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15 hours ago

Beautiful hike with an amazing view at the top, but the stairs towards the end are killer so make sure to pace yourself and bring plenty of water.

Beautiful hike. Can be tough at times, but well worth it once you get to the top. Be prepared for lots of steps towards the end!

that view! there is street parking in front of the houses on the way up, took us about 20 min to look for a parking spot not to far from the start of the trail, we ended up parking at the beginning of the street the hike entrance is, then walking up. my husband had my 25lb kid on his back in the carrier and he had a workout of a lifetime. the path is steady so its pretty self explanatory as you proceed. uphill zigzags. we spent about 3.5 hours round trip. spent about 20 minutes at the summit to admire a job well done!! this was definitely a challenge for me because im a novice hiker so my fitness level isn't quite where it should be to breeze this hike. but this is the one hike im glad I came to! its just amazing!

Great hike and the view at the top is awesome. Also there is a picnic table about half way that would be a good picnic spot.

Our favorite trail on the island!

Really nice hike!!!

Stunning. Fantastic. Had perfect weather. You have to pay attention as the drops are big and plentiful. In the rain or high wind this would probably be really dangerous. No chance I'd bring kids on this. A moment of bad judgment would end badly.

Among the best hikes I have done. Loved it. just take it seriously.

This was a fun hike! I also purchased a camping permit, thought there were no designated campsites. I chose a fairly level area towards the top, close to the pavilion rest spot. The start is a little spooky because it’s covered in greyish pine needles—such a cool experience!
There were a few others out hiking, but only enough that I saw people about every 20 minutes or so. There are tons of stairs (and roots that act as such), so be prepared for a little leg burning—the views are spectacular, though! There are several spots that will take your breath away
There is even a lookout bench about half way up.
Be careful with the weather and sunset! I got caught in a decent rainstorm right as I reached the summit, and it was pretty slippery coming back down. It’s also not a hike that should be done in the dark because of the obstacles along the path and the slippery nature of it all in the rain.
Just keep an eye on things, and you’ll be in for a heck of a treat!

We hiked this loop trail in a clockwise direction, starting with the western ridge trail, up to Pu’u O’kona then taking the Ko’olau Summit Trail east until it met up with the Kuliou’ou Ridge Trail at the overlook then headed back to the start via the state maintained Kuliou’ou Ridge Trail. I am very thankful that we hiked it in this direction as I feel it made some of the more difficult sections of it less dangerous. This was our second hike of New Year’s Day so we were hiking on tired legs, our first hike having been Koko Crater Rail Stairs at midnight for fireworks viewing.

It’s a demanding hike with several steep, crumbly rock sections, many of which offer ropes to assist in the more difficult or dangerous sections. The western Ridge Trail is a bit overgrown as plant roots and foliage frequently ensnarled our feet & ankles tripping us up a bit along the way. In two areas ropes had been severed making it a bit more challenging to navigate those areas, requiring some creativity to keep your balance on steep, crumbly rock. There were also two areas on the Ko’olau Summit Trail crossover section that had experienced recent land slides cutting away/undermining the trail stability. Take extra prudence in those areas because one false move could send you easily tumbling a couple hundred feet off a cliff toward Waimanalo.

Views are pretty spectacular along this loop once you reach the ridgeline, providing unimpeded views of Diamond Head, Maunalua Bay, Koko Crater, Koko Head, Makapu’u, Manana (Rabbit) Island, Waimanalo, Kailua, Olomana’s triple peaks. K1, K2, and the breathtaking Ko’olau Mountains.

This is a physically demanding trail, offering great views, heart racing moments, & excellent workout opportunities. I would absolutely not recommend this for children or individuals with a fear of heights as there are several quite dangerous areas along the route, where you may find yourself grabbing at tall grasses or underbrush/bush roots to simply prevent yourself from falling off cliffs. We recommend microspikes for the KST crossover section especially for extra security on muddy/moist trails. This outing took us four hours but we stopped frequently for photos and hiked a bit further off the loop trail for some additional photos and parked about a mile away from the trail head and included that distance in the hiking time. Had we hiked at our normal, healthy pace and stuck specifically to the loop route we could have finished this in around 2-1/2-3 hours in dry, clear weather conditions. Loved this trail!

Amazing trail with beautiful views! To access the trail you must go through a gated neighborhood. The guards wouldn't let us in until sunrise, must have Hawaii or military ID. There is a parking lot across the street if you get there early. Only 10 cars are allowed at a time. No restroom on the trail! we did it after a few days of rain so it was really muddy and slippery. it was pretty cloudy but i can imagine it getting really hot. Took my 14yo nephew and my 1yr puppy. The beginning of the trail is easy but by the end it got tougher because of all the stairs.
-High Moderate on my rating scale
-Did not see or use ropes
-Bring doggy poop bags because there isn't a doggy poop station (bags or trash can)
-Bring water, bug spray, and sunscreen
-Water for dog

First time hiking this and it was beautiful!! The views were stunning and living in cali for the past year has made me really miss the green

15 days ago

First mile is pretty easy then the roots and mud make it a little more challenging. Amazing view!

16 days ago

One of my personal favorite hikes , even with all the mud and spurts of Hawaiian rain showers! We recently went on an overcast, cloudy day, yet this made the hiking more peaceful and beautiful.

Rainy, wet conditions: Take time to carefully watch steps as roots, stairway, muddy trail is extremely slippery!

Going up is at time very tiring, and stairs are killer for novice hikers!

If you are going simply for view at end of hike: do not go on cloudy overcast day.

Beautiful hike. Not dangerous, but it definitely isn't an easy hike. View is worth it!

This trail is rated as “moderate” but please be aware of the weather conditions. We went to this trail the day after a heavy rain and the trail can be VERY SLIPPERY and can be difficult from time to time. The view at the summit is very good.

Great hike you will be worked out after this. 10lbs JRT did it like a champ, but was limping up the stairs when we got home .....annnndd he's passed out on the dog bed.

Gorgeous views at the top!

I think in a good day this trail can be amazing, but at the end you have to think it will worth it, it gets quite tough at the end.
Along the trail expect to see lots of beautiful and different type of trees, a nature “carpet” and beautiful scenario, at end Is breath taking and you’ll see that it will worth it.
Be sure to be in a great shape unless you ok with struggling lol.

Absolutely beautiful. Each part of the trail is very different and interesting. The top is amazing and tropical. Very worth the effort.

23 days ago

Nice hike. Some of the roots/mud is slippery. View from the top is worth it.

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