Nice easy hike on a paved road. My wife (21 weeks pregnant) and I hiked to the top. We saw a whale breach 4 times which was awesome! Definitely need sunscreen or an umbrella if you want to stay out of the sun. There is little shade. Lots of viewing stations with helpful information plaques of culture or wildlife. Parking can be difficult, many have to park on the street.

Nice scenic hike. We saw some whales , a few very close to the shore which was really neat. We also hiked the little path that leads to the lighthouse although the lighthouse itself is fenced off but it was still really cool. Go early in the morning or closer to sunset as it will get HOT!!

Lovely walk along tarmac trail. Limited shade so sunscreen is a must. Beautiful views across the ocean. Whales can been seen splashing about!

Beautiful hike, fairly quick and easy. Stunning view.

Beautiful! Saw lots of whales!

Definitely one of my top favorites...

A lot of people do this hike everyday! So please be ready to hike a crowded hike with lots of traffic. Sometimes hard to find parking inside the lot, you can park outside of the lot alongside the highway if need. It can be hot but this trail is very easy, great for dog walking and kids, the views are awesome. WHALE WATCHERS!

One of the best hikes on Oahu hands down, the views are spectacular! Just be aware to go early to avoid law enforcement at the trailhead and also to get the jump on the sun! It gets super hot up there very quickly and there is no shade! Sunscreen and water a must.

Fantastic views! Bring sunscreen!

easy going but fun trail

Great view, fun little side trail to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is fenced off but you can try to squeeze in there to get closer.

It’s a really easy hike to get to the lighthouse. We always come here to do the tide pools hike. Just mind the coral if you decide to swim. You can see Lanai, Molokai, and west Maui from the trail on a clear day. It has only been clear enough to see them all once.

Definitely one of the easier trails on O’ahu. Paved all the way, If you are looking for a little more of a challenge climb up the rocks to the old bunkers! Still easy enough for a beginner hiker like myself! Also saw some whales, which was an added bonus!

Wear sunscreen, there is no shade on this nice paved hike (great for all ages). Amazing views from bottom to top! Hopefully, you may spot whales!

great hike for all levels of hikers:)

We really enjoyed this hike. It’s completely paved and no shade. So bring water and proper protection. We did it with a jogging stroller, but my 3 year old enjoyed just walking it herself. It was a great time. Parking is crazy and there is no bathroom. Other than that it was great. I would totally do this again.

Great venue for all ages....well maintained paved trail, wonderful views

1/21/2018-No parking available near the lighthouse by 0800 so we ended up parking at the lookout instead. Weather was mostly overcast but there was a good breeze going on too. Skipped the view at the top because it was crowded but it was nice being out there just the same.

The Views!
Catching Bus from Waikiki was easy
Walking along shoulder of road was ok, single file not recommended for groups with kiddos

Gorgeous views

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