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Koke'e State Park offers commanding views of the lush, amphitheater-headed Kalalau Valley from 4000 feet elevation. Wildland picnicking, tent camping and lodging. Hiking in native rain forest and along rim of Waimea Canyon; additional trails in neighboring forest reserves. Excellent area for observation of native plants, forest birds and insects. Seasonal plum picking and trout fishing. Pig hunting in public hunting area.

17 hours ago

1 day ago

Hiked this in October 2017 with my husband. Used a single pole for parts of this hike. Start early! Full sun on the way down and two downpours on the way up. Perfectly gorgeous colors regardless of the weather and a challenging but doable hike.

2 days ago

Great views but mundane trail descent. Hike back out has 2-3 step section, but for the most part wasn’t that hard.

Great exercise, great view of a small waterfall, great views of a breathtaking canyon.

Not so great being inches away from slipping 1500 ft to your demise. I'd consider this a moderate hike, but also fairly dangerous, especially in slippery conditions.

Great hike with a breathtaking view !

AMAZING trail. A little on the wet, muddy and slippery slide though, so wear your hiking boots. Beware of the tree roots and slippery rock surfaces. The view is brilliant — well worth it!

4 days ago

Fantastic hike that gets you down into the canyon and up above to see it all! Quick and easy hike with some mud spots after a few days of rain. Lots of great vistas and photo opportunities, definitely go all the way to the falls (don’t stop at the “top”).

6 days ago

7 days ago

7 days ago

Wear the right shoes for this one! Saw a lot of people in flip-flops...

10 days ago

I don’t think I have ever been more happy with such a short hike. So breathtakingly beautiful. The first part is steep downhill and then it levels off. This is rated “hard”.... but my 12 year old and my husband and I did this in flip flops. It was a dry day... if the trail was muddy I would have called it moderate. There were a few “holy crap that’s far down” moments, but if you are not stupid and are fairly active, you’ll be fine. Gorgeous gorgeous rewards for such a short trip.

on Awa'awapuhi Trail

11 days ago