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3 days ago

Great views, not for anyone scared of heights.
Took 3 h and 16 min. We keept a good pace going up but we took it easy on the way down

A few tips
- Alot of brush that is hip high. Recommand pants cause it is brutal for bare skin. Got a lot of nicks.
- We took the east way up and the west down. It seemed to be better to do it the other way around. A lot of places where it is pretty slippery cause of leaves and fallen down pine

One of the best hikes we did on Oahu, and we did many. We saw just a few people and enjoyed this trail much. Mostly, you will have an amazing view. It was a quite normal moderate level. No dangerous parts on the way, just many steps in the end.

Definitely highly recommend!

13 days ago

On thanksgivng day we decided to hike up to the koolau range via the Hawaii Loa ridge trail. It was very windy and cool the entire time. Unfortunately, there are many dog poop along the trail esp the first section.

I did the loop trail with an veteran hiker. We hiked about 4.5 miles, not 2.6 as stated above. It’s a challenging ‘direct’ ascent and decline with a lovely forested ridge hike in between. One treat is that the temp cools a little as you ascend