Easy but nice for everyone.


I did a one-way hike today. Had planned on going to the Makapu’u puka hole and back, but when I finally got there I realized I was relatively close to the ridge with “Lovers Leap,” so I decided to combine them and kill two trails in one. I made up to the upper ridge and all the antennas, got to see a guy set up his hang glider (I always wondered how they got there gear up the hill- they drove!) that’s where I came across the group from Switzerland who had walked up the fire road.

As a bonus, I got an easy trek down on a fire road vice the sketchy goat trails I would have had to go back on in the hot sun. Thanks to Lyft I made it back to my car safe and sound.

Boy are there a lot of no hikers and no trespassing signs now....

Fully paved with a good incline and consistent views of the coast. Very easy I'd you're OK with the incljne

Very easy, paved the whole way. Beautiful views

I love this one. It is not hard trail with beautiful views.

We made the mistake of going in the middle of the day but the views were beautiful and made it worth it. Definitely take water and wear walking shoes. We had an umbrella that we grabbed out of the car to use for shade because there isn't any. Next time we'll go in the morning.

Very nice hike. Peaceful and the scenery was great.

This trail like Koko Head arch to the top of Koko Head is very hot! Dry dry dry so please bring water! Some in our group ran out of water and almost didn’t make it to the Puka. The Puka looks like Pali Puka, Just different view. I’ve never been past the Puka but it seems that you can continue on.
Decent hike with great views!

Went prior to the lighthouse opening again March 2016. Lots of wind but good views along the way.