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6 hours ago

Still a lil muddy around 11:30, but the roots give good areas for traction. Dried up on the way back around 2:00. The view at the end is the best I’ve seen. Words and pictures can’t do it justice. If you only have time for one hike this is the one.

16 hours ago

definitely fun but I would rate this "hard" instead of moderate, especially if it is wet/rainy.

One of my favorite hikes. Did it + Black Pipe with a 6 month old.

Beautiful views of the canyon! and not too difficult. We took breaks on the big rocks and went all the way to the falls which were just okay in my opinion. I didn't enjoy seeing folks getting so close to the top of the falls- very scary. The hike was worth it in my opinion just for a different and better view of the canyon than the lookout.

3 days ago

This trail was a wonderful trail for the views. I don’t know if I would go as “Moderate” but I would almost push it to “Hard” depending of your ability to climb muddy hills. After the .75 mile marker it became pretty technical. Great views at the top but very slippery getting there. If you have some trail shoes ie: Solomon’s or something similar, I suggest you wear those. Anticipate getting your shoes muddy. But all in all nice trail to hike on. Took us a couple hours to complete it and we were just keeping at a nice steady pace.

a recent shower made the first half (downhill) portion a little treacherous for footing but proper hiking shoes made it bearable. we braved the narrow trail after the gate but this is not necessary to get the amazing view of the coast and sheer vertical drop. this trail may have ruined many a future hike ie views simply don’t get better than this

rough downhill 4x4 road leading from 550 down to main trail. using a jeep made it enjoyable but if traversing by foot, could be a tough chore coming back up at the end. views of canyon were incredible and worth it.

4 days ago

Incredible views. Difficult when wet as the dirt becomes like ice. Otherwise easy

Went on a cloudy day. We we're happy for the lower temperatures. Because it had been raining the day before it was muddy in places, it could have been much worse. Having to climb and scramble up some of the rocks and roots was challenging. We had beautiful views in between cloud cover.

Did this hike with my adult daughter. the day we went was not too muddy. Also did this hike a year and half ago - had an easier time of it this trip. Saw the people on the ridge from the lookout above and just had to do the hike.

No view until the very end. BUT WORTH IT!!!! So happy we trekked the 6.25 miles for this view. Completely incredible. Very steep, must be in decent shape with proper footwear and poles.

Went yesterday and the trail was dry for the most part, some muddy sections but not bad. We were the first ones there.. got there at 645am and finished at 930am out and back. The amazing views of the Na Pali is so rewarding at the end!

Those cliffs! The view ! The most glorious hike ever ! Definitely a must do !

10 days ago

May 14, 2018. Sunny conditions, low humidity, temp around 65 at start time of 10:30 am. Beautiful views throughout the hike and shaded for much of the trail. The trail begins to get very muddy around the 0.6 mile marker. The trail gets fairly intense around the .75 mile marker with steep climbs. You will get very dirty if the trail is muddy. Go for it and head on out to the vista. It took us roughly 3.5 hours to do the entire out-and-back trail but we stopped many times for photos.

12 days ago

My husband and I just finished hiking the trail. It was muddy at some spots on the way down and I slipped pretty good. The viewpoint at the end was all cloudy, so we couldn’t see down very far (might have been a good thing because it is very narrow at the end). The way back felt like it was all uphill and it was tiring. Grab a walking stick from the trailhead for extra balance. Overall, it was worth it but we are worn out

Hiked it. Started out looking like the perfect day. Got to view point. Fogged in and dripping. Waited 50 minutes and headed back. Oh well. Can't win them all. Great exercise.

This hike is about the journey, not the destination. The endless boardwalks through the swamps are unique - the experience is both exhilarating and miserable at the same time. Try to get to the end early so that the view will not be obscured by clouds, this happened to me unfortunately. Also plan to get muddy and bring plenty of water/food.

17 days ago

Wow! Stunningly beautiful hiking. Well worth the effort. The views are well worth the steep drop.

Beautiful hiking trail. We went to the falls, alongside the cliffs for astounding views into the canyon that you cannot get from the lookouts. We are in average shape, early 30’s and hiked this in about 3 hours with plenty of stops for pictures along the way.

18 days ago

Amazing. The weather has been crummy all week but yesterday it didn’t rain, so we decided to pull the trigger and attempt Awa’awapuhi this morning. Left Kapaa early, got to the trailhead around 6:15am and were the first ones there. The path was well defined, including mile markers, and the mud was tacky and I managed to stay upright all day even in my Tevas. Be aware that the hike down to the vista pounds on the knees after awhile. We got down to the vista right around 8am, going at a slow/moderate pace to avoid slips. We were the only ones down there when we got there, and continued on past the guard rail to the end of trail. Definitely take caution, the path is no joke. We loaded up on some pretzels and almond butter and enjoyed the view for about 25-30 minutes on our own. Absolutely spectacular, it was by far the best view we saw on the island. On the way back up we probably saw 45-50 people so it is 100% worth it to wake up and get moving early early. Enjoy and be safe!

Wife and I hiked starting from the main road as our rental car would probably not have made it down the two track in one piece. Probably want a Jeep or pickup truck for that. Hiking was mostly through dense forests until the end where you get spectacular views of the canyon! Overall pretty easy hike but the clay on the trail was slick in some areas

23 days ago

The pay off in the end is beyond worth it! We just trekked it last week. It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes at a moderate pace took about 30 minutes at view point and a little longer on way back 1 hour and 40 minutes. I don’t get to hike as much as I like so it was a little challenging. I would rate moderate to hard. There is a good amount of elevation change. You go down in the beginning so be prepared for the going up. Make sure to bring a good amount of water the right hiking shoe and definitely trekking polls are key. It’s a spectacular view that you won’t regret!!

24 days ago

Muddy as expected great views with clear skies. Fiancé and I hiked with tennis shoes 1:45 out 1:30 return have a change of shoes or bags for muddy shoes and clothing. Got on the trailhead at 8am on a Monday little to no other hikers. Passed multiple people on return. Weather forecast is tricky cloud coverage can vastly change from the local Waimea Canyon forecast. Most difficult aspect is the mud and slipping factor. Multiple vistas at end of trial depending on bravery/risk tasking. Overall definitely worth it.

Most of this trail belongs to the Waimea Canyon Trail (from Puuhinahina lookout to Waio'po parking lot). About half of mile of this trail is on the main road in the park, Koke'e Road--potentially dangerous when visibility is low.

In addition, this trail while do-able for all ages, isn't "easy" by any means--requires crossing streams and drastic descent in elevation.

This trail is awesome I did it with my parents and it is worth the view ! I highly recomand !

26 days ago

Definitely a strong moderate trail on the last half with the steepness and muddiness. It was very cloudy and misty so we couldn't see the ocean side view but we could see the valley side. Very beautiful. I want to come back when we can see the ocean vista, I bet its gorgeous.

Awesome trail with a big payoff of the top of a giant waterfall and the magnificent canyon at the end. Description says "Easy" but there are a few spots that are moderately difficult for those not in ok shape. Saw more than a couple of people without water but take some with, you'll need it on the way out!

The start of the hike is enough to turn around most timid adventure seekers but to push on is so worth the price of admission. Once at the lookout, be patient. The clouds will soon blow by and the Kauai wonder will appear before you. Ocean, mountains, waterfalls, and all of God's splendor. Trekking poles will increase your enjoyment two-fold.

Awesome hike, beautiful trail, no mud, nice grade, 4 hour, out and back. Incredible views of the canyon. Great hike.

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