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Spectacular view!

Great trail for the family! Be considerate of the neighborhood when parking near the entrance of the trailhead. Otherwise, enjoy this scenic hike!

This is Kuliouou west ridge which starts from the same entranc as Kuliouou state trail. This is not Hahaione ridge.

Most stunning views up there. Beautiful hike.
I would recommend to come by car. From the bus stop to the beginning of the trail you have to walk about 30min.

12 days ago

First time doing this hike, I enjoyed it. I would recommend wearing hiking shoes it got muddy and some areas were a bit slippery. I wouldn’t attempt to hike this one if it’s been raining, there’s plenty of shade from the trees on your way up, but on a sunny day I would recommend sun screen when you get to the summit. It took about an hour and twenty minutes one way. The view was worth it.

14 days ago

****Do not wear running shoes***
This was a great but tough hike. I think it should be rated is hard not moderate. I did KoKo Head earlier in the week which is rated as hard and I thought this was tougher. Also, if possible hike with someone and avoid running shoes if you can. It can be slippery and dangerous. I did this alone and keep thinking if I fell it could be a while before someone found me. I saw maybe 20 hikers the whole time. I do not think this is kid or dog friendly. It’s just my opinion. Overall, great hike.

Beautiful hike starting with switchbacks and then more up with lots of roots to use as steps. Top view is incredible and worth it. Often socked in so check clouds and weather. Not suitable for little kids. Wish hikers would stay on trails to keep trail from eroding unnecessarily.

Def feeling it but it was so worth it!! Make sure to use bug spray!

Great hike for dogs. However, please remember to clean up pet waste and take your bag out too. Don't ruin the privilege of dogs for others. Lastly, if you take your pet, I would suggest using a dog harness. If your pup slips, you could severely hurt their necks with a collar.

26 days ago

Nice hike with a stupefying view. It’s quite beautiful up there. It is muddy and slippery, but several sections have stairs, and there are only one or two scrambles. Round trip in around 3 hours from the trailhead, with 15-20 for viewing at the top. There is a lot of cover, but some sections are exposed so sunscreen is important ( especially at the top).

Excellent trail, just the right amount of scenery and exercise.

trail running
1 month ago

I’ve done this trail a few times and it’s really fun. MAKE SURE YOU GO ON A CLEAR SKIES DAY. If there are low hanging clouds or you go early in the morning you can’t see anything from the top. Trail can be pretty muddy sometimes and if you’re hiking in the dark there are low hanging branches that you can hit your head on.

In the middle of the trail there is a covered picnic table to take a break at.

4.2 mile out and back. Great workout at the end. Some stairs but no ropes. Some washed out steps due to last heavy rains. Bring water, snacks, micro spikes and rain gear. Shorts ok as trail in great shape.

Steep trail, definitely not an easy one. But you’re so immersed in how gorgeous it is, that nothing else matters. Slippery when wet. :-)

Beautiful views. Good steady climb plenty of shade. Some mud but generally avoidable by rock hopping. Took just over 2 hours total.

Great views even though we were stuck in a cloud at the top. Really fun hike. Slippery in a few spots.

Nice, easy and very quiet hike. Kid friendly. We enjoyed going off the trail down to the little waterfall towards the top of the trail.

2 months ago

Fun trail, not too difficult for someone who hikes occassionally. I went the day after it rained a lot, so there was a fair amount of mud when I got to the steps at the top so be prepared to step in puddles. View from the top is phenomenal, and it was seriously windy when I got up there. I took some shortcuts through the switchbacks which can get a little confusing, as I got away from the trail a couple of times. Took about two hours total start to finish. There was ample street parking.


2 months ago

3/17/2018-Started around 0810 (had to park at the bottom of the street because there was no spots that were open any nearer to the trailhead) and came across 56 groups/solo hikers. Weather was a little muggy but there was some breeze once you got higher up the mountain. The top was all clouds today but the breeze was really nice after climbing all the stairs.

The view at the end is Amazing! Having said that, it is not an “easy” hike. So.many. Stairs at the end, but if you can push through, you’ll be happy you did. I think this would be a rough for kids. Slippery in parts and the steps are large (think standing lunge to get up). Took about 2 hours to get up and 1.5 coming down. Bring water and snacks for the top.

The hike up gets your heart pumping, and the view at the top is so worth it! It’s a pretty straightforward hike, and mostly shaded. Also, not crowded!

Awesome hike! Be prepared to sweat. It’s clear and footing isn’t hard, but the elevation is legit.

Very nice hike. Forest is magical, view from the top is worth climbing those steep stairs.

2 months ago

This trail is well groomed and straightforward. There are alternative trails that cut between the switchbacks that were a little distracting. The viewpoint at the top of the ridge makes this trail so worth it! I would say this a hard beginner hike or easy intermediate hike. It’s also the easiest of the Hawaii ridge hikes. I wore hiking boots, but trail runners and even tennis shoes will do the job. The trail was pretty dry making it pretty ideal for stepping. The stairs are a tad steep near the step so watch the footing when coming down from the mountain. It took us just over 2 hours to go up
and come down.

Looking to do this hike between 3/28 and 3/9.
Anyone else out there interested???


2 months ago

Took me 2 hrs round trip. If it has rained recently would recommend using micro spikes as it will make the decent much easier.

Amazing amazing hike. Views from the top are just spectacular. And the variation in the forests was so cool. The other thing I loved about this hike was the smells, some floral, some woody. Overall just awesome. Do be prepared for some cardio work at the top with all those stairs.

3 months ago

2.5 hours to complete for us. We trail ran the first part of it and again on the way out. We had to do it twice because the view was of a cloud our first time. There were raspberries up top to eat, yum! A few ripe portions and stairs as well. Definitely moderately rated. One of my favorite hikes!

3 months ago

Muddier than I was expecting but a very pleasant trail.

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