Photos of Koko Crater Regional Park Hiking Trails

Definitely a more moderate hike than hard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of stairs, most of which you’re lunging up rather than stepping, but it’s not super difficult if you take your time and don’t try to break speed records. I definitely recommend this for a morning hike, not only because sunrise is beautiful, but also because you can’t see the top before you begin, and that’s the most discouraging part. Start thirty minutes before you think you’ll need to so you have ample time at the top before the sun crests. Bring a flashlight. The bridge was the worst part for me. I stopped a few steps in and anxiety and fear took over, because those ties don’t look the most supportive. After I took that next step, though, it was great! If you don’t feel like you’re going to reach the top, take another ten steps. Then pause for a few, then another ten steps. Then pause and go again. Take it slow. I made it up in 35 minutes! It’s not bad! Going down, I definitely utilized the butt scoot. Totally not ashamed.