Heavily trafficked, not everyone makes it all the way up, the view is definitely worth it though.

the breeze and view at the top made it worth the hike up!

Amazing hike! But be careful it’s slippery. Other than that, the view is really amazing!!

1 day ago

Loved every challenging minute of this hike! Great views all along the way and at the top. Lots of camaraderie on the trail.

very serious..but worth it..last time I went up was on my 50TH bday..let's go.
special note..its almost jus as hard going down lol

Every step was worth every second of the beautiful views.

6 days ago


8 days ago

So glad we did this one. Tough climb and crowded the day we were there, but great camaraderie among hikers and terrific views at the top.

8 days ago

This hike is pretty fun for me. It may not seem interesting to look down at tracks the entire time, but there's enough change in steepness, distance of steps, and there's a nice visible drop midway through the hike to keep me entertained. The view is pretty good, both during (it's cool to look back and see how far you are) and at the top (360 view from the top of the crater).

I also wrote an in-depth review, take a look: http://www.thehawaiiplan.com/koko-head-crater-railway-trail-hike/

Awesome hard trail

We had a great time climbing with my kids. I was put to shame by a mom climbing with her baby on her back.lol

Love, love, LOVE this hike!! Although, don’t be fooled, I wouldn’t say this hike is kid friendly and I certainly didn’t see any wild flowers. The view is absolutely incredible at the top. If you are a physically fit person and want to push your limits in physical activity... highly recommend doing this hike at least twice and seeing if you can beat your first time! Be sure to wear either hiking boots or trail running shoes. The terrain is uneven at points and a a lot of people who take a lot of time to get to the top... as well as narrow path and steep inclines at times. If you are trying to get a workout in without the frustration of slow folk either get there very early in the morning or near sunset.

I love Koko Head. I just did it carrying my baby a few days ago and just about died lol. Don’t carry a baby up the mountain if you want to use your legs the next few days!

if you are looking for your leg work out look no further. views are very nice, nothing you can't find on other hikes but definitely worth it

14 days ago

I don't know, this was so grueling and hot and dry and narrow and freaky... it wasn't actually that enjoyable, if you know what I mean?? I much prefer Diamond Head - an even better view and FAR more fun, wide open, less chance of tumbling straight down.

Woke up at 4am to hike this before sunrise. Extremely steep and slippery in some areas but it’s worth it. Descending isn’t much better and requires you to take your time. There’s a bridge about midway through with quite a drop so be careful.

this trail reminds me of the incline in Colorado! such an amazing hard workout but well worth the breath taking view!! my favorite view of trails so far!

Beautiful view. Take a few short breaks and it’s a quick hike in the morning that leaves plenty of time for other activities

There are some disadvantages of this trail such as the long line of people climbing up and going down as well as the care with which you need to descend but it is truly worth it as the views are not the best on the island but definitely up there. It is great because Hanauma bay is real close and so is the lighthouse trail so you can hit multiple great spots at once. Hanauma bay is one of the best snorkel spots in the world and there is even an amazing pizza place sophies pizza which has Korean and Hawaiian ingredient options and is the top rated pizza place on the island. The bulgogi pizza is a must! If you have knee issues I would avoid this trail the steep descent puts a good amount of strain on the joint capsules but most healthy people should have no issues. If you are looking to do more challenging and adventurous trails with even better views email me at justindavidsands@gmail.com.

Yes this is Koko Crater , not Koko Head. They are two different geological feature. Put the two together, you get Maunalua.

Fun, challenging, relatively short

Very hard! But the view and feeling of accomplishment was worth it!

Great views - the arch can be dangerous on a windy day like mine.
you can easily access the underside of arch.

Start the hike parking at Halona Blowhole and find your way onto trail left from the Japanese Fishing Shrine (right side could work too I guess - left was not hard but a bit of climbing needed)
Beware of traffic especially on your way out of the hike

Great work out - I would go as early as possible to avoid heat and crowd.
Views at top are nice too.

Very straightforward path

the steps were challenging but worth it. I’d definitely come back and do it again.

Not a bad hike to the top. Medium to low difficulty for someone who is in decent shape.

23 days ago

Wow .. What a Climb! Started easy enough but flet like it would never end .. heart-rate up but fun to complete .. enormous views from the top unfortunately for us, the weather was not the best.

If you’re going to hike before the sunrises use a head lamp. I’m 52 and have probably done a total of 10 hikes in my whole life and I did this one. It took me 38 minutes with 15 minutes to spare before sunrise. If I can do it, you can do it.

28 days ago

Intense but well worth the hike when you see views from the top. Be careful coming down as it’s pretty steep.

unfortunately over used, as evident from extensive erosion.
but makes for a quick cardio hike

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