I loved this trail. Fantastic views of the islands and beach, could even see sharks swimming in the sea life park. Good workout 3.5 hours up and back inc lunch at the top.

12/9/2017-Arrived around 0745 and there were a couple of stalls available near the trail head. (Probably a good time to start because some of the super early people are heading out.) Weather was pretty cool initially but the air was kind of still so it became a little warm after awhile. No whales sighted on this visit but hopefully on the next one!

Beautiful paved walk, awesome views all around. Whales were visible half way up and at the top.

I went to swim the tidepools at the base of the island. Paved trail up, then down the side on rocks. I wore plain Nikes, and carried my sandals on my pack. remember everything is gonna get wet at the bottom. Big waves on rocks, & the blow hole make for some spectacular pics. Take lots of liquids n snacks, & Be sure Sunblock up; it's all sun all day. 10/10 will do again.

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