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3 days ago

Amazing view at the end of the trail.

6 days ago

Beautiful views! It‘s slippery and a little bit mudy on the way down. Coming back up again is faster and easier. Took us about one hour to go down and 40 minutes back up (including water and picture breaks).

7 days ago

The distance quoted for this hike is about right, but not the elevation change (it is definitely less than 2125feet...). The views from the end of the trail are spectacular, but note: you HAVE to go all the way to the end!! The trail doesn't reward you with the views until you've done the full distance!
We actually took the Nu'alolo trail out, then took the Nu'alolo Cliff Trail across which links up to the Awa'Awapuhi Trail. The views from both the Nu'alolo and the Awa'Awapuhi lookouts are very different, so I really recommend doing both trails if you can.
You can then either walk along the road back to your car parked at the start of the Nu'alolo/Awa'Awapuhi trail, or just hitchhike - you'll probably be picked up within a minute by one of the many friendly tourist cars going past.

7 days ago

The views from this trail are stunning and well worth it!You hike down into the Canyon on the Kukui trail. This was steep, and a that bright red mud/clay mix which I imagine would be treacherous when wet.
At the bottom of the Canyon the Kukui trail ends and you may either turn left and head up the Canyon to Lonomea campground, or right and follow the Canyon all the way out to the town of Waimea (around 8 miles). (...Or indeed you could turn around and hike the Kukui trail back up and out)
So, tips for IF YOU TURN LEFT AND INTEND TO CAMP: the campsite right at the bottom of the Kukui trail is called Williwilli (it's beautiful). Further up the trail and 3 river crossings later (which will definitely require you to get your feet wet) is Kaluahaulu campground, then Hipalau, and finally at the end of the trail is Lonomea. We had a permit for Lonomea campground, but did not actually make it there because the trail was SO overgrown, and ducked into Hipalau instead. We really were battling our way through dense overgrown thorny plants, which were often above head height, for sustained stretches. What's more there is a sharp drop off on one side (totally unproblematic if you can see the path, but a little treacherous if you can't see where you're putting your feet!). It's really just a shame that Hawaii State Parks rangers aren't doing a proper job and clearly haven't been up there in (at the very least) a few months. Camping at any campsite does require a permit. I will say, however, that although both Kaluahaulu and Hipalau were showing as fully booked on the State Parks website, the night we were there only one couple was at Kaluahaulu and we were the only couple at Hipalau (and the dreadfully overgrown state of the trail informed us that clearly no rangers go back there to check permits). A tip for if you are camping though - the mosquitos are swarming down there. I covered myself in bug spray and still got eaten alive... take DEET!
Tips for IF YOU TURN RIGHT TO HIKE THE CANYON OUT: It's very straight forward - it's essentially an 8 mile dis-used 4x4 trail, with multiple river crossings (I lost count, although I think it was around 11). The river crossings will definitely require you to get your feet/legs wet. Otherwise, though, it's very easy. It's not hugely scenic (especially the last 3 miles or so), but it is kind of cool to see how long the Canyon continues for.
Best thing about both these trails - hardly anyone else on them!

7 days ago

I hiked this trail last week!! It was really muddy in the beginning, but it got better after the initial steep downhill! Just be careful! There were amazing views the entire way! It was a bit difficult, so I wouldn't recommend it to inexperienced hikers, but I think that anyone who knows what they're doing should definitely do this hike!!! It wasn't as scary as it was made out to be in some of these reviews, but there are some parts where the trail is thin.
We saw some mountain goats so keep your eyes peeled! And have fun!

Best trail I’ve done on Kauai so far....beautiful views!!

You really see the parts of the canyon you cant from the overlook. It takes you to the top of the falls seen from the Waimea Canyon Overlook. A couple cliffs here and there, but not bad enough someone afraid of heights couldn't make. Absolutely beautiful sights of the canyon from a unique side for a short hike.

8 days ago

We recorded 2.2 miles round trip to the last red dot with 770 ft elevation gain.

If you can handle the mild climb on the way back then I would definitely do this trail, the views are incredible and you don’t have to get too close to the edge if you don’t want to.

9 days ago

Incredible views of the canyon throughout hike. We recorded 2.3 miles rt and 1,000 ft elevation change. Good footing all the way so exposure to extreme drop offs not so bad. Recommend good hiking gear. Poles very helpful.

A must particularly if weather is clear. Probably the earlier in the day the better. Take water and take your time out and back. Hard rating is fair.

This trail is awesome if you want spectacular views. It is very challenging on the climbs and decents. Best hike I've ever done.

10 days ago

My husband and I hiked this trail on a beautiful day in Kauai. There was very little mud, so we didn’t have to slip and slog through any red mud, as other have noted on wetter days. The hike itself does not have many vistas, but it is still a lovely walk through many different micro habitats. The big payoff of this hike is most certainly the end. The view took our breath away! It was simply gorgeous. Hiking back up proved to be the hardest part, there was a lot of up to get back to the top.

Great, easy trail with the family. Although you can't see the waterfalls in all their splendor at the top, the views of the valley from the falls are amazing. Additionally, think about taking a swimsuit to swim in the small swimming hole and feeder waterfall that is just off the main trail to the top of the falls. It is a beautiful little spot and an pretty easy way in/out.

This was the most breathtaking hike that I've done with my family. We love taking active vacations together and this trail made for the best addition to our most recent Kauai trip. It took us about 4 hours roundtrip, including a fairly significant stop at the end of the trail to have a snack and enjoy the views. For this hike, definitely watch out for slippery/steep spots towards the end of your descent. These are much easier on the way back up. Also, make sure to take some food to recharge before you turn back to start the substantial ascent back to the trailhead. Absolutely incredible.

Don’t know how you’d give this less than 5 stars. Relatively easy hike. I added the Nu’alolo loop to it - made for a bit better exercise (about 13 miles total). I’m 51 and in decent shape - it was definitely doable with a little left in the tank.

10 days ago

Gorgeous views- worth the steep inclines. There is a place to camp near the beginning/middle of the trail. Make sure to wear proper hiking boots. The girls in front of us had tennis shoes and were sliding all over the place. One finally took them off and the rest had to crawl with their hands. If you have sensitive skin make sure to wear long pants or capris because the cut back ferns are scratchy when the trail narrows at the end. This trail can get muddy after a rain and is fairly narrow so I’d suggest going after a couple dry days. Bring lots of water and make sure to save it for your trip back.


It took us 2 hours round trip from the main road. It was a nice stroll to the top of the waterfall. We didn’t have issues with mosquitoes.

11 days ago

We are covered in bug bites from our ankles to our faces and we DID use bug spray. The only waterfall you see is on the other side of the canyon. You hike to a river that is swarming in mosquitoes. There are so many other better hikes in the park and on the island. This one is not worth your time or energy. It is super slippery going down. Overall, not worth it.

Nice hike! Did it around noon and didn't have any troubles with clouds. Fairly steep at portions, and quite narrow some places as well. If you take your time and don't rush, it's a great hike. Weather was dry when I did it, so it wasn't too muddy either.

It was easy, but very muddy and overgrown. We actually lost the trail and had to lose this app to find our way back.

We did this hike yesterday (June 5). The overlook of the Na'poli coast was sooooooo cool! We allocated 4 hours to the hike, but that was with hanging out at the bottom.
Going in was a pretty steady downhill. There was a lot of mud for about the first 1 1/2 miles. When we went, there were a ton of walking sticks at the entrance. If you're worried about falling, I would grab one. I'm a pretty experienced hiker and I never use walking sticks, but after falling on a muddy hike earlier this week, I decided to use one. It made all the difference in the mud.
Overall, it was an awesome hike and I would highly recommend it.

This is definitely a "moderate" hike, not easy. I'm an avid hiker and in my mid 20s. There is a lot of up and downs, as well as loose footing and high steps in a few places. The hike wasn't too hard, but it definitely isn't "easy".

That being said it's super beautiful. You get to see the waterfall, as well as an amazing overlook about a 4th of the way down the canyon. Look out for the arch at the overlook!! It's really neat.

If you have 4WD, there was a parking lot that starts about 0.6 miles down the trail that we passed. We saw a lot of 4WD cars there and you could start there. I don't know how to get to it, but I'm sure you could figure it out from a map.

16 days ago

Amazing pretty easy trail. The hike took us about 2:15 hours walking, but we had a pretty good tempo. The view at the end is amazing: you see the mountains and the sea. You don't see well the Napali coast (for that you need to go to the Nualolo trail), but the view on the mountains and canyons are breathtaking.

Hiked this trail yesterday. Very muddy at the start, but got better further into the hike. The views are well worth it. Best hike I’ve had on Kauai.

17 days ago

Great hike. Trail is steep but wasn’t too slick even with the misting rain we had. Great views. Saw some mountain goats.

This trail was pretty family friendly! Footing is definitely good enough to baby wear. The end at the falls has some fun boulders to scramble, and the falls view is from the top/start of the fall. We did drive the 4x4 path in a Jeep, which cut the hike distance in half, and was a fun and convenient alternative considering we had just completed the Kalepa Ridge Hike, and the sunset was upon us! There are definitely some loose footing /crumbling dirt slide places but you are able to get far enough away from the cliffs edge to feel comfortable taking a tumble or sliding on your booty!

18 days ago

Great trail! I opted not to take my 2yr old in a carrier, probably a good choice. The footing can be slick in places and you are very close to the edge. I’d only pack a child in if you are an experienced hiker and baby wearer, and your sure your kiddo doesn’t have any issue/fear of heights. Great views! Great Breeze! Just do it!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW Maybe the best hike in Kauai

Trail is really good. But if you made Kalepa ridge trail not so far from Awaawapuhi - you can give it only 4. But I would recommend make it both. Na Poli cost views is fantastic.

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