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We did this hike with a toddler in a backpack.

We did not have 4WD so had to walk along the muddy road to get to the trail head. No biggie... just make sure to allow for time.

A good portion of the trail is covered. Quite open and very hot closer to the top.

Great views and some cool little spots for the nugget to explore.

Got caught in heavy rain on the way back on the road. I imagine parts of this trail would be very slick when wet.

Great views of the North Coast accompany the easy trails at the beginning of this hike. The views soon are covered by the jungle that you will be scrambling through. Muddy hills provide exciting, at times challenging, hiking but after less than a mile of scrambling, you'll come across boardwalks which provide easy trails once again.

The boardwalks carry you through the jungle and across the bog to a lookout point which was unfortunately thick with fog. The journey was definitely worth the time, the view would have just been the cherry.

Highly recommended to moderate hikers in sturdy sandals or shoes that can handle some mud.

9 days ago

We started at 11:00 am ish. Got to the river at 12:25. Rested there for a hour, then went back up. Ascent took 1 hour 39 minutes. We are a fit couple and we found this to be a challenge. Like idiots we left our water purifier and camelbacks at home. Boy they would have made this trek a bit less strenuous. The hike to the river is an accomplishment, not a new vista. You get that going down. Some very steep and muddy sections made the descent more difficult than others I have hiked. All in all a fun hike for those looking to be challenged.

This hike is absolutely stunning. We had to be patient and wait for the clouds to roll out but when they did, oh baby! So beautiful and a fun, tricky hike with foot holds and mud. We loved it!

This was a beautiful hike. However we went a day or so after it rained pretty hard and it was extremely muddy. That made this trail much more difficult. Without that it would not have been bad. There are a few steep climbs. The sad thing was when we reached the peak of the canyon the fog had rolled in and we couldn’t see anything. The waterfall at the end was worth it though.

The view is amazing!

An astonishingly beautiful hike. The trail is mostly downhill through root-lined switchbacks, which is great on the way down, but definitely save some energy for the hike back.

The trail opens up on a wide cliff ledge with sweeping views of the canyon before continuing on to two waterfalls. The smaller of the two hides behind a rocky scramble, but the true gem of the hike is a few yards away. A short, easy scramble places you atop of Waipoo falls, with the canyon opening up far below you.

If you have a drone, definitely send it out for one of the most amazing views you will ever see.

nice trail. it was tough for me not for my hubby. the falls were small but pretty. killer hill workout.

Easy and relaxing trail. We got aromatherapy of sweet grasses and orange flowering bushes. Gorgeous views of the canyon at the end of the trail. The day was perfect for hiking: sunny but breezy and not hot.

Very pretty enjoyable hike. The waterfall is gorgeous at the end. The trail was heavily trafficked on the Sunday we went.

This has been on my list for a while. I finally came to Kauai with someone who wanted to hike it as well. I've been to the overlook at the Pihae trailhead many times before and could always tell the returning Alakai swamp crossers by the fact that they are covered with mud. Our trip was blessed in that the trail was mostly dry and the footing was always solid. While there were awesome views on the way, we were met with a solid cloud bank at the final overlook. We waited a half hour, then conceded to the clouds and headed back. It was amazing to walk through the highest swamp in the world.

It is not necessarily a hike - but it's beautiful!

This was an awesome hike but a little challenging. I was grateful for my walking sticks and good hiking boots. We were lucky that it was not so muddy compared to what I have read it to be. We knew the veiw at the end was a 50/50 shot and was disappointed that it was just a huge fog bank. There was plenty of views along the way to make up for it.

I combined this with the Cliffs Trail. Both a high on the must do list especially if you have limited time. The views over the falls are with the effort. Both trails can be done pretty quickly. Add time to swim if desired.

Beautiful view. Not much of a trail if you're looking for that but a nice stop off the road

Beautiful but long hike. Bring water and food.

Great trail. a little steep at times. I saw some folks struggle with the up and down. I liked that there was up and down both ways so it never felt like a complete slog. great payoff where you end up standing on the top of huge waterfalls! I did this hike in flip flops with no real issue. it ended up kinda nice because I could just walk into the water. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Great hike - the view from the edge is spectacular and the waterfall is kind of cool and refreshing. Some people swimming but water looked gross after the rain. Definitely recommend hiking shoes and water!

Definitely more challenging when conditions are wet. We skidded and slipped a few times on descents. The cloudy day diminished the views from the canyon lookout but were still cool. Didn't make it all the way to the falls. Proper footwear (we had ankle height boots) were a must.

awesome app!!

Loved everything, the road, the vegetation. When we arrived the clouds were heavy in the canyon and we didn’t see the canyon from there! We
Will try again. There is a nice fruit stand at the entrance and there are bathroom facilities. Remember to bring hand sanitizer.

Absolutely loved this trail! It has just the right amount of adventure, jungle madness, lack of traffic, and effort involved. All of this is punctuated by a payoff of an an excellent view of Hanalei Bay from a distance. When we went it rained almost non-stop which resulted in a muddy mess, but I'm pretty sure it's like this all the time. You definitely need hiking boots and a willingness to scramble up muddy walls and to slosh through puddles while traipsing through waist high weeds and overgrowth. If you're cool with that, you'll have a blast. This is one of my top 10 hikes worldwide.

Rather than the Out & Back we took the loop which allowed us to get away from the crowds on the main parts of the trail. Pretty good trail, and enjoyable, but not the best Kauai has to offer.

Just wow, I can’t believe places like this exist. The waterfalls are gorgeous and they fall in to such a beautiful canyon. Be careful at the end of the trail, it looks like it would be easy to slip and fall off the cliffs.

The canyon trail is a must to see in Kauai !! Wonderdul landscapes canyon and the falls are amazing

Pretty good easy hike. While the hike is moderate, there are a few small steep climbs that may be difficult depending on your age and experience. Not the best in the area but probably a good first trail to do if you haven’t hiked in Kauai before. The waterfall at the end is a little underwhelming since you are at the top of the massive drop. My personal favorite views were right before you start to descend to the waterfall. Awesome canyon views.

Very enjoyable hike. Right balance between exercise and view. We found the view of the canyon very impressive and liked the two cute, private waterfalls very much. Our advice, start really early and see the day come upon the valley.

Beautiful views of the canyon with refreshing stops at 2 waterfalls.

We went on a dry day and it wasn’t too muddy - if it had been wet like our previous trails in the week it would have been very difficult.

I would rate this as moderate to difficult due to the elevation gain. Overall enjoyable with breathtaking views of the canyon.

spectacular views!

Great hike to the canyon, the waterfalls are anti-climax haha. If you want to see a real real waterfall, go to wailua waterfalls

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