This hike is a great workout! It’s daunting, high, challenging and super scary at times. There’s a part on the stairs where the ground is really low, so if you trip you’ll fall in. That was very mentally scary for me so I was on my butt and using my hands and knees to get up there. The view from the top is great! What makes this hike the best is all the people on it who motivate you and keep pushing you. I think it’s worth it! If I lived here, I would definitely try to do this hike once a week because it’s such a good workout.

Completed this hike at sunrise on a weekday in May 2017. It was a beautiful hike and not many people were there, maybe like 2.

Great leg workout ! Very busy! once you reach the top it is extremely rewarding !

Great cardiovascular workout

I thought this was a great hike. There were a lot of people on the trail. I don’t think this should be rated as hard but I am not an experienced hiker. It is steep but very straight forward and a lot of people to provide motivation. I highly recommend it if you are on Oahu.



Challenging, working all parts of the body with balance and strength plus lots of inspiration a long the way with all walks of life reaching for the top-a stunning 360 degree view of water, city and lush hills. I wimped out over the bridge this time, (even though it was dry and not raining) choosing the detour and avoiding the “40 ft drop” view below the open rail road ties...But I did climb it in 20 minutes, 28 secs. Not bad for an old gal at 60.

13 days ago

Great hike! It will definitely test your hiking ability but the view is worth it. The only part I disliked was the bridge.

This was one of my favorite hikes to do in Oahu. It’s definitely a workout and I was drenched by the end of it but worth the views. Go early as it does get crowded.

Easy walk around the gardens, lots to look at. No epic views like most of the hikes, but still pretty none the less. Tons of flora and fauna and mostly labelled for educational purposes

Super steep!! Slightly sketchy over the bridge.. But so worth it for that view

Great view. A lot easier going up than coming down. Will do this one again

Awesome trail. Got caught in the rain. Great overall experience

Good workout and very regarding view! Make sure you hydrate beforehand

Awesome hike. Awesome view. Pretty difficult climb if you aren't in decent shape.

22 days ago

4/28/2018-Started the stair master around 0730 and counted 75+ groups/solo hikers/runners. It seems more repair work on the trail has been done since the last time we were here and some newer extra steps in the form of CMU blocks were included too. (Which is nice for those of us who aren’t 5’8” or taller because stretching to the next railroad tie gets a little sketchy at times.) The weather was nice and cloudy with a good breeze going, but some sections were a little slippery so it made for slow going to the top and back down. Otherwise, it was a good outing nonetheless!

Did it 1 ½ times today and was Epic in the clouds and rain. Plan to do this many times, great core, balancing the ties, up and down, as well quad and ham workout. There is one section past the 600ft mark that has a drop through the ties, take the trail to the right to bypass this section if not strong and balanced. This is a well traveled trail every day, so there are many friendly people on it!

Gorgeous scenery once at the top of Koko crater.
I would not recommend it if you feel a tiny bit tired ;-)
Have change clothes in your car because you might be soaked in sweat.
Absolutely worth it! You will be rewarded for the effort as the view is breathtaking!
On our way down, it started raining a bit and the steps became slippery.

24 days ago

Well if the pictures don’t say it all I don’t know what does. Just do it. It’s short and very unique. Provides amazing pictures.

Not bad but mostly just 20 minutes on a stair master to get to the real eye candy at the top. Fun to hear the military boys target shooting near by.

on Koko Head Crater Trail

24 days ago

Super point de vue au sommet !!

26 days ago

Straight trail all the way up on the old rail track. Little areas on it where you can stop and catch your breath on the way up. Great view on the top! A little bit harder going down since steps can be a bit wide.

Climbed down from the ridge trail onto the arch. You could see where all the rockclimbers had anchored their ropes. Climbing down the arch without gear was a little sketchy but overall went well. There’s great views overlooking Hanauma Bay

Very fun hike. You’re at the cliff edge almost he whole time. I went up the stairs and then down to this hike. Lots of rocks to climb up onto for fun photo opportunities.

Very fun and challenging hike, you will feel like a baby deer walking down it though!

Easy for the first half getting harder for the other half. But when u reach the top is feel so great

if you are out of shape this hike will kill you lol

I appreciate this spot only as a workout. The view at the top was good, but other than that nothing really to see.

A fun workout hike! Views make it worth it

So many stairs! But a great view and sense of accomplishment.

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