Awesome views and good for any skill. Drawback is very crowded and tourist trap.

Very easy, fully paved. Accessible all the way to the top with some stunning views.

The hike and trail are great. We got a little bit lost in the brush at one point on the way down and got kind of scraped up. Cops sit in the parking lot at the overlook. They were there when we arrived but didn’t say anything to us. They were also there when we got back but we walked down and they didn’t stop us.

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it's a cute walk through some rocks and sand. most of the sand is thin sand so sneakers will still work unless you want to stick your feet into the ocean then take em off! I had fun on the hike and had lots of great photos! it's a sunny trail so sunscreen up!

Great hike/walk. Extend it by walking the shore when you are done. As billed. You can park inside or outside the gate. Parking lot was mostly empty at 630am but the road was packed for the sunrisers.

Easy trail to walk up. Make sure to visit the pools if you feel adventurous.

6/10/2018-Started hiking with the group around 0715; parking lot wasn’t too full yet but easily passed 30+ groups/solo hikers on the route. We ended up trekking to Pele’s Chair too for some additional exercise which was pretty nice. The weather was pretty sunny with a strong breeze going so it wasn’t too hot.

Beautiful views of the island. This is a family friendly trail that is paved and can be done as a family. Be sure to bring lots of water as it can be a rather warm hike to the top.

I have been hiking this trail since 2005 For the locals who know where to go about half of this hike can be done off of the paved road. This provides some solitude from the huge volume of visitors that come here and hike it once. The trail is not hard but there is no relief from the sun so dress accordingly and bring water. In 2015 the paved road was redone and there are 6 lookout points including two at the top that overlook the active Makapu’u Lighthouse.

There is also a memorial to a PBY Aircraft that crashed into the side of Makapu’u on April 5, 1942 killing 9 aviators. I found the actual site of the crash @ 8 years ago and there is a considerable amount debris from the crash visible including the front landing gear strut. After a recent visit to the crash site 5 years after my last visit I saw many changes including overgrowth that will hide this site in a few years. I do not share the actual location of the crash site for obvious reasons.

There are some old military bunkers on the absolute top of Makapu’u that can he reached by numerous small trails. Unfortunately as with many places here in Hawaii there are at times to many people on this hike. Please respect that if you go to the top bunker it is close to collapsing. Please stay off of the roof of the top bunker unless you want to potentially lose your life if that fractured concrete finally decides to come down. Please also respect this place has a lot of meaning for those of us that live here. If you bring anything up the mountain, please bring it down! Respect the Aina and you will be rewarded with some of the best views in the world!

You can usually see the Island of Molokai from all observation points. Lanai is also frequently visible. On some really clear days you can see the top of Haleakula on Maui. A sign at one of the observation sites says that the high point behind Molokai is the West Maui Mountains. Don’t believe that sign. You are seeing the East Molokai Mountains which rise from the steepest coastal cliffs in the world to a peak of over 5,000’. Have been told on an exeptionally clear day you can see both Moana Kea & Mouna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. After 13+ years still waiting to see that!

Great place to see the Humpback Whales during season that runs from roughly November through April

Easy paved hike that can get steep at some points. Great views!

According to alltrails logged recordings, the number one most recorded is Koko Crater stairs at 992.
2. Diamond ‘Leahi’ Head- 880
3. Manoa Falls- 762
4. Kuli’ou’ou Ridge State Trail- 582
5. Aiea Loop State Trail- 565
6. Lulumahu Falls - 560
7. Makapu’u Point Lighthouse- 550
8. Maunawili Falls - 502
9. Kaiwa Pillbox - 500
10. Waimano Falls- 405

Very beautiful. Great family hike!

the trail is ill defined. However it is good advice to be adherent to the cliff, otherwise you will get into a very dense bushy trail.

Absolutely stunning views! Great evening walk after dinner, and a great workout! Stroller friendly/baby wearing friendly. You could even spot some whales during the right season.

Great, easy hike for the whole family, with spectacular views. One draw back is that there are no facilities, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

Absolutely beautiful trail with stunning views of the city, islands, lighthouse, and sea life park. I did the entire hike one-way and loved the challenge of all the ups and downs but it was certainly difficult. Be prepared for lots of verticals FOR REAL, and I would recommend wearing long pants since the trail is very overgrown in a lot of areas. There were so many neat photo opportunities as stated by the other reviews like the hang gliding spots. I got lost a couple times from the main trail, but didn’t mind because I’d always find my way back and I’d discover little hidden treasures along the way. There’s also quite a change of scenery if you hike the whole way with peaceful pine forests and some beautiful small wildflower fields.

Would definitely recommend, just pack plenty of water and have a buddy since there were some very steep drop offs (which probably could have been avoided, but where’s the fun in that?). Also the neighborhood you end up in is a little sketchy so be aware of that. Oh and there was a cop in the lighthouse parking lot too when I went but he didn’t say anything (didn’t necessarily notice me though either).

easy, scenic, and packed

Fantastic view. Quite windy up top (for certain parts). But for the elevation gain, this is a very easy hike—wide, paved trail the entire way to the top. We took our 6 kids—ages 11 down to 2–and we had no problem. Our youngest rode in the stroller for a decent portion of the hike. If you go mid-afternoon like we did, take a little water with you. There are a number of lookout points on the trail where you can stop and rest. Parking can be hard to come by mid-day, but the hike is short enough that people are coming and going all the time and usually if you wait a few minutes, something will open up. Overall, a nice experience.

This trail was easy and beautiful. In the beginning if he trail there is another trail to the right hat leads to the tide pools. Very test to swim in. But go to where there are no rocks.

5/20/2018-Started around 0745 today (not too many cars around though) and came across 20+ groups of hikers. The sun was on the intense side but with the wind whipping through it was a pleasant trek to the top and back.

Start early like most say because the parking gets filled and it’s a hot paved trail to the top. No bathrooms, clean path, beautiful views. There is a side trail which I would rate as moderate that leads you to the tide pools which I enjoyed a quick beautiful swim. But be very careful.
This trail overall is family and pet friendly.

Amazing panoramic views of the ocean and ridge tops. FYI no bathrooms on trail. Also tail was quite busy and parking fills up fast. Parking also available on the side of the road. Trail definitely worth it.

Súper gradual climb and paved the whole length. Really great for kids, pets, and those who may feel intimidated by something like Diamond Head climb (my mom while she visited). A great starter hike for all— and the views aren’t bad :)

Nice views easy trail

We left in early morning to hike the trail from Makapu'u to Waimanalo. We the best intentions and are in great shape, but dude this trail is KILLER! The views are neck-breakingly fantastic and you are constantly stopping for pictures, so it makes it a lot longer than planned. We made it about a mile past the puka, ran out of water and had to turn around. Dang it was hot!!! When you are on the ridge it's much better cause of the breeze. When I do it again I'm taking a large hydration pack. Saw some goats on the cliff. That was cool.

Pretty easy trail with gorgeous views! All of it is road, you won’t be walking through mud or grass unless you want to veer off the main trail.

Nice hike (walk really) and great views from on top at the view points.

Excellent trail for all ages and abilities which provides spectacular views of both the light house and several beaches. Quite windy at the peak.

We started out from the Makapuu parking lot where people park to hike Makapuu trail. As I parked I noticed a police officer sitting in a SUV in the Makapuu Lookout parking lot. They were parked as we ascended the trail and were still there when we returned but did not say anything to us. The trail is as described in others reviews. Follow the fence up the hill. A short way up there is a gate in the fence go through it and follow up. You will see the trail from here. The first 15 minutes were ascending, If you are not used to a steep incline you may find it tiring. The biggest challenge we found with the trail was it is over grown because of all the rain we had lately. In some areas it was totally over grown and was difficult to follow but thanks to GPS on Alltrails we were able to stay on track. It was not too difficult as the trail follows the ridge. It took us approximately 1 hour and 15 or 20 minutes to reach the Puka. It was immediately after we went down the ridge and back up again. This is as far as we went. The ocean views are outstanding. We live in the islands and believe these are some of the most beautiful views there are. I would recommend wearing leg coverings on this hike. There is a lot of brush you will pass through and some of it is thorny. Bring lots of water, there is little cover and lots of sun on this trail.

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