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This is a decent hike, it's a pretty moderate distance between a short and fast easy hike and longer more difficult trails. About 5 miles, a large amount of the trek is through forest and up switchbacks which are fairly tedious. Eventually you will reach a taller thick forest where you will need to look out for the trail marker ribbons to avoid meandering off track. There's a nice picnic table area for a rest stop and having a snack. The upper, steep, stairs area is the more difficult section of this trail and can be more grueling in the rain or after a heavy rain as it gets a bit muddy. The top provides a nice panoramic view. Overall it's definitely not my favorite (or even top 10) on the island and I don't see myself doing it again unless I connect across to other trails from the summit.

2 days ago

Good hike, great views!

if you don't want to slide down the hill by the picnic tables there's another way down. continue the descent from the picnic tables until you get to the sign that shows the way to the KuliououTrail. don't follow it but ascend a small rise and continue in the same direction that you were going. after 10 minutes or so you will intersect the Hahaione Trail on your left. this is the same Trail that you will hit by sliding down the hill just a little further down the valley.

5 days ago

great hike beautiful views of North Shore!

8 days ago

Nice easy trail with the young kids. At the end was a river bed where we took a break and kept the mosquitos company.

Great views from the peak!

This is a great little hike, not terribly hard for your average person. It can be a bit more challenging after a good rainfall. It's particularly great in the morning for the sunrise. Great photo opportunity at the top no what time of day you decide to go. About half way up the trail there is a small pavilion with benches for a sit down if needed.
Great hike for people through the island. Be sure to bring water and something to snack on.
Happy trails!

12 days ago

Lots of switchbacks, not for the inexperience. It's a nice shaded wet hike. Be sure to have hiking shoes or good shoes with grip.