2 days ago

Throw some extra weight in your backpack for a good time. It’ll be worth it.

loved this hike! It took me a bit but the view was amazing!!!

Very cool hike

This is a legit hump. Prepare to get your heart rate up! Enjoy the views.

on Koko Head Crater Trail

7 days ago

Hard, but worth it !

Make sure you come in spring. Other than that, great trail. DONT COME AFTER IT RAINS!!! You can also check out my video on YOUTUBE——> “Aloha State of Mind” for more clips!!!!

Technical hike up stairs but so worth it. Took about 40min to get up and about 40 min down. The views at the top cannot be beat. It is slippery so best to go when it's dry. Majority of stairs are in the shade but it's still best to go early to beat the sun/heat.

Hard! But beautiful views

Worth it. 1000000 times worth it. Make sure you see the other side for the view over there too

This was a killer hike and great work out for me and my friend. The view from the top was so worth it though. Like the other reviews suggest bring as little with you as possible, and hydrate before, during, and after. It's definitely a must do while you're on Oahu.

on Koko Head Crater Trail

14 days ago

Holy stairs.

This is a very steep hike that follows old railroad ties straight up to the top of the crater. I'd leave the kids at home, as there are a few portions of the trail that are pretty dicey/don't have land directly beneath the ties (the land's a solid 15+ feet down).

Even though (because?! it's steep and challenging, the views are amazing and totally worth it. I'm in good shape (I weight train 2-3 days a week and run 5 days a week), but still expect to spend up to 30 minutes on my way up to the top. The trail is entirely exposed, so I'd recommend going earlier in the day OR planning to slow down and take a bit longer - the midday sun is brutal.

Hard climb at the end due to the incline and tie spacing. Had a blast and the view from the rim is great. One of the first rails I have hiked since joining

15 days ago

Absolutely fabulous view of the sunrise, the climb up 1048 stairs or railroad ties at almost 1200 ft. was worth it. Once at the top, don't just stop at the end of the rail, explore the surroundings which includes taking in the breathtaking views over the top. As you look into the crater there, there's a botanical garden inside the crater which is another hike and worth it. The access to it can be found within All Trails.

A favorite now for botanical garden hikes. It's got the distance, the variety, and the uniqueness of the interior crater.

16 days ago

Liked this one a lot. Took us 24 minutes to get to the top (had a few brief stops) and half the time to get to the bottom. Pretty avid hiker in good shape but it definitely killed the legs - there are lots of great, flat spots at the top to stretch. Amazing view from all sides (since no mountains are obstructing it) and you can definitely spend a while up there exploring. You can also get a lot of pictures that give you the illusion of sitting on the edge of a cliff without actually putting yourself in any danger.

We went at about 9am and it was already getting warm, and there were quite a few people out. The stairs are pretty narrow so I wouldn't recommend going midday when everyone's out unless you're a slow goer and don't mind walking behind someone or stopping a lot. Definitely bring water!!

Good short hike. Stair master. Beautiful view. Go early for sunrise if you can.

25 days ago

Lots of steps. Like a lot a lot. There’s a stretch where you’re climbing the steps but where you could technically step through / fall through. For those who are hesitant, you can take the path on the side for that stretch. Took about 25 min to reach the peak, where you’re rewarded with amazing views.

This is better named "Koko Crater Rim Trail", because Koko Head is the next mountain over (above Hanauma Bay). East rim can be accessed from the Arch trail, on the ocean side. The lower level of the East rim is wonderful and chock full of yellow flowers ATM, thanks to a fire that cleared out a lot of underbrush a couple years ago. -Very- quiet trail, because it's only suitable for daredevil hikers, IMO.

The view from the top is worth the sweat!

Stairs were difficult and uneven, and I had to use my hands to help get me up and down in spots. Definitely go earlier in the day, bring a lot of water, and take breaks if you need to. The view from the top is worth it!

This is one of my favorite spot in Oahu❤️

Good workout. Wouldn’t recommend for young kids because there are some portions that will be tough for them to get over and you have to walk over a portion on the tracks that has no ground beneath. Beautiful views at the top!

Difficult hike, but awesome views at the top. My wife and I did it, she is 20 weeks pregnant

Excellent Hike! The Koko Crater Arch Trail begins at the famous Blowhole and continues for 1/2 mile to the largest arch found on Oahu. The grade is moderate and there is no technical climbing involved. Route is exposed with no shade, so bring sunscreen and a bottle of water. Shoes with good tread recommended. Kid & Pet friendly.
Be careful crossing the road as this is one of the most heavily traveled sections on the island. From this hike you can hit the Koko Crater Trail, the Koko Head Railway, Hunauma Bay, the Lighthouse Hike and several more on the NE side of Oahu.
This video contains the most comprehensive information to safely navigate up and down the Koko Crater Arch Trail. Koko Crater is a dormant volcano on the east side of Oahu, Hawaii and this trail can be followed to the rim of the crater...all the way up to the top of Koko Head Railway and down the other side.
For more of HIKING HAWAII, check out Green Beret Unlimited right here on YouTube.

Awesome trail for a quick workout. Lots of loose rocks so wear shoes with traction. Exactly 1.9 miles around the full loop according to my Apple Watch. Fun to jog around and try to beat your best time.

very difficult hike but the view at the top worth it

Did this specifically because I wanted to see how fast I can get up. I didn’t prepare for it at all and I was able to get up to the top in 25 min, and that was really pushing it. I don’t know how people run this. I’d have to train harder :-)

short, excellent trail, beautiful views. the “hard” part seems to be getting on top of the arch. it’s very steep and not many good holds. there was no wind today, the hike was easy, left or right side are doable. we went up the left side, we went down the right side...butt crawl down, it’s cake.

Great short hike, drink before start, dont bring litres of water with you (on the top i needed to drink only cup of water) its a short trail. Go there soon (7am) so the track will be in shadow. Bring trekking poles, they will help you up and will help you back down safely. Did it in 18min to the top, my wife in 20min.

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