Fun to watch people jump in the pool from the cliffs
We did not plan on doing that !

There is a small trail just behind a rock wall used as a make-shift fruit stand. You have to go around the back of the fruit stand or go over the wall to a small narrow trail down a path, through a cattle gate with a warning sign and through a field. It ends in a small 'launching' area where the brave/foolish can jump up to 60 feet into a lagoon. This seems like a favorite local spot for a 'rite of passage'/ human sacrifice with steep and narrow paths over slippery cliffs down to the water. If younger, I definitely would have tried the 60ft jump for bragging rights, but realistically, you could also die. Check it out if this is appealing.

Not really a hike or place to relax and get some sun. It's an access trail to a small cliff diving pool. Not a good spot for the average hiker, Better off going down the road to other trails.

Not a hike. But if you pick a nice day and at the right time during the tide it's amazing. Fun, but small, cliff diving.

Access to Venus Pool is across private property