice hike. Easy, except it is rocky.

Really nice beach, spent a little time and will be back again and perhaps again.

Steep yes, and some locations aren't accessible. Pay attention to the signs.

ok beach, but seems there is an adult only side. Also, the surf tends to break hard so not for the novice.

steep but easy well defined hike (walk) up there; went for sunset; - great view; could see the outline of 4 of the hawaiian islands;

Nice views, but dis only half of it since there are no signs and it is not maintained and at one point we had no clue where to go. We ended up simply enjoying the black sand beach on the north side of the loop.

I've been here many times. It's very nice scenery especially the sunset view. If you want to relax or unwind, I would recommend this.

Loved it just be careful coming down as the dry cinders are slippery. Did the trail in shorts and t-shirt and the bushes were fine - no need for long pants on the day we did it. It was so peaceful up there you could hear people shouting from the beach

Great views, saw whales, lots of sun, benches and access to beaches along the paved pathway. Casual walk lots of people.

Very busy with lots of other walkers. Great views though.

Nice early morning stroll. not difficult and paved all the way. We had the fortune to spot a whale offshore too!

A very nice walk! Pretty views of the ocean and beaches.

A great trail that is paved for most if not all of the path. Lots of great views of beaches and the nice hotels in Wailea. There are places to stop for water along the way and there is ample parking.

Tough trail around the hill. Not an easy go up and down and thin in the tougher areas. Must have good boots and pants or you will get torn up.

Definately not a maintained trail on the beach side for which we came up. The best way to access the top is to take the dirt road about 1/4 mile to the north of the main park entrance road. Park in the small lot by the ocean. Walk back on the road about 100-300 ft or so and access a fairly good trail and keep heading up. It is no longer a loop trail and the ocean side us steep if you decide to complete the loop. Bring your machete! Otherwise just hike in and out from the dirt road.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

be careful which trail you take, don't do the one on the cinder cones exactly (very loose lava rocks that fall on to the beach and overgrown signs warning you). mostly uncovered so be prepared, beautiful views and combo hike/beach area. part of hike is along little beach, be sure to Google that part

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Nice walk along the seashore. Surrounded by beautiful resorts.

I love this simple picturesque walk.

Trail has a sign that says it's closed.

not pet friendly, not kid friendly, not moderate. it was steep, slippery, overgrown. it was an incredible view and the real hikers enjoyed it but it is not for the average person and on a sunny day would be bruttle.

Monday, May 08, 2017

so beautiful and just a good walk to get away for a few.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Short hike in return for the amazing view. Can verify that the side of the hill close to little beach is steep and has loose rock. Would only recommend going up that side for experienced hikers. It is not maintained so the trail gets a little spotty in some spots. Definitely worth checking out though.

Beautiful at sunset and very easy! Nice view of all the fancy resorts too.

Nice way to burn some calories. Beautiful views.

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