13 days ago

This trail can be muddy at the beginning, but it’s still hike-able when it is. Long pants are a good idea to avoid scratches on the legs from dried, cut back fern stems along narrow paths. Watch out for loose dirt towards the end of the trail on a few steep inclines. Overall, the views along the way and at the end are well worth the steep hike back up!

Muddy! If it has rained in the last 24 hours, plan on areas were the mud is 3-4" deep. Not that much elevation change. I really suggest you to the whole 4 mile (each way) trail - inclusive of the segment to Olohena Rd.

A lot of song birds and views! Even with the mud, it it a must do hike!

That downed tree mentioned by other reviewers requires a lot more that a little scrambling if it is muddy. You will be pulling yourself up the trail with a muddy root, and then sliding down on the back side.

I saw a lot of muddy butts on the trail, so if you aren't very sure footed wear clothes you don't care about. The mud will stain your clothes permanently.

A bit muddy at the top but very beautiful today. Nice view of the crater

1 month ago

Beautiful ‘jungle’ hike along an old logging road, which makes for a good trail. Muddy and slippery at parts but easily handled; your shoes will get covered in mud though! Giant trees, beautiful views and a wonderful view of the higher ridges in the distance all make this very worthwhile.

There is a downed tree near the start of the trail, but you can scramble over it fairly easily.

We walked up to the picnic spot before turning around. The views are wonderful!

2 months ago

My 10-year-old and I did this hike on a sunny afternoon following a morning down-pour. It was so muddy but that made it more fun for her. The views were so breathtaking and nobody else was out there which made for a peaceful hike.

Okay hike...found out last night this was the trail two tourists were brutally murdered on thirty years ago. Trip Advisor left that one out.

Great views, nice long hike but very muddy.

Loved it, easy uphill hike but very muddy. Just plan to get muddy if it has rained. Amazing views and like others said, continue past picnic clearing at the top .5 miles and there is a little bridge and waterfall.

Nice, relaxing hike with beautiful mountain views

5 months ago

Beautiful views and lush rainforest. Very muddy but manageable. Light moderate, the mud is the main challenge (great core workout). It’s ~2 miles out to the bridge that marks the connection to the Moelepe part of the trail. Worth the time and work.

A little easier than “moderate”. Not too exciting but does have some great views. On the day we went it was pretty muddy making us turn around at the picnic tables. Still fun not nearly as much of a workout as some of the other “moderate” trials in the area

Beautiful views all along the trail

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6 months ago

Beautiful rain forest

great scenery

five star four wheel drive trail for the experienced only...not bad brah

8 months ago

This was an excellent trail with our toddler in a hiking carrier. Very muddy, so we went cautiously to keep footing, but a gradual incline with a beautiful payoff of amazing panoramas at the end! Really stunning views when the trail opens up at the picnic area. We didn’t go beyond the picnic area since we had our little one, so it was a relatively quick and lovely morning hike.

8 months ago

This is a nice and easy, gradual trail cut into what looks to be a forest service or logging access road. It is not very strenuous; however it rained (thunder stormed) the night before we hiked it at mid-morning and it was very muddy! Continue past the clearing at the top to the old wooden bridge where the two trails meet. If there's enough water in the little stream at the top of the trail, you'll be treated to a nice waterfall along the right side.

A bit overgrown and expect a lot of mud, but offers great valley and forest vistas

Great trail. A bit overgrown in places and muddy in most. Creates a few slippery sections. I fell on my butt once near the turn around point.

10 months ago

first ever solo hike, perfect! trail is a little overgrown in places, but easy to follow. a pleasant challenge. muddy, wear pants if you don't want to get cut by grass at the beginning and berry bushes at the very end (past the picnic tables). trail past the picnic tables was really steep and tricky and overgrown

10 months ago

Lovely hike through the green forest- not as stunning as some other views on the island, yet lovely green eye candy.

Nice views and picnic area at top. Could use a little maintenance, overgrown a bit but still totally passable. Not too muddy the day we went. A nice hike but not the very best.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nothing special. Easy hike. End point disappointing

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Relatively flat and easy walk with pretty views, which can be spectacular if the shrubbery had been cut back or if you hike all the way past the little bridge to the Kuilau views. Very fun for a dog! Dry days preferable.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Beautiful trail at all times of day, but preferable with less clouds and dry weather. (lots of mud puddles.) Park at the little pull out on the side of the road near the bottom of the hill for immediate access, or just past it at the bottom of the hill at the parking lot by the stream. It's a straight forward uphill hike with a wide path all the way up to the pavilion. But don't stop there - another mile or less of up and down hills will get you wonderful views of the mountains. If you want to keep going, it will take you around to the easy Moalepe trail ending further east in Wailua with some nice views.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Nice trail for views. It's rated at moderate but I would put it at the lower end of moderate. If available, park one car at the other end which at the Moalepe Trail head and start at the Kuilau Trail head. That makes it a 4 mile hike one way. After a rain, look across the valley and you'll probably see a new waterfall. Your only 5 miles from the center of the island which is the wettest place on earth!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Great views, but this area gets a lot of rain, so expect some mud. If you have a choice of days, don't go when rainy and try to go when there are less clouds. The vistas will pop.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Beautiful little walk. There is a beautiful streaming river that flows down the middle of it and it is so green and peaceful. There are some tall rainbow bark like trees which unfortunately I am not sure what they are called. We took a dog from he humane society here to swim and play. The humane society says this place IS pet friendly so I am unsure as to why this site says otherwise. This would be a great place to come set up a BBQ on a nice afternoon. There are several picnic areas and a couple of toilets although don't expect much from the bathrooms. Great place if you are looking for peace and quiet and a nice crisp streaming river.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beautiful views; pretty easy hike for a family.

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